Pokemon Go Lucky Pokemon: how to get Lucky Pokemon, including guaranteed Lucky Pokemon

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Pokemon Go keeps expanding its game-playing systems One such enhancement is Lucky Pokemon – exclusive unique creatures sought-after because of their favorable statistics-wise, but first you must know how to obtain the Pokemon Go’s Lucky Pokemon on your team.

The Pokemon Go Lucky Pokemon are basically Pokemon with a special quality and status. Consider them somewhat like shiny Pokemon but their look is similar and they even have the super extremely rare chance to catch the Lucky Shiny Pokemon. 

While Shiny Pokemon are differentiated by their distinctive appearance, Lucky Pokemon have a superior, cooler benefit: they’re priced lower Stardust to charge up.

In particular, Pokemon Go Lucky Pokemon cost half as much stardust for powering up, making them easier to increase the CP and ready to fight. 

Stardust is among the most rare and difficult to mine resources available in the game. Additionally, Lucky Pokemon will have excellent stats that are hidden behind the scenes.

typically the stat ‘IV’ is approximately 80%, and 100% is considered to be a “perfect’ Pokemon. 

Stats change as an Pokemon is Lucky which is a fantastic way to transform a non-existent Pokemon into a truly impressive one.

Simply, finding a great quality, top-of-the-line Pokemon which is highly rated on our list of tiers of the most popular Pokemon to play in Pokemon Go in a fortunate form is a chance to… Well luck. Obviously. The name makes sense.

These critters with a lucky streak are extremely useful for top-quality Pokemon Go play in Gyms and Raids and similar.

However, they’re also recorded in the Pokedex in their own way. They also have an exclusive background that can be seen in the menus. You can observe below.

Lucky Pokemon

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How to get Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Lucky Pokemon are similar to shinies another way . They’re truly found by luck, instead of any real manipulation of the game although sometimes.

it is the case that Pokemon Go gods over at the game’s developer Niantic provide players with more chances of getting one. 

In any case there’s a certain procedure you must follow to stand a chance of having a possibility of acquiring one. Read on…

In essence, a Lucky Pokemon’s appearance can be tied to the trade. If you conduct the Pokemon Trade with another person on your list of friends There’s a possibility that the Pokemon that you trade in both directions will turn into Lucky Pokemon.

There’s an additional twist in this equation: the more time the longer a Pokemon was in possession the higher the likelihood it will happen that your Pokemon will become Lucky when it’s traded. 

Therefore, an Pokemon found back in the year Pokemon Go launched in 2016 has the highest probability to become an Pokemon Go Lucky Pokemon than the one you spotted week.

So to increase the chances of a random chance, it’s best to trade in the most old Pokemon you own with someone else.

For clarification You’ll need to trade with someone who is on Your Pokemon Go Friends list, being a Trainer level 10 or more and within a reasonable physical distance to trade. 

Pokemon aren’t able to trade more than one time and therefore you cannot trade back and forth with another player in order to acquire.

your favorite Pokemon in you team Lucky or to roll statistics. Legendary Pokemon like Mew and Celebi aren’t traded in any way.

There’s no limit on the number of Lucky Pokemon can pop for you in a single day in spite of the speculation among fans.

that it was the case in the end, it’s just luck, only luck. Except the instances when Niantic interferes. Let’s discuss this…

How to get Guaranteed Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

As I mentioned earlier the possibility exists that Niantic may play around with the system that are in Pokemon Go and in that we have the opportunity for something that is mostly random to become more specific. This has been seen with regular events.

where Shiny Pokemon become more common as well as the case with Lucky Pokemon, where there’s in September 2018, a way to get a the guaranteed Lucky Pokemon. The announcement was made by Niantic in-game as well as on their Twitter account.

It’s as simple as that: if you have less than 10 Pokemon You can go Lucky Pokemon, any trade of one Pokemon that’s was in your possession between the month of July and August in 2016 is sure to be one of the Lucky Pokemon. 

In this update, Niantic has also enhanced Lucky Pokemon, meaning they stand a higher probability of escaping the deal with powerful statistics.

What’s not known is whether Niantic is planning to change the dates so that older Pokemon are provided to players who have the first 10 Pokemon Go lucky Pokemon in later months .

Right today, if you’re an early adopter of Pokemon Go this guaranteed method does not apply to you. We’ll update this page in the event that the rules alter, however.

Another method of getting guaranteed luck Pokemon is to use The Lucky Friends mechanic – make the most wonderful friends with someone else who then becomes Lucky Friends.

your next trade will bring you an Lucky Pokemon for both parties that are. You can learn more about it in the Lucky Friend guide page.

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Lucky Pokemon FAQ

What is a Lucky Pokemon?

Trading Pokemon with your friends has many advantages. You may be able to receive a Lucky Pokemon. Lucky Pokemon are stronger opponents in battle, require less Stardust power up and have a shimmery effect on the Pokedex as well as the Pokemon’s Summary page.

What is the chance of a Lucky Pokemon being found?

There is a 5% chance that a Pokemon will become a Lucky Pokemon by trading it. This increases depending on how long the Pokemon has been in its Trainer’s Box; the older the Pokemon, the greater the chance.

How can you get Lucky Pokemon?

Lucky Pokemon are rare in Pokemon Go. Coordinate with another player to trade with them. There’s a chance that the new Pokemon will arrive to you after the trade.

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