Monster Hunter Rise: Commendations | Where to get them and how to use them?

Monster Hunter Rise Introduction


Commendations can be found in Monster Hunter Rise. These are a type ticket you can get through certain Quests. Although not easy to get, commendations can be used to create high-level weapons.

How to Get Commendations in Monster Hunter Rising?

Commendations, also known as Commendation Tickets, are represented by an icon that looks like a yellow piece paper.

No one type of monster can drop Commendations. To get Commendations, you will need to hunt specific monsters in a handful of Quests.

Monster Hunter Rise

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For acts of bravery, commendations can be given in-story. You must complete Quests with at least one monster, a minimum 6 Star rating (for Village Quests).

a minimum 3 Star rating for Hub Quests to earn a Commendation. You can also earn a Commendation by completing a Special License Quest (unrated).

Village Quests With Commendations:

  • Like a Flash of Lightning (hunt Mizutsune, Tobi-Kadachi).
  • King of the Sky, Bane on the Land (hunt Rathalos or Tigrex).
  • Test of Courage (hunt Magnamalo, Zinogre).

Quests with Commendations:

  • Beastly Chaos (hunt Goss Harag, Tigrex).
  • Disastrously Beautiful (hunt Barroth and Magnamalo, as well as Tobi-Kadachi).
  • Tail to Tail (hunt Almudron & Bishaten).

License Quests With Commendations:

  • Special License Test 3 (hunt Almudron and Rathalos, and Zinogre).

How to use commendations in Monster Hunter Rising?

You can use Commendations to forge and upgrade several weapons in the game. It seems you will not need more than one Commendation for each recipe of forging or upgrading.

Weapons forge with Commendations:

  • Anteka Burst I
  • Secta Nulo Black I
  • Wooden Dog Bowgun I

Weapons with Commendations:

  • Anteka Burst I
  • Canyne Cannon II
  • Catburglar
  • Cawscythe II
  • Chaos Bow II
  • Cuddly Cat II
  • Elite Switch Axe I
  • Fragrance II
  • Gigant Makra II
  • Heat Lance II
  • Infernal Axe II
  • Ivory Bow II
  • Poison Fungasax II
  • Pumpking II
  • Queen Blaster II
  • Sinister Axe II
  • Sinister Blade II
  • Sinister Blades II
  • Sinister Bow II
  • Sinister Bowgun II
  • Sinister Gunlance II
  • Sinister Hammer II
  • Sinister Long Sword II
  • Sinister Slasher II
  • Sinister Spear II
  • Sinister Staff II
  • Sinister Strum II
  • Sinister Sword II
  • Sinister Volley II

Monster Hunter Rise: Where can you get high commendations?

As you might expect, High Commendations are a step above regular Commendations in terms of difficulty and prestige of the weapons that they can be used for crafting.

High Commendations are given for completing Hub Quests with 7 Stars or more and more than one monster.

These are the Quests that we currently know about.

  • Fought, failed, fired up (hunt Anjanath, Diablos).
  • Frosty Stalemate (hunt Goss Harag, Tetranadon).
  • Occupational Hazards (hunt Rajang, Zinogre)
  • Omnidirectional Threats (hunt Khezu, Rakna–Kadaki).
  • A Quartet of Horns (hunt 2 Diablos).
  • Ruckus in Ruins (hunt Almudron or Mizutsune).
  • Seared Situation (hunt Magnamalo, Rathalos).
  • The Whirlwind of a Scene (hunt all target beasts)

How to Use Monster Hunter Rise High Commendations?

These powerful weapon upgrades are made using high commendations

  • Beast Thunderbow II
  • Demon Halberd II
  • Demon Lance II
  • Demon Rod II
  • Denden Daiko II
  • Gargwa Hammer
  • Heaven’s Glaze
  • Mane Malice II
  • Metal Mauler II
  • Rajang Barrage II
  • Rajang Club II
  • Rajang Shooter II
  • Suzuka Takamaru II
  • Undying Blade II
  • Watchdog’s howl

Each upgrade can only be made by one High Commendation, just like the Commendations.

Our crafting guide has more information about the crafting system in Monster Hunter Rise.

You can also visit our Monster Hunter Rise guides page if you have any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you earn commendations for Monster Hunters Rise?

You must complete a Quest that has more than one monster, and have at least a 6 Star rating for Village Quests or 3 Star rating for Hub Quests. You can also earn a Commendation by completing a Special License Quest (unrated).

Are you eligible for more MHW commendations?

These items are not like other crafting materials. They cannot be obtained by slaying or carving a monster. Instead, Commendations can be used as quest rewards to complete specific quests. There are many missions that can reward Commendations. However, they are most commonly obtained through Zorah Magdaros quests.

Where can I find high commendation for MH rise?

High Commendation can be obtained by defeating the Thunder Serpent Narwa through the 7 Hub quest, Serpent goddess of Thunder. Thunder Serpent Narwa can also be used to harvest monster materials for melding Talismans. It’s a win-win situation for both High Commendations as well as Narwa parts to Melding.

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