Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg location

Access the Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg


Finding an egg like the Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg is not difficult, however, actually getting it to happen with eggs intact is an entirely different issue.

The process is the same similar to how you obtained Wyvern Egg. Wyvern Egg, however, the difference is that you’re now in the middle of the Sandy Plains this time. 

Similar to it, with the Wyvern Egg, you’ll need to return it to the camp’s box of items to complete the quest however, the journey to and from the camp is a bit riskier.

Monster Hunter

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Where is the Monster Hunter Rise Rhenoplos Egg?

Rhenoplos reside at Sandy Plains, but while they are running around in the bright light Their nests are underground in a single location.

Go to Sector 11. On the map and then head into the caves. Make sure that you’re not playing a High-Rank version of the map, otherwise, you’ll receive a Rhenoplos Egg+, which will not meet the requirements of the mission.

There’s a Rhenoplos nest here, however, it’s recommended to take it off and address any immediate threats to the vicinity. 

It isn’t possible to set the egg down until you’ve got it. It’s counted as breaking or losing it. You’ll need to retrieve yet another one from the egg nest in order to finish the goal. 

The game refers to it as an Herbivore Egg when you pick it up, however, it’s still a valid item.

Sub-camps don’t have item boxes Therefore, you’ll have to walk all the way back to your main start point to put an item box. Rhenoplos Egg.

It’s worth the effort. Completing the Bunny Dango – With Egg! The quest is completed by finding a Rhenoplos Egg that unlocks Dizzybloom Dango available for purchase. 

The consumption of this Dango can make the ability to stun beasts easier giving you an advantage in the most difficult hunting adventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase the Rhenoplos egg in the MH rise?

The Rhenoplos Eggs located in MHR are only located within the Sandy Plains. Like you would imagine with eggs, you’ll discover nests. This is an underground part that is part of Sandy Plains – not overground and is also a popular spot for monsters to gather or moving through.

How can you return your eggs to be used in Monster Hunter rising?

The egg can also break if one jumps off a ledge that is high and fall to the ground. It will also break by pressing the “Y” button or draw your weapon. There are several options to return to your camp in a safe manner – you are able to move and utilize Wirebugs that are ideal in case you have to execute an emergency escape to avoid an incoming beast.

How do you get the Wyvern egg in Monster Hunter Rise?

Quality Wyvern Eggs Best Delivery Route
Because area 11 is linked to Area 9 by a vine that can be climbed It is necessary to fall down, then to cushion your fall with your Firebug. If you do not follow this procedure eggs will crack. You can also take an escape route and pass through the 13 and 12 areas, and then go down to 6,2, after which you can go to 1.

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