Muscle Legends codes: Free Gems and Strength [May 2022]

Muscle Legends codes Information


Muscle Legends is a Roblox game focused on strengthening your muscles and becoming the largest and best. Consider it online.

competitive gym for weightlifting. In Roblox. We’ve compiled the complete list of Muscle Legends coupons to help you to use.

The goal is to become as large as you can. These codes will help you by giving you free gems that you can use to purchase items and moves in addition to some required power. 

You can even get pets! The codes are issued by the game’s developers, Scriptbloxian Studios, and we’ll keep this page up to current with the latest codes to help you remain as active as you can!

If the title of the toughest fighter on Muscle Legends isn’t enough for you, take a look at the Anime Fighting Simulator codes and Shindo Life codes for more opportunities to get to the top.

Muscle Legends codes

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Active Muscle Legends codes

  • MillionWarriors Strength boost
  • epicreward500 – 500 gems
  • frostgems10 – 10,000 gems
  • galaxycrystal50 – 5,000 gems
  • launch250 – 250 gems
  • megalift50 – 250 strength
  • musclestream50 – – 1500 Strength
  • Skyagility50 500 agility
  • spacegems50 – 5,000 gems
  • speedy50 250 agility
  • supermuscle100 200 strength
  • superpunch100 100 strength

Expired Muscle Legends codes

There are currently no codes available for Muscle Legends that have expired. If any of them become inaccessible the section will be updated. section.

How can I redeem my codes from Muscle Legends?

The process of redeeming codes in Muscle Legends is simple. Launch the game, and click the button ‘codes’ at the top of the screen. Then, just insert the code into it and off you go!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the codes to use for the muscle stimulator?

Muscle Simulator Codes (Working)

  • 20klift – Use this code to earn 100 Strength as well as 120 gems.
  • 10klikes – Use this code to earn 300 Strength as well as 80 Gems.
  • 1stcode – Use this code for the strength of 75 and gems worth 10.

Do you know how to glitch your pets onto the legends of muscle?

To glitch pets, head to rock and continue to punch until it is close to achieving its level (pets who are level 20 are not able to be glitched, however, pets who are between levels 1 and 19 can be) If you’re under thirty Rebirths, be aware of the EXP the rock grants the player, and follow it with the treadmill and continue to punch to level up. Players with 30 five million rebirths or more

What is the most effective code from the legends of muscle?

Active Muscle Legends codes

  • MillionWarriors strength boost.
  • epicreward500 – 500 gems.
  • frostgems10 – 10,000 gems.
  • galaxycrystal50 – 5,000 gems.
  • launch250 – 250 gems.
  • megalift50 – 250 strength.
  • musclestorm50 – 1500 strength.
  • Skyagility50 – 500 agility.

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