My Hero Mania codes: Free Spins [May 2022]

My Hero Mania codes Information

Inspired by anime, My Hero Mania codes is one of the numerous combat games that are popular on the Roblox platform currently where players can undertake quests against villains like Mr. Cool.

fight in PVP against other Heroes. In the end, you’ll aim to become a Legendary Class Hero, and you’ll require codes to achieve it quickly.

My Hero Mania codes can be used to earn free spins on the game, which means you are more likely to find the perfect Quirk. 

Codes are developed by the game’s developers and are distributed each time so be sure to check for updates to see if new ones have been released.

My Hero Mania codes

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Active My Hero Mania codes

These are the current working My Hero Mania codes:

  • 330kLIKES 12 Spins
  • Easter340k – 10 spins, 2 rare spins
  • 230kcode 5 spins
  • Thank220k 5 Spins
  • 210kCODE
  • 320kday 11 spins
  • 310kLIKES
  • big300k – 5 common spins, and 2 rare spins
  • Thank290k – 10 Spins
  • 280kLIKES 10 Spins
  • 270kREAL 9 spins
  • 260ktime 8 spins
  • The250k – Free Spins
  • 240kCODE 7 spins

Expired My Hero Mania codes

  • theultra190k
  • 230kcode!
  • likereward1
  • thank220k
  • 210kCODE!
  • 70kalready
  • 80kcode!
  • its90k!
  • the100k
  • new update!
  • spinner180k
  • zi170k
  • theultra190k
  • 110kcodeyay
  • plus120k!
  • big130k
  • goal200k
  • ultra140k
  • letsgo150k
  • 160ktux
  • FirstCode!

How do I redeem My Hero Mania codes?

My Hero Mania makes it easy to redeem the codes. To open the game, click ‘M’ and go to the menu. Enter the code in the textbox and hit Enter. You’ll then receive your rewards.

You may not be able to redeem a code if it doesn’t work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there codes in my hero mania?

You can use My Hero Mania codes to get free spins in this game so that you have greater chances of getting the perfect Quirk. Codes were created by the game developer and are distributed every so often. Keep checking this page to see if there are any new codes.

How do you get spin in Hero mania?

When you reach a certain level, you receive spins automatically to reach a particular level. Most of the time, you get standard spins and maybe when we know more, we can some rare, epic as well as legendary spins. It is also possible to purchase by acquiring Robux.

What is the coolest quirk in My Hero Academia?

The most powerful Hero quirks are known for their effectiveness and power However, even the strongest of these quirks can be classified into an order.

  1. 1 One For All. Super Move: United States of Smash.
  2. 2 Erasure. Super Move: Currently Unknown. 
  3. 3 Brainwashing. 
  4. 4 Half-Cold Half-Hot. 
  5. 5 Hellflame. 
  6. 6 Permeation. 
  7. 7 Fierce Wings. 
  8. 8 Explosion. 


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