Genshin Impact Naku Weed locations and how to farm Naku Weed

Naku Weed Introduction


Genshin The Impact Naku Weed is a brand new plant from Inazuma It is possible that you will require quite a bit of it over the next few weeks.

Naku Weed is one of the brand new Ascension materials. Although it’s not as abundant as some of the new Inazuma materials There are methods to alter the methods of farming Naku Weed and make your life simpler.

Genshin Impact Naku Weed – What is Naku Weed?

If you’ve stumbled across Naku Weed on the open, then you may be wondering about its purpose and the reasons for it. Up until the month of August, Naku Weed hasn’t served much of a purpose.

It’s a brand new level-up item that, at present is only compatible with Yoimiya. Yoimiya’s Banner begins around the 10th of August It’s therefore not an immediate material to farm at the moment.

But, it could be worthwhile to gather Naku Weed in the near future even if you don’t desire Yoimiya. Common plant materials such as Naku Week are often used in different character Ascension, e.g. 

Valberry for Noelle and Rosaria. It’s yet to be seen in the Inazuma update which is why it shouldn’t be a surprise to see new characters, like Baal or Sara requiring Naku Weed, too.

Naku Weed locations

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Genshin The Impact Naku Weed. Where can I locate Naku Weed?

Naku Weed can be found scattered throughout the three islands of Inazuma. Most of them are found on Kannazuka Island, while there are some on Narukami and a few in the island with the third.

Genshin Impact Naku Weed – Naku Weed farm

You can design an itinerary to farm Naku Weed or harvest Sakura Bloom on the way as well as cultivate them inside the Serenitea Pot due to the new feature that was added in 2.0. 2.0 upgrade.

After you’ve reached Inazuma reputation level 3 and obtained a Naku weed at Madarame Hyakubei, you are able to finish “The Art of Horticulture” quest. Madame Ping offers you the Seed Dispenser device as a reward.

Get it set up, and then gather things to turn into seeds. Naku Weed is a particular favorite in the Luxuriant Glebe section within the gardens.

If you’re bored of collecting items, you can take on the latest Genshin Impact update’s quests, such as Konda Well, the Konda Well quest as well as The Araumi puzzle that will lead to a brand new Domain.

Genshin Impact Naku Weed locations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Naku Weed for?

As of the time I write this article, Naku Weed is primarily employed to aid in characters ascensions. At present, there are no characters in active play that require this material to ascend. According to data mining, the 5-Star Yoimiya will make use of these stones. They can also be used to create Electroculus Resonance Stone.

Can I buy Naku Weed?

Can You Buy Naku Weed? Yes you can buy Naku Weed at Inazuma city. It is available in the Tsukumomono Groceries owned by Aoi. She replenishes Naku Weed every couple of weeks and offers five plants at one time.

Where do I get Naku Weed Genshin?

Genshin Influence Naku Weed. Where can I locate Naku Weed
Naku Weed Naku Weed scattered throughout Inazuma’s 3 islands. The majority of them are located on Kannazuka Island, and some on Narukami and a few in the island that is third.

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