How to complete the Nepheli quest in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Nepheli quest


This Elden Ring Nepheli quest is finally over. However, it’s one of the most ambiguous and complex quests to finish.

Many of the key elements aren’t connected to the main questline and require finding objects and interacting with people at the right moment, completely uninvolved.

Nephi’s destiny will only be revealed once you’ve reached the final stage of your quest, but as she becomes the head of Limgrave, it’s not connected with any one of the game’s endings.

What is the best way to begin Nepheli’s quest to find Elden Ring?

Nepal’s quest begins in Stormveil Castle. Talk to them in the area ahead of entering the Secluded Room Site for Grace to find out more about the details of her quest.

You could – and should be able to summon her for assistance during the battle against Godrick through the gold summoning sign located outside the fog’s door.

She’s excellent assistance, but it won’t impact how your quest plays out If you’re playing independently.

Chat with Nepheli on the corridor outside the Twin Husk Maidens’ room in Roundtable Hold after the battle. It’s all you have at the moment.

The next step is to move ahead to Seluvis’s quest, which is only possible once you have reached Three Sisters – the area outside Caria Manor unlocked after you defeat Great Knight Loretta.

Talk to Ranni, take Seluvis’s advice and visit his castle. There are various choices of what to take the potent potion that he hands you, and the easiest option is to give the potion to Gideon and then move ahead.

Elden Ring Nepheli quest

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Where is Nepali in Elden Ring?

If Nepali isn’t present after talking with Seluvis, head to the Albinauric Village Site of Grace. Leave the shack and then under the bridge.

You’ll find her there, reflecting on what transpired to the locals. Continue to the top of the hill to cross the bridge and defeat Omenkiller. Omenkiller, the field commander.

Horseback is the best choice to fight this battle, as it will cover a lot of ground thanks to its double cleaver attack.

When you’re in Liurnia, take a trip towards The Four Belfries in the western area of the map. Find the Imbued Sword Key from the chest at the top of the hill and place it on the portal.

near the message in the script that says “anticipation.” It’s the one close to the Site of Grace at the top of the hill.

The game takes you to the Church of Anticipation, the game’s start location, where you will encounter the Grafted Scion (probably) killed you.

If you defeat it, then head back to where you were first spawned. Instead of entering the chapel, go to the right and climb up the steps. You’ll see there the Stormhawk King Ashes on a corpse.

Return towards Roundtable Hold next and walk down the stairs past Hewing, close to where you found the Stonesword Key fog gate was (or is, if you haven’t yet opened it).

Nepali disagreed with Gideon and is now feeling lost. Talk to Gideon about Nepheli and, after you’ve exhausted the conversation, talk to Nepali again.

Should Roderika is at a stage where she is offering spirit tuning, you’ll be able to grant Nepheli the Stormhawk King’s ashes. Reload the area, and then speak with Nepali if you don’t have the option.

What should you do if Nepheli’s quest does not go well?

The final part of Nepheli’s quest connects with Kenneth’s quest from Fort Haight in Limgrave, and you must also be able to defeat Morgott in Lyndell.

Complete Kenneth’s pursuit that is merely speaking to him and clearing Fort Haight. After that, talk to Nepali, talk to Kenneth once more.

then transfer back to The Godrick Site of Grace at the end of Stormveil Castle. Relax there, and then go to the throne room, the region to the north of the area where you fought Godrick.

You’ll see Nepali, Gostoc (assuming he’s alive) and Kenneth. Kenneth chooses Nepheli as his ruler in Limgrave and gives you the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

The scene occurs even when Gostoc is dead, but we’ve not confirmed this yet. If you’re seeking assistance to get started in The Lands Between.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I progress nepheli quest?

To advance Nepehli’s interactions, players need to be able to defeat Godrick the Grafted within Stormveil Castle. If you talked to Nepheli prior to arriving at Godrick’s fog gate the gold summon sign will appear before you get into the gate. You can summon her if you require assistance. Notification of her is not necessary.

How come I can’t find Nepheli Elden Ring?

Where is Nepheli in Elden Ring? If Nepheli isn’t in the area after talking to Seluvis, travel to the village of Albinaurics Site in the town of Grace. Take a detour from the shack and cross the bridge, and you’ll see Nepheli sitting in the bridge, reflecting on the things that happened to the locals.

What happens if I offer nepheli the potion?

What happens when I give Nepheli the potion? If you offer Nepheli the potion you’ll get your Dolores puppet Spirit summoning and she’ll become an object you can summon. This makes you more capable, however the quest she’s pursuing will be unobtainable.

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