Elden Ring New Game Plus explained: How to begin Journey 2 and what carries over

New Game Plus explained Information

us in Elden Ring is a continuation of with the FromSoftware as well as the Soulsborne tradition of giving you the opportunity to go down another route and find things you may have missed when you first played. 

The new HTML0 Game PlThe game could be large, but the final stage of your journey is only the beginning. just like the ring itself it is possible to continue for ever and in an endless circular loop… If you want to.

In all the games that comprise this connected but unrelated Soulsborne world, New Game Plus has always been a different shape. 

It’s a simple game to play in Elden Ring, but it’s going to be fascinating to see what the players find when they embark on the third.

second or more enthralling journeys into The Lands Between. Some of us have finished the game, but this is what we’ve learned from New Game Plus so far…

New Game Plus explained

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What is the process behind Elden Ring’s New Game Plus work?


Within Elden Ring, every game is called”journey,” that is, instead of being referred to as “New Game Plus,” the act of starting again is known as the beginning of a new ‘Journey’.

As you’d expect The New Game Plus is available after you’ve defeated the bosses and complete any of the Elden Ring endings in which there are at least three main variations.

each with different variants of each. When you reach that point you’ll be asked whether you’d like to begin Journey 2 right away.

If you opt to do so, New Game Plus kicks off immediately. If you choose not to, you’ll return in Roundtable Hold in an end-game state.

The world will continue to be the way it was before entering the last boss’s chambers. It is possible to venture out into the wide world and do whatever you want at this point. 

You can explore dungeons, fight optional bosses and take on all NPC side quests at the end of the game. Everything you do will make a difference to the Journey 2 starting state. 

This is a great way to upgrade your weapon and ashes, upgrade your skills as well as get armor and other items to complete dungeons, as well as locate new game locations.

The only thing you are able to do is repeat the game’s last fights, or even attempt to find a different ending as the route to the final battle to the end of your game is shut off forever in that quest after you’ve played through one ending. 

The only option to choose an alternative route would be to Begin Journey 2, aka New Game Plus, and follow your preferred storyline there.

To get there, take a trip into the Roundtable Hold and rest at the Table of Lost Grace in the central chamber. It serves as a standard Site of Grace but after you’ve defeated your final boss.

you’ll be able to go to this location to start New Game Plus at any time by pressing the Start Journey 2 . which appears in the middle of the room.

The option is only available at this website of grace and it is intended to allow you to enter New Game Plus. 

After you click the option, you’ll have no way to go back, and your gameplay will go through a reset. It’s possible to carry a few pieces of things, however.

What’s carried over from New Game Plus?

When you begin New Game Plus, you’ll be thrown in the realm of Elden Ring in a new way. The enemies will be powered up and will give you more Runes in the process. In essence, it’s the exact game played at eleven.

A few older Souls games saw more tweaks If that’s true this is yet to be determined However, it doesn’t look like there’s any hidden secrets to be discovered within New Game Plus.

at the very least in its initial state. It’s an opportunity to relive the story, take on different challenges, and reach the same end.

As you enter Journey 2 you’ll keep your level, level of gear (including the ashes, weapons, incantations, and sorceries Notes, cookbooks memories stones, etc.) consumable items, Flask’s power and functions, access to Torrent and more and so on.

The main loss you’ll experience are Sites of Grace (which must be found again), Great Runes, as well as any keys or objects that could permit you to advance and stop your progress. Doors that are opened through Stonesword Keys are also reset and then closed.

Then you’re now free to explore the world once more to be the king of The Lands Between once again. Similar gameplay… however, it’s a bit different. But still same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the benefit to taking part in New Game Plus?

New Game+ offers an option to begin an entirely new game by using the previous game you have played that allows you to start with higher-quality stats, fresh costumes or other items that you’ve already acquired. There are a variety of benefits to using this method: The player can take a chance at things like multiple paths and multiple endings.

Do you save all your belongings inside New Game+?

It lets players restart their game and keep every single gold item, skills and the majority of their equipment which includes items that are stored in your inventory. However, you’ll lose all of the items listed below (regardless of the location they’re kept) Items from Quest, with the exception of a few minor ones that you may decide to sell if you’re able to.

Are there any new features in New Game Plus?

There Are No New Weapons, Enemies, Items, or Bosses In NG+
There’s no other significant difference among New Game Plus and a regular game playthrough that includes Elden Ring.

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