New Valorant Agent and abilities reportedly leaked, meet ‘BountyHunter’

New Valorant Agent Introduction


Valorant Agent is a tactical first-person shooter that has taken the genre by storm since its launch in June 2020. From five Agents, this title now has 19 Agents, each with their own abilities. And, supposedly, the twenty-first Agent is already on his way.

Valorant leaker was the one who sent fans into a frenzy. The codename of the new Agent isn’t new to us. KAY/O was to be released as the seventeenth Agent. We witnessed two codenames leak: Grenadier, and BountyHunter.

We now know that KAY/O was the Grenadier. However, it’s still up to us to figure out who BountyHunter may be. It is clear that they are not Chamber or Neon, which were the two Agents who served as KAY/O’s agents.

so it seems that this codename will be used by a future Agent. ValorLeaks claims that the codename was “officially added to the files” and then they shared more information about the new Agent including their class and abilities.

Although ValorLeaks is known for being accurate, it’s still a leak. For now, I recommend that you take this information with caution!

Riot Games has confirmed that the latest State of Play will feature a new Agent. Riot Games even gave some more details about the character.

New Valorant Agent

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stating that the next Agent will give you an “intimate” feeling when hunting down enemy enemies.

This update was focused on the evolution of recon and initiation tools since the original game’s creation. It was closed with “Herkesin Bir Korkusu Var.” 

This Turkish expression means “Everyone has fear.” ValorLeaks already suggests that the BountyHunter is an Initiator. But does this mean that the twenty-first Agent will also be Turkish?

Riot Games always placed emphasis on including characters from different backgrounds in League of Legends and Valorant. This makes Riot Games and the players feel included and seen in games. There is yet to be a Turkish agent in the mix. There is much to consider.

Let’s not forget about Episode 4 Act 2’s Battlepass details that hint at what’s to come from next Agent. The first card looks a lot like BountyHunter, while the second card feels very fitting for the rumoured Haunt ability.

abilities reportedly leaked meet BountyHunter

Here are the capabilities that BountyHunter is said to have.

  • Prowler: Send out a creature which can follow your trail OR be controlled by you mouse. They will become nearsighted when they reach an enemy.
  • Seize: Equip and fire an object that hovers in the air for a short time before falling to the ground. Nearby Agents are tethered and deafened, taking damage.
  • Haunt: Equip and fire an object that will temporarily stay in the air before falling to the ground. The orb will return to the air as an eye and then apply a trail debuff if it is able to see an enemy.
  • NightFall (Ultimate). – Send out an eerie mist wave. If the mist strikes an enemy, they’ll be blinded, trailed and eventually die.

These details should be taken with a grain of salt, as I mentioned earlier. Although I am a Raze main, and I don’t see this changing anytime soon I am excited to see how the new Agent will play out. What do you think?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the next agent at VALORANT?

We now know so much more about the next agent, Fade. Here are the facts about Fade in Valorant.

Who is the 20th agent at VALORANT?

ValorLeaks, a credible data miner, has already revealed the codename for the next Valorant agent number 20. Agent 20 is codenamed Bounty Hunter, which is a fitting name for an initiator.

Who will be the 19th agent at VALORANT?

The Valorant leakers once again did their job by revealing Agent 19’s codename as BountyHunter. Data miners are a reliable source of information when it comes to upcoming updates.

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