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To survive in the wilds of Aeternum and lead your faction to victory over its enemies, you need the best New World best builds.

All weapons are viable, but choosing which builds to concentrate on can be challenging. New World’s combat system allows for customization of weapon loadouts, which is rare.

We have compiled a list of top New World builds for solo play, party combat, and specific classes. There are also a few more that you can tweak for fun.

New World best class builds

There is no class-specific build in New World. We’ve had great success with these builds. New World’s best tank build

A solid tank build can be achieved by combining the Great Axe and the Sword and Shield. Since the Defender mastery won’t be your primary weapon of damage.

we recommend that you spend your attribute points on it. The Great Axe is more skillful than the War Hammer, and Mauler is great for crowd control.

For obvious reasons, strength and constitution should be your primary tank stats.

Heavy armor is the best option for outfitting tanks, as they don’t have to worry about moving.

New World best builds

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New World’s best DPS build

Although there is a lot of competition for the best DPS build, we see excellent results with the Hatchet and Fire Staff.

The Berserk-focused Hatchet, one of the most potent DPS weapons, has a robust set of passives to help you live longer and do more damage even when you are low on health.

Fire Staff is one of our top picks and allows you to maintain pressure from a distance on your enemies.

These build Strength and Intelligence benefits, but a little Constitution will not go amiss either.

It might be worth trying different armors to find the one that suits you best. Light armor is best for mobile DPS players.

as it doesn’t sacrifice dodge distance, and medium armor is recommended for those more susceptible to damage.

New World’s best healer build

The New World’s most flexible class is the Healer, with only one healing weapon: the Life Staff. It all depends on what you are playing.

Solo healers should focus on the Healing mastery branch and pair their Life Staff with the Sword and Shield. You can level up the Swordmaster branch to increase your DPS and be able to fight most fights.

Because of its AoE buffs and the ability to use a ranged weapon like the musket, party players will do well with Protection. This build allows you to switch between support and DPS roles while keeping you safe.

This build has the most impressive stats: Intelligence and Dexterity.

New World best character builds — Best New World PvE builds

New World’s PvE is relatively standard, except for some more difficult bosses. These encounters with Aeternum’s natural dangers offer a chance to try out weapons and find the right fit for you. You should be safe as long you don’t stack more than one weapon of the same type.

Hatchet, Spear, and Spear are not compatible unless you place the latter’s Zoner skill trees first. However, Hatchet, Bow, Hatchet, and Life Staff give you ranged abilities and the option to heal.

PvE encounters can be a safe place to try out party mechanics if you are playing with a group. New World allows you to create your tank or Healer. You must understand how your styles work together before taking on challenging challenges like faction wars.

We’ve had some success with Hatchet & Life Staff recently. This combination gives you high DPS and healing potential, making it ideal for solo exploration.

New World best character builds — Best New World PvP builds

New World is flexible enough that you can make almost any build work with it, even low-tier weapons like the bow.

However, you will need to be careful about your PvP loadout. We have some powerful alternatives if you’re looking for something different from what we have outlined.

One of these is this Rapier and Hatchet build. Although we don’t like the Rapier, it’s a great combination with the Hatchets’ powerful damage output.

This build is a mix of support and DPS. For this reason, we recommend that you focus on Rapier’s Blood Mastery tree.

These debuffs are a vital part of the build’s success, but we also recommend Fleche, Flourish, and Finish skills.

These skills will give you more control over crowds and mobility.World Buildings — Life Staff and Hatchet.

This build is simple but powerful. The Hatchet is a powerful weapon that deals heavy damage constantly.

We recommend the Berserk skill trees to maximize your DPS potential. The Hatchet is not like other weapons in that you have limited range options.

It’s easier to retreat and stay alive if you pair it with the Life Staff than if you use therapeutic items. You can focus on solo play.

invest your upgrades in the Healing skill tree and life, and the staff’s second skill set is best for party play.

The Hatchet is New World’s most potent DPS weapon. However, Life Staff is the only healing weapon in this game, and it can be used with any tank or DPS weapon.

New World Builds — Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlets

Although this build is heavy on mana, it’s also fluid and complementary. The Fire Staff does incredible damage at higher levels.

While the Ice Gauntlets provide more ranged attacks and passive skills that increase critical damage and restore mana, the Ice Gauntlets are more effective.

The Fire Staff will exhaust your mana, and then you can switch to the Gauntlets to do additional ranged damage. It has a surprisingly high range for fist-based weapons.

The Gauntlet’s pushback skills keep your enemies at bay while you fire more fire spells when you are ready to switch weapons again.

Fire Ball and Incinerate, the Fire Staff’s most valuable skills, are recommended. Entombed is essential for the Gauntlets as it replenishes mana, and Ice Storm helps keep enemies away.

New World builds — Hatchet and Sword and Shield.

This is a good defense build if you usually like tanking or taking too much damage. The skill trees for Sword and Shield let you choose between defense and offense.

While it is worth learning about each, the Hatchet should always be your primary DPS weapon. To boost your reasons, you can use the shield tree.

Then switch to the Hatchet to clear out the field. If you are bored with the Hatchet, you can try the Spear or Bow.

New World Buildings — Great Axe and Hatchet

This build is excellent if balance is not your primary concern. If you want to do as much damage as possible, this is the best choice. The Great Axe can be used to launch powerful AoE attacks.

it has skills in both trees which draw enemies closer and increase the range of your attacks. The Great Axe’s weakness is its attack speed. If you need to move more quickly, switch to the Hatchet.

New World constructions — Musket and Spear

The Musket is a versatile weapon in New World due to its unique skill tree. However, it’s slow and only uses headshots to do the most damage. The Musket can be paired with a solid mid-tier weapon like the Spear to overcome some of its drawbacks.

Spears can be used as melee or ranged weapons. The Zoner skill can help keep enemies away, but the Impaler tree is best used with the Musket. It causes continuous damage via bleed effects and weakens enemies to allow for more powerful Musket shots.

You’ll need to decide which faction you want to join if you start in New World. You can also find helpful information on where to find rare items such as Fae Iron and Saltpeter. You may not be able to see some of the bosses in quests, such as Alastor, the Vigilant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of build should I make in New World?

  • Builds Index.
  • The Best Build Ideas.
  • Immortal Warrior – Hatchet / Life Staff.
  • Meta Tank – Sword And Shield / Hatchet.
  • Frost Cleric: Life Staff/Ice Gauntlet
  • Hunter – Bow/Hatchet
  • Templar – Spear / Life staff
  • Battlemage – Sword and Shield / Fire Staff

Which is the strongest PvP building in New World?

Top 5 PvP Builds in New World

  • 1) The Void Healer (Void Gauntlet + Life Staff).
  • 2) The Duelist Hunter (Rapier+Bow)
  • 3) The Trapper Zoner, (Spear + Musket).
  • 4) Fire and Ice (Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet).
  • 5) The Undying Impaler, (Hatchet + Spear).

Which tank is the best in New World?

The best PvP tank build in the New World

  • Shield Bash – Deals 50% damage to weapons and stuns enemies for two seconds.
  • Defiant Standance – Reduces the base damage received from attackers for eight second.
  • Whirling Blade – Deals 145% damage to enemies within 2 metres.

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