New World Bullet Cartridges: Where to find Saltpeter to make gunpowder and bullets

New World Bullet Cartridges


It is important to have a full copy of the New World Bullet Cartridges. You need to keep your musket stocked with cartridges and a full inventory of bullets. 

To keep your bullet reserves high you will need to have a steady supply of Gunpowder. For that, you need the Saltpeter.

Saltpeter, like many useful items, is a New World mined resource. Once you have found some, you will need at least a flint pickaxe to harvest them.

You may need to travel a lot to collect Saltpeter, depending on the location you spawn into New Word. It’s not difficult to grind because you get a decent amount for each resource node that you harvest.

New World Bullet Cartridges

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Saltpeter for bullet cartridges in New World: Where can you find it?

Saltpeter spawns in caves in New World.

You can find saltpeter in two caves south of Monarch’s Bluffs if you spawn near Monarch’s Bluffs: Bayhowl Burrow or Hurtfang Hole.

Bayhowl Burrow Saltpeter

Bayhowl Burrow can be found to the southwest of Monarch’s Bluff Hamlet. Look for a rocky area where wolves can spawn. Inside you will find a Saltpeter Node.

Hurtfang Hole Saltpeter

Hurting Hole can be found southeast of Monarch’s Bluff’s hamlet. Look for the rocky outcrop to the north of the area where the wolves spawn. You will find Saltpeter Nodes within.

If you have spawned in Windward, you will find two areas within easy reach during the first part of your adventure. Namely, Torrentdawn cave and Dankfur Hollow.

Torrentdawn Cave Saltpeter

You were first sent to fight a Corrupted Chaplain when you landed on Aeternum, Fury Bay.

Saltpeter outcrops can be found around the cave in which you defeated the mini-boss.

You can return to Torrentdawn Cave by making a short trip south from Windward Village.

Dankfur Hollow Saltpeter

Dankfur Hollow is a likely source of Saltpeter.

This cave system can be found just south of Windward Village. You will find an entry to the cave’s interior. Here you can harvest some resources.

How to convert Saltpeter into Gunpowder, and how to make bullet cartridges for the New World?

Once you have your Saltpeter, go to a large settlement and turn it into Gunpowder. This can be used to make bullet cartridges for musket ammunition.

Windward Village is an example. On the southeast side of the area, you will find the Workshop. Here you can make new ranged weapons and ammunition.

Scroll down to Engineering components for Gunpowder making, and then scroll back up to the top to find Iron Cartridges. Iron ingots are also needed for the casing, and for wadding.

How to cover your armor with cloth made of hemp fibers.

If you like to make your own potions, this is the place to look for petal caps in New World.

RNG is also required for gathering – Here’s how to farm the rare Fae Iron resource from New World.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are bullets new world possible to buy?

You need to make Cartridges or bullets in New World by going to any major town’s Workshop. The Workshop must be Tier 2 for it to be offered. You can find the workshop icon by pressing the ‘M Key’ on your map.

How can you get bullets from Mew world?

To make bullets in New World you must first harvest three collectibles. Then, make gunpowder . To make gunpowder, you will need 10 charcoal, 1 fire mote, and 5 flants. These items can be used to make 10 gallons of gunpowder.

Is it possible to make ammo in New World?

Although making ammo is not difficult in New World, it will require some research. Before you can make ammo such as iron cartridges for your musket or flint bow arrows, you will need to have several resources.

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