Elden Ring: Oridys’s Rise three wise beasts puzzle guide

Oridys’s Rise three wise beasts


Elden Ring players that are seeking to join Oridys’s Rise must complete the puzzle to “Seek three wise beasts.” There aren’t any other clues to this specific treasure hunt, therefore we’ll show you exactly the steps to take in this article.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is you’ll have to investigate the grounds close to the tower. Also, there are wolves roaming in the area, which could pose a problem when they come across you Be vigilant for them.

How can Do I “seek three wise beasts” in the Oridys’s Rise within Elden Ring?

If you’ve never done so, you should read the lectern that is next to the steps leading towards Oridys’s Rise. It only gives the clue that is cryptic “seek three wise beasts..

The wise creatures that are in question include sectral tortoises that are found close to the tower. As you could have imagined there are three species to be found.

The first old tortoise with a venerable past along the road just behind you, right next to the lectern. Use your weapon to whack it to disperse it.

The next intelligent beast lies behind the bushes, a bit from the lectern. Once more, strike it with a weapon and proceed.

The final tortoise was located in the pond that is shallow just to the southwest on the top of the building. It’s not visible, but hit the area it’s in and it will show itself and disappear within a short time.

Oridys's Rise three wise beasts

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Then, go back on the stairs of the Oridys’ Rise and enter the cave.

Begin by climbing the ladder. when you reach the top, be sure to keep your excitement at bay when you see the shiny treasure chest that is located in the study.

Inside the chest is inside is a Memory Stone, a Key Item that can increase the number of Memory Slots your character has.

It’s not even necessary to carry it The Memory Stone grants you an additional slot to memorize spells and incantations. It’s important if you’re more of a magical character.

How do you “seek three wise beasts” in Liurnia?

At Sorcerer’s Island, located in the northwest region of the shallow lake of Liurnia In Liurnia, you’re required to solve the same challenge as before: Find Three wise beasts.

The first two are fairly easy to find, however, the tortoise that is last in line can be a challenge.

Then, from the lectern, walk to your right, and then look at the cliff’s edge. The first wise beast is below.

Then, go back to the lectern this time, and head towards the left. A second wise creature is scurrying over the rocks at the edge.

From the second point then turn around and gaze upwards into the trees. The final tortoise can be found located about halfway toward the back of the trees. you have to hit it by using an arch or spell to unlock the locked door.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you locate three wise creatures Elden rings?

Elden Ring has three towers located across the entire map including Oridys’s Rise and Testu’s Rise and Chelona’s Rise each with a sign on the outside that reads “Seek three great wise beasts”. What it’s really demanding is that you locate three blue-colored turtles and then kill them.

What are three wise creatures that are at Chelonas rise?

It’s situated just in front of The Chelona’s Rise. Take a walk around the right-hand portion of the property and you’ll find tortoises that are normal in their movements and they will always indicate that you are near the giant wise creature. Just look over the edge of the cliff and you’ll see it hanging on the cliff’s edge.

How can you resolve Ordenys rising Elden Ring?

To resolve this Oridys’s Rise puzzle in Elden Ring, Tarnished must look around to find three spider-like turtles. When all three apparitions are been eliminated and the seal around the tower will be broken opening up the inside.

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