Genshin Impact: Philanemo Mushroom Locations And Farming Routes

Philanemo Mushroom Locations


The Philanemo Mushroom is an interesting ascension-related material that is found in Genshin Impact as it isn’t a plant that grows naturally in nature. 

This particular mushroom prefers to be confined to homes and isn’t within the cities and towns of Mondstadt. 

The mushroom is necessary to ascend the hydro-characters Mona as well as Barbara and Barbara, which makes it a crucial item.

especially since Barbara is available free of charge and is among the few healers in the game who are dedicated to their profession. A fan-favorite Klee is also using the mushrooms to ascend.

Luckily the mushrooms are able to be fairly easy to identify However, finding out how to cultivate them within a sensible period of time could be quite challenging. This article will provide all you need to know about the collection of your Philanemo Mushroom.

Philanemo Mushroom Locations

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What exactly is Genshin Impact Philanemo Mushroom?

According to the game’s description of Philanemo Mushroom according to the description in-game, Philanemo Mushroom is “a fungus that flourishes under the warm embrace of the wind. It is as permanent as the wind, feeding the life of every living thing.”

Though it can’t be used to make every Genshin Impact food recipe The Philanemo Mushroom is utilized in the ascension process for the following characters:

  • Klee
  • Barbara
  • Mona

The fact that Barbara is a completely free character as well as one of only a few committed Genshin Impact healers.

the mushroom is particularly important to the ascension of the ranks of this Hydro girl. The fan-favorite The Mona and Klee have this item in order to rise to higher levels.

All of them require 168 Philanemo Mushrooms to reach the maximum level of ascension, which is 90 levels. 

If your group contains at least two of these characters, it’s a good idea to regularly pile up with the Philanemo Mushrooms.

While no of the available weapons utilize this Mushroom to upgrade their weapons it is the most important ingredient to create for the Anemo Treasure Compass.

Genshin Impact Farming Philanemo mushrooms

There are not many Philanemo at Springvale or Dawn Winery to justify their inclusion of them on your farm route. For Mondstadt it’s essentially dealing with the western and eastern portions of the city therefore it’s logical to begin near the point of departure. 

You can teleport from that Knights of Favonius waypoint to begin and then work toward to the south. Cross the road in front of the city gates and then pick up the last few on the northeastern edge in the center of town.

As with other regional specialties, Philanemo Mushrooms are reborn in two days. You can also purchase five from Chloris If you manage to locate her. They replenish them after three days.

If you’re trying to level different characters within Genshin Impact look over our guides to some of the more recent Ascension materials. You’ll require Sakura Bloom for Ayaka, Crystal Marrow for Sayu, Sango Pearl for Kokomi, and plenty of the Spectral Husk to level Aloy or Gorou.

Philanemo Mushroom Locations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Philanemo Mushroom shops?

The Philanemo Mushroom can be found under houses’ eaves, but they are best located in around Mondstadt and Springvale.

Is Philanemo Mushroom available for sale?

Philanemo mushrooms are not available at any normal shop in the city. Instead, players will need Chloris. Her shop sells five items, including mushrooms. You can either buy the shop or purchase Philanemo mushrooms for 1,000 mora each.

Where can I get Philanemo?

Philanemo mushrooms grow in Mondstadt and Springvale. They grow from the ground either at the edges of houses or just above their heads.

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