How to get Defog HM in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond


Defrog is a feature on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearlgets an improvement due to the improved quality of life enhancements that were added in each remake. 

While the oddball HM is essential for getting to important locations, like Mt. Coronet but you’ll not use the move slots that are essential to the Hidden Move anymore, and likely won’t until after the game anyway.

A lot has changed since many aspects of the Gen IV remakes, including how you can access and utilize Hidden Moves. Here’s where you can find the Defog and how to teach your Pokemon.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Defog Location

The first time you’ll encounter the HM within The Great Marsh near Pastoria, the city after Veilstone. You can enter the Marsh (paying 500 pokes to get the comfort).

talk to the trainer at the tram. She’ll give you a variety of TM 97s, including Defog. Yes, Defog is now a product of the same type as the Rock Smash as well as Waterfall.

However, you’re not able to make use of the HM at this time. You’ll need to take on Crasher Wake Pastoria’s Gym leader before you can utilize Defog in the Pokemon Watch. 

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

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Crasher Wake is a water-based user So take Grass and Electric along to help you win the fight.

Once you’ve got it, you can apply it to any place that… you want to. Well, fog exists. It’s not something you’ll use often until the end in the course.

Is Defog Worth It in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

It’s not really necessary, at least at all in the game. Defog blocks Reflect, Safeguard as well as Barrier effects from the enemy Pokemon as well as a few players in Diamond and Shining Pearl use those moves. Diamond Shining Pearl and Shining Pearl make use of these moves.

They’re very popular in the metagame they’re not the most popular, so if you’re planning to take the Sinnoh Pokemon team online, Defog is probably a great option. If you decide to sell or use the first set of TMs You can purchase additional ones at Battle Park. Battle Park.

That’s all for this Pokemon Brilliant Diamond as well as Shining Pearl Defog guide Be sure to read our previous Brilliant Diamond as well as Shining Pearl guides for additional tips and tricks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pokemon Brilliant Diamond real?

Similar to previous games Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl and Shining Pearl are set in the imaginary Region of Sinnoh which is an island located on Hokkaido, a Japanese Hokkaido island. Hokkaido.

Are Brilliant Diamond better than Shining Pearl?

Brilliant Diamond’s Exclusive Pokemon Are More Desirable Than Shining Pearl’s. In both games, the special Pokemon can be described as both difficult to find and attractive.

How do you get Defog in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond?

The only thing you have to do in order to acquire Defog is start the game and then talk about the green-haired NPC who is in the front to you. Then you’ll be able to make use of the move in your Poketch to eliminate the irritating fog that is lingering on certain routes.

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