Pokemon Go Team Rocket: Team Rocket Pokestops, invasions, grunt battles and rewards

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Make sure you are prepared for trouble. And do it again, Team Rocket has arrived within Pokemon Go. This means that there are new Rocket Stops substituting Pokestops.

as well as shadow Pokemon that are able to transform into pure Pokemon due to brand-new battle encounters with Rocket Grunts.

It’s not the Team Rocket you’ve witnessed Ash and Pikachu blast off in the past within other Pokemon games.

In actual it’s a different group called Team GO Rocket that is only available in Pokemon Go. Let’s face it that this isn’t Team Rocket. 

The team’s appearance in the game has been teased for some time but now they’re appearing, slowly making their way to players across the globe.

It’s best to sit back until a real confrontation occurs with them Naturally, however, If you’re a skilled trainer,

you may need to find members of this criminal organization to impose some punishment. This page will aid you in finding Team Rocket and will explain everything you can do when you find them.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket

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The Pokemon Go team rocket Pokestops How to locate the rocket that is part of the team invasion stops

The central part of the Pokemon Go game is obviously Pokestops and it’s not a surprise when they are the center of the Team Rocket Invasion of the game starts with the rebranding of some of them as the Team Rocket Pokestops or Rocket Stops for short.

It’s easy to identify the Rocket Stop from a distance Infested Pokestops have a glitching symbol over them, with the cube which is over the stop moving and shifting from the normal blue hue to a darker shade. 

As you move closer, you can see that it’s a Team Rocket Pokestop – it changes to black and sports an enormous R logo over it which stands for Team Rocket, and a Rocket Grunt appears close to it.

Team Rocket members-only visit and infiltrate Pokestops for 30 minutes at a stretch, and they’ll then move around from Pokestop in order to move from Pokestop Pokestop. The way to think of it is that each attack is a random, short-term event. 

The event for each Rocket Stop is universal, but it will appear as a Rocket Stop for all players during the event. The real Rocket Stop functionality isn’t anything to be concerned about.

Instead what you need to be concerned about will be the Team Rocket grunt. Similar to the typical Pokemon encounter you’ll be able to use the grunt’s button for them to communicate with you, however.

if you’re fighting a Grunt it will engage you in an opponent battle. This functions exactly as it would in battles between players. You can take on any number of grunts each day, but only one at any particular Pokestop.

The Battling with Team Rocket Grunts and their Shadow Pokemon to earn rewards

When you tap the Team Rocket grunt that’s camping out at an invading Rocket Stop Pokestop, it will be in a battle with a trainer. It’s a battle between Team Rocket and Shadow Pokemon.

Team Rocket Grunt will use Shadow Pokemon which are Pokemon plagued by negativity, they possess a gloomy red hue around their eyes.

This is a little a mix of a boss battle in a raid and a battle between players. The battle is played the same way it would in PVP however, once the Rocket Grunt has been defeated.

you’ll get the chance to capture one of Rocket Grunt’s Shadow Pokemon with a mechanic which is similar to what happens in raids.

You’ll be able to determine which Pokemon kind you’re likely to meet and are likely to be able to catch it by the way in which the Rocket Grunt communicates when they tell you to stay clear of treacherous waters.

it’ll likely be one of the water types, and when they warn that you should not “tangle” with them it’ll be grass and the list goes on. 

This is useful when making plans ahead to avoid the weaknesses that are listed on the Pokemon Go Strength and weakness chart of the type.

For dual-type Pokemon, The hint for dual-type Pokemon will always be determined by the Pokemon’s initial primary type.

For example, for Bulbasaur, the grass/poison type Pokemon the hint will be the grass-type quote. This is a complete listing of the verbal ticks, that was partially mined from the Pokemon Go Hub:

Rocket Grunt Dialogue Pokemon Type Weakness
“Go, my super bug Pokemon!” Bug Flying, Fire Rock
“Wherever is a light there’s shadow …” Dark Fighting and fighting bugs, Fairies,
“ROAR! … How’d that sound?” Dragon Dragon, Ice, Fairy
“Get ready to be shocked!” Electric Ground
“Check out my cute Pokemon!” Fairy Poison, Steel
“This buff physique isn’t just for show!” Fighting Flying and Psychic
“Do you know how hot Pokemon fire breath can get?” Fire Water, Ground, Rock
“My bird Pokemon wants to battle with you!” Flying Ice, Electric and Ice, Electricity,
“Ke… ke… ke… ke… ke… ke!” Ghost Ghost Dark
“Don’t tangle with us!” Grass Fire Flying, Bug Ice, Poison
“You’ll be defeated into the ground!” Ground Ice, Water, Grass
“You’re gonna be frozen in your tracks.” Ice Fire, Fighting, Steel, Rock
“Normal doesn’t mean weak.” Normal Fighting
“Coiled and ready to strike!” Poison Ground, Psychic
“Are you scared of physics that uses unseen power?” Psychic Dark, Ghost, Bug
“Let’s rock and roll!” Rock Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Steel
“You’re no match for my iron will!” Steel Fire, Fighting, Ground
“These waters are treacherous!” Water Electric, Grass
“Winning is for winners.” “Don’t bother, I’ve already won.” “Get ready to be defeated.” Shadow Snorlax encounter

The amount of Premier Balls you’ll need for your fight with Shadow Pokemon is determined by factors like your team’s Defeat Rocket or Purify Pokemon medal ranking (which can be raised through beating Rocket Grunts and purifying Pokemon).

as well as how well you did in the previous battle. After you’ve been able to catch a Shadow Pokemon has been caught it will be yours – however, for you to truly make it the ones you own, then have to complete the task of purifying the Shadow Pokemon.

Along with the thrill of In addition to the reward of catching the Shadow Pokemon, each battle will earn you 500 Stardust and an unidentified Component that is an element from the Rocket Radar –

an item made of several parts, that lets you compete against an opponent to be a Team Rocket Leader.

Challenges for Team Go Rocket Leaders and Rewards

After you’ve overcome six Team Go Rocket Grunts, you’ll have enough Mysterious Components to make a Rocket Radar – that’s six in all. The Rocket Radar basically does is allow you to track the location of the possibility of a Team Rocket invasion.

when you next encounter an area with a rocket-infected pokestop you’ll have the chance to contest an individual of Team Rocket leaders. This is also applicable to Rocket encounters through Balloon for the record.

There are three main team Rocket Leaders and you’ll see them all at once: Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra. Each of them will have a distinct Pokemon load-outs, however, their Rocket Leader Pokemon load-out varies each week in-game. 

It’s always changing, this is why we don’t list particular Pokemon and counters in this article – since they’re quickly obsolete. But, you benefit from having an edge.

If you come across a Rocket Leader If you encounter a Rocket Leader Rocket Radar remains active and in use until you’ve defeated the leader. 

After a leader has been defeated, you’re back to fighting grunts until you’ve taken on six opponents in a row, after which you’re able to challenge the next leader.

What that means is that you are able to take on a Team Rocket Leader to see what Pokemon are they using. then lose the game.

then return to heal your Pokemon and choose the appropriate Pokemon team to defeat them using their strengths and weakness highlighted within the Pokemon Go Type Chart.

There aren’t any of the leaders so difficult all of them have decent Pokemon, so you’ll get a thrilling Shadow Pokemon to capture after the battle. 

Additionally, you’ll receive 1000 Stardust as well as a chance of receiving the Unova Stone or Sinnoh Stone an evolutionary item along with some healing items.

After you’ve defeated Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra after which you’ll return to fighting grunts once more The next time you gather six Mysterious Components and come across the Team Go Rocket Pokestop, you’ll have to battle Team Rocket leader Giovanni. 

The battle is similar to other leader battles, however, eventually, it will result in the opportunity for you to capture the Legendary Shadow Pokemon – that’s an extremely rare Pokemon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you join Team Rocket in Pokemon Go?

Team GO Rocket Invasion is an option in Pokemon GO that allows you to engage with an NPC trainer in the game to save the Shadow Pokemon and receive a reward. The battles are anything from easy to quite challenging, and form part of a larger storyline, which has a number of Special Research quests so far.

What Pokemon do Team Rocket give you?

Teams of Go Rocket Leaders invade PokeStops in Pokemon Go alongside the Team Go Rocket Grunts. You’re the one to track down Arlo, Cliff and Sierra by securing Mysterious Components as well as the Rocket Radar. In the end, you’ll get an exclusive Shadow Encounter and could provide you with the possibility of catching a sparkling Shadow Pokemon.

What’s the best Pokemon that you can obtain on Team Rocket in Pokemon Go?

The best Pokemon for this battle includes Machamp (or your most effective counter player) and Lucario as well as Breloom as excellent options. Each of the Pokemon can take a lot of damage from fighting moves, and you’ll only need the best fighting Pokemon here.

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