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The Ranked match system, a competitive-oriented game, is the heart of Pokémon Unite Ranking. It’s the beloved creature-training game’s entry to the MOBA genre.

You’ll need to work hard to be able to play Ranked Matches. This will only become possible once Pokemon Unite has confirmed that you are ready. 

After you reach Trainer Level 6 or unlock Ranked Match, you’re ready to test your skills against other trainers.

This guide will explain the basics of ranked matches, as well as how to achieve your various ranks.

Pokemon Unite Ranking

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How to Unlock Ranked Matches?

You’ll first need to unlock Ranked Matches, as we mentioned above. You’ll need to first be Trainer Level 6.

It is not difficult to reach trainer level 6, and it should only take about an hour. You can reach trainer level 6 by going to standard mode and engaging in battles against random players. 

This mode is unranked so there’s no pressure. It will also be a great way to practice for ranked battles.

Second, you will need to ensure you have five Pokemon for each match. In the Pokemon Unite shop, you can purchase Pokemon with Gems and Aeos Coins.

It’s important to note that Ranked Match game participants will need at least 79 Fair Play points. 

Fair Play Points are Pokemon Unite’s way to gauge your in-game reputation and ensure that players are not acting in a harmful manner. 

Although this shouldn’t be a problem, Fair Play Points can be lost if you quit matches before the match is over (using surrender does not count), or are idle. 

Playing matches well earns you positive Fair Play points. You won’t face this problem if you play nice, don’t be idle, and don’t rage quit.

The Pokemon Unite Rankings System

After you have reached the Ranked Match system, you will need to be familiar with the following elements: Ranks and Classes.

Let’s begin with the ranks. Pokemon Unite has six ranks total: Veteran, Master, Veteran, Ultra and Expert.

Each rank has its own cup – cups can be active for seasons. If you have played similar multiplayer service-based games, this will all be familiar. 

Your progress will be tracked only within each season. The exact rewards may vary between seasons.

There are many classes within each rank. To move up to the next rank you will first need to complete the classes in that rank.

Three classes are required if you play in the Beginner Rank or Beginner Cup. These classes will be required to progress.

Once you have passed them, you’ll rank up to the Great Cup which contains four classes. Here are the classes that each rank has:

  • For beginners, there are 3 classes (9 points to rank higher)
  • Excellent: 4 classes (12 points to rank higher)
  • Expert, Great, and Veteran: 5 classes (15 points to rank higher)
  • Master: No Classes. Just Ranking

The concept of the game is simple. If you win, you will be promoted slowly up the tiers according to your performance. Losing will result in you being demoted down the cup ranks. 

Your current cup ranking will determine who your opponents are; you’ll match up against other players with similar skills.

To level up in a class you must-win matches. You earn a point toward your next class for winning matches, and losing deducts one point. 

You will rank higher if you win more matches than you lose. Below is the required number of points to reach each rank.

The Master Rank does not have classes. It simply uses a new ranking system that ranks players based on the number of victories they have earned while playing.

Pokemon Unite Rank Rewards

You can earn more than the EXP, Aeos coins, and Aeos Energy that you win by winning matches. It’s also possible to get a larger reward based on how high you move up the ranking ladder during any season.

Although the exact rewards may vary from Season-to-Season, you can expect to earn thousands of Aeos tickets for reaching the basic ranks. If you reach Elite or higher, you will be talking about five figures.

As tickets can be used in the Aeos Emporium to purchase fashion items for your trainer – giving you the ability to personalize your character. This is the base reward. Seasonally, other rewards may be offered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ranking system for Pokemon Unite work?

It is more difficult to move up in the Pokemon Unite ranking system. In Beginner, it takes only nine points to move from one class into another. In Great, it takes twelve points. Expert and higher require 15 points to move between classes. This makes it more difficult.

Does Rank matter in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite doesn’t attempt to match you up with other players of your rank or skill level. Unite has six ranks: Master, Veteran, Veteran, Expert, Ultra, Great, Expert and Veteran.

Are different ranks allowed to play together in Pokemon Unite?

You must both be at least Trainer level 6 and have at most 80 fair-play points to participate in ranked matches in Pokemon UNITE. You cannot invite a friend to join you in ranked matches. Your ranks must be equal or within two levels of each.

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