Pokemon Violet and Scarlet releasing late 2022 and fans already love the starters

Pokemon Violet Introduction


It’s a great time to be a Pokemon Violet enthusiast. We’re seeing three major Pokemon releases in the space of 12 months for the first-ever time. 

The Pokemon Company announced Pokemon Scarlett and Violet, a new pair of open-world Pokemon adventures that will be available on Nintendo Switch in the latter part of 2022. This follows Pokemon Legends Arceus, Shining Pearl, and Brilliant Diamond.

These new titles were announced during Pokemon Day 2022’s Pokemon Presents. The company also revealed that the Game Freak-developed games would feature a new region as well as three new starter Pokemon.

The world is already confused about the new starters, which follow the old Pokemon formula, Types. You can choose from the Grass Cat Sprigatito or Fire Croc Fuecoco starters, as well as the Water Duckling Quality.

Pokemon Violet and Scarlet releasing late

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Sprigatito is an Overgrowable kitten and, like all kittens, is “capricious and attention-seeking.” 

Fuoco, the Fire Croc (seemingly also an apple?) Blazes and does things at its own speed. Quality is the clear nerd in the group. He is “earnest, tidy, and meticulous.”

These games are a departure from the norm. The developer describes Pokemon Scarlett and Violet as “evolutionary” steps forward for Pokemon (no pun intended). 

This new game will appear to be a continuation of the Wild Zone in Sword and Shield. It will feature an “open-world” where different towns can seamlessly blend into the wilderness.

According to the reveal, Pokemon can be found everywhere in this vast-open world, including in the skies, on the streets, and in the oceans.

Although we don’t know much about the differences between versions (if past games are any indication, it is likely that we will see version-exclusive Pokemon locations and trainers).

Game Freak noted that Trainers “will have a different outfit depending upon which game they are in.”

The new generation of games, which will take us up to Gen 9 if you’re counting, will be set in a region very similar to Spain and Portugal.

There are clear references to real-life locations in the trailer. It doesn’t matter if the building that looks suspiciously like Sagrada Familia is near the end of this trailer.

the Pikachu who looks like Park Guell, we are clearly heading back to Europe in this new Pokemon adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are scarlet and violet still in Pokemon?

Image credit: Pokemon
The Nintendo Switch will get the newest main series Pokemon game, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet on November 18, 2022.

What are the Legendary Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

The Legendary Pokemon
Koraidon, a Legendary Pokemon that you can find in Pokemon Scarlet and Miraidon, a Legendary Pokemon that you can find in Pokemon Violet. Although these two Pokemon have powers far beyond those of other Pokemon’s, details about Miraidon and Koraidon remain a mystery.

You can pre-order Pokemon Scarlett and Violet?

Preorders are now available from the Nintendo eShop and Amazon.

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