Project XL Codes – Free Mastery XP (May 2022)

Project XL Codes Information


Project XL is an RPG-adventure game that was developed by Aspect Productions for the Roblox gaming console. 

This game draws inspiration from popular titles such as Project Jojo, King Piece, Arcane Adventures and King Piece. 

You control a powerful character and can gain mastery XP by completing quests. These Project XL codes can be used to claim free mastery XP bonus in-game.

Project XL codes are easy and free to use. It’s arguably the best way to get experience and boosts. 

It takes time to unlock new abilities, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of the free items. If you find our site useful, make sure to bookmark it.

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Project XL Codes

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Codes for Active Project XL

  • 3kLikes – 15 minutes of double mastery
  • 20kLikes – 20 minutes of double mastery
  • blackstar6991MVP– 30,000 mastery XP
  • HerbalGibbon13– 5,000 mastery. XP
  • milan242– 30,000 mastery XP
  • PyrusPlayer – 5,000 mastery XP
  • Reaiah– 30,000 mastery XP
  • SubToJohntoon02– 30,000 mastery XP
  • SubToKelvingts– 30,000 mastery XP
  • SubToTaklaman – 30,000 mastery XP, 15 minutes double mastery
  • SubToTheSalehm121– 30,000 mastery XP

Expired codes

This is a list of codes that were once available, but which have been removed from Roblox ProjectXL. These codes can be used by players prior to their expiration.

Steps to redeem codes

It is easy to redeem active codes in Project XL. This process can be done in just a few steps.

Go to the Project XL official page and click on the green button to start the game.

After completing the character creation, join a server.

After you have joined a server, click on the “Settings” icon to go to the left side of your screen.

Paste any code from the list into the “Enter Code” box.

This completes the process. If the code is active, your prize will be automatically redeemed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some codes for Project XL?

Active Project Codes

  • 3kLikes – 15 minutes of double mastery.
  • 20kLikes – 20 minutes of double mastery.
  • blackstar6991MVP: 30,000 mastery XP
  • HerbalGibbon13: 5,000 mastery XP.
  • milan242: 30,000 mastery XP.
  • PyrusPlayer – 5,000 masteryXP.
  • Reaiah: 30,000 mastery XP
  • SubToJohntoon02: 30,000 mastery XP.

How can I achieve magic in Project XL?

Stats can be upgraded damage or HP boosters. There are three types of stats: Magic, Strength and Endurance. To gain them, you need to kill Bosses and dummies.
You can upgrade your magic by:

  1. Magic Based Abilities
  2. Step up.
  3. Attacking with any fruit or sword
  4. Completing Quests and Attacking Dummies

How can I obtain Beerus Mentor Project XL?

Obtaining Beerus

  1. Kill bosses to get all 7 dragon balls
  2. Summon Shenron.
  3. Select the “I wish a legendary ability” wish.

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