Genshin Impact Qingxin Flower Location: Best Farming Route & Best Uses

Qingxin Flower Location


Qingxin flower plants are a particular type of flower that is utilized for a variety of applications. Here are the most popular Qingxin flowering places on Genshin Impact and how you can make use of this ingredient.

The Qingxin is known as the apex of beautiful blooms in Genshin Impact, not only because it typically spawns in the top spots on the map, but also because of its numerous applications.

If you are looking to complete the ascensions required for Xiao as well as Ganyu are likely to find some Qingxin flowers Genshin Impact. There are a variety of areas to grow this flower, and keeping track of their exact location isn’t easy. 

We have laid for you the Qingxin flower’s location list that you might require. This will help you save a lot of time as well as help you understand more about its benefits.

Qingxin Flower Location

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Qingxin Flower Location

Qingxin Genshin Impact is a plant that grows in dense areas across the Liyue. The best places to look for Qingxin include Guyun Forest and Jueyun Karst.

There are, however, more areas on the Genshin Impact Interactive map where you can grow these flowers. They’re actually more abundant than the players anticipated.

You can visit the below areas to purchase some blooms:

  • Wudang Hill
  • Lingju Pass
  • Qingyun Peak
  • Mt. Aozang
  • Mt. Hulu

If you’re a member of the Yanfei and Qiqi in your team, then you may make use of them to find Liyue’s specialties on the map.

keep in mind when you look at the miniature map they show only the location of the marker, but they do not reveal what specialties are.

This is the Best Qingxin Farming Route

Understanding the Qingxin flowering location could be in useless if you don’t know the most efficient way to manage the plant.

Thus one of the most advised ways to do this is to grow it by heading towards Huaguang Stone Forest, then take this path starting from Mt. 

Aonang (which was originally Mt. Aozang prior to the change in name). From here, the players are able to visit Qingyun Peak. Qingyun Peak and take a walk to Jueyun Karst to get more plants.

Remember that you may have to move a lot since some species of Qingxin Genshin Impact flowers grow in high places. Utilize the teleport point on Mt. 

Aonang as well as the winds that blow across The Stone Forest have a boost in the high. Be wary of fall-related injury and be sure to maintain your strength while you move between harvesting areas.

Where Can I Purchase Qingxin Blooms Genshin Impact?

If you would prefer to purchase the products in a more simple manner rather than hopping about, you can look into the Qingxin Flower location to buy one with Mora.

1. Qingxin purchase location

Players can go to Bubu pharmacy located in Liyue Harbor to get Qingxin from Herbalist Gui. Every piece of Qingxin is priced at 500 Mora which is enough to purchase 10 flowers for each piece of stock.

Since Bubu Pharmacy restocks on a regular basis, be sure you stop by every so often to pile Qingxin flowers. You can also swing through for other items like Violetgrass and Lotus Head while you’re there.

2. Where can you locate Bubu Pharmacy

If you’re not sure about where Bubu Pharmacy is located You can find it in Liyue Harbor’s Yujing Terrace. It’s located at one of the stairs and is open for an extended period of time for shopping.

It is also in this spot that you’ll be able to meet the Doctor. Baizhu and Qiqi in the main plot.

How to Utilize Qingxin Flowers?

Qingxin is one of the most sought-after plant species for this reason. It is used to serve a variety of purposes, including food ingredients and ascension material.

1. Food ingredient

Players can throw Qingxin blooms into their recipes. It is crucial in the preparation of Tianshu Meat, which is a great dish to get Physical DMg as well as a CRIT rate increase. The ingredients need Qingxin flowers in addition to meat, Matsutake and Sugar.

2. Ascension materials

It is important to collect as numerous Qingxin Genshin Impact as you can if you have an idea to upgrade the five-star character limit.

Each of Ganyu and Xiao requires Qingxin flowers to achieve more advanced levels of ascending. The more flowers there are.

the more easily you will be able to ensure that your characters are unbeatable in intense boss battles.

It is also important to mention that these flowers will not appear daily. Therefore, players must be patient for a few days before they can harvest the same flowers again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Qingxin flowers found?

Qingxin Flower grows at higher elevations in Liyue and Liyue, however you’ll find the majority of them within Wuwang Hill and the areas around Qingyun Peak, including Jueyun Karst as well as the hills north from Cuije Slope. You can also buy only a few of Qingxin Flower by contacting Gui the owner of Bubu Pharmacy.

What exactly are Qingxin flowers used for?

Qingxin Utilizes
As of the time of publication, Qingxin is primarily used to aid in characters ascensions. At present, Ganyu is the only one making use of this technique, however in the near future, Xiao will be joining her. If you’re really interested make use of them, you could also utilize them for cooking Tianshu Meat, which can increase the physical damage and critical speed.

What number of Qingxin flowers are available?

There are the 89 Qingxin Flowers found in nature. They come back every 48 hours. In addition, players can gain 8 Qingxin during the course of the Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe, which is located in the Serenitea Pot. It is possible to plant a new batch every 70 hours.

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