Warzone Rebirth Reinforced hidden vault: all keycard locations and rewards

Access the Warzone Rebirth Reinforced hidden vault


Hidden on Rebirth Island, as per the Warzone Pacific season 2 Reloaded update, is a hidden vault that contains valuable loot. 

To open this vault and take part in this treasure trove, three keycards must be found on the map. You can only grab them and bring them to the vault to find what’s inside.

This guide will show you where each of the three keycards can be found on Rebirth Island. It also shows you the vault location and what you can expect to get with each keycard.

Warzone Rebirth Reinforced hidden vault

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Rebirth Island keycard locations

Vikhor’s Keycard Location- Headquarters

Vikhor’s first keycard is located closest to the vault. It’s located in an underground bunker below one of Rebirth Island’s central buildings. 

You can glide down to Headquarters’ southernmost building, and into the white building that overlooks the living quarters.

Once inside, go to the basement and find a secret room. Vikhor’s card can be found in the secret basement room, at a desk to your left as you enter. 

You can also grab the powerful SMG, called The Red Room, while you’re there. If you haven’t yet, this gun will allow you to unlock its blueprint. It’ll also hold its own throughout the match.

Nova 6 Factory – Perseus Keycard Location

This card is second-closest to the vault and can be found in large office building located between the nova6 factory and living quarters.

You will find a large, green-colored room with lots of desks inside. You’ll find a large door that leads into an orange room. The Perseus keycard can be found on a shelf to the right of the exit.

Biolabs – The Forgotten Keycard Location

This keycard is the most difficult to find and takes a lot of effort to use in the vault. You can find it at the north end of Rebirth Island’s bioweapon laboratories.

Head inside from there and follow the staircase to the basement. When you see the shows in the middle of the room, you will know that you are in the right place. 

You can interact with the shower by going to the east side of this room. This will make it shoot out four times cash before it drops the keycard.

Rebirth Island Vault Location

Once you have one or more keycards, it is time to bring them to the vault. The vault is located in Stronghold, in a building that has a radio tower over it. It’s the highest building in the area.

Once you are inside, you will be able open the door to the vault room at the bottom floor. You’ll be able interact with three vault boxes. Each one is only accessible if you have the keycard.

Rebirth Island vault rewards

You can expect to receive some ridiculously valuable rewards if you manage to grab a keycard, which you can take to the vault to help you win at Rebirth Island. There are:

  • Vikhor’s Keycard: PS8000+ Loadout Drop
  • Perseus Keycard: Ps10,000 + Advanced UAV
  • Forgotten Keycard: Loadout Drop + Munitions Box + Specialist

You should be able to find all vault keycards and the vault itself easily. You can find more Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded content by visiting our updated Meta Loadouts Guide to help you get your Rebirth wins easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a vault for Warzone rebirth in the area?

Rebirth Island’s Golden Vault Locations
Below are their locations: Near Stronghold and Living Quarters. Below the Nova 6 Factory. The small shack located between Docks & the Bioweapons Lab.

How can you get to the vault of rebirth?

How to unlock Warzone’s Rebirth Island gold vaults

  1. Step 1: Find remotes in prison cells. Six randomly selected prison cells contain a remote that you can use to interact with it. 
  2. Step 2: Answer the telephone in Prison Block 
  3. Step 3: With your access code, visit any one of the vaults. 
  4. Step 4: Make a profit

Are the vaults of rebirth still there?

These are the locations of all the Golden Vaults on Rebirth Island: Under the shack between Dock & Bioweapons Laboratory, on the north-west side of Rebirth Island. Below the Nova 6 Factory. Between Living Quarters and Stronghold, on the cliff-face.

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