Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animals and how slay them

Red Dead Redemption 2 Introduction


Red Dead Redemption 2’s hunting techniques are more detailed than those in other dedicated hunting games.

Not only do you have to worry about hunting and tracking down the game, but also how to do it.

It’s incredibly complicated due to the many species and the various ammo types. It is easy to become overwhelmed.

We’re here to help you navigate it and guide you to the right spots.

Red Dead Redemption 2 hunting guide

Hunting is primarily helpful for meat, pelts, and crafting items. Hunting is your bread-and-butter if you want to maintain a healthy core.

dress in the finest clothes, and make the best ammunition. Here are some things you can do using hunting products:

Arthur can be kept busy by setting up a campfire, cooking meat, and other simple ways to ensure he is working at his maximum potential.

Campfires can be used to make animal parts, including fat from animals for explosives or feathers for particular types of arrows.

Pearson Camp can accept donations of animal parts and carcasses and cash contributions. For-profit butchers can sell animal carcasses and parts.

Certain body parts can be used to create Talismans at fences. This will permanently boost your stats.

Skinning animals helps towards Master Hunter challenges as well as Red Dead Redemption 2’s best outfit

Red Dead Redemption

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Red Dead Redemption 2 hunting tips

You should not hunt animals below three stars-quality unless you have the opportunity. If you see your prey from a distance, make sure to stay downwind.

This will prevent them from picking up your scent. You can give the animal a star rating based on its pelt. Three stars – Pure – is what it wants.

Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Pelt Guide explains that you need to use the right ammunition to ensure the animal’s pelt is high-quality. Also, you should aim for kill shots rather than firing at them repeatedly.

Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Get Clean Hunting Kills

The quality of your kill depends on how well you use the ammunition. You can also check the compendium to ensure that you have the correct ammunition. 

You can instantly kill all animals by targeting their kill spots. Once you reach Level 4, these areas will be highlighted in red.

This upgrade is available in Chapter 5. It makes your reticle red when it comes close to vital organs such as the heart or brain. These small targets can be hit for instant kill. 

You must also consider penetration – animals with thick skulls can only be killed instantly using powerful rifles and high-velocity ammunition.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animal Locations

Are you looking for the best trapper pelts? These are the most famous Red Dead Redemption 2 locations.

  • Legendary Fox North of the fence in Rhodes
  • Legendary Bullgator West of Lakay in Bayou
  • Legendary Elk East of Bacchus Station and North of Fort Wallace
  • Legendary Cougar West of Tumbleweed in Gaptooth Ridge
  • Legendary Coyote Northwest of Rhodes in Scarlett Meadows
  • Legendary Wolf West of Bacchus Bridge in Cotorra Springs
  • Legendary Buck Northwest of Strawberry
  • Legendary Bear – Bluewater Marsh, North of Lagras
  • Legendary Beaver Southwest of Butcher Creek
  • Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear – North of O’Creagh’s Run. Grizzlies East
  • Legendary white Bison – West End of the Grizzlies and Lake Isabella
  • Legendary Giaguaro Pan – West of Shady Belle and Lemoyne. Only available after you have completed rank 9 in the Master Hunter challenge.
  • Legendary Tatanka Bison – Southeast of MacFarlane’s Ranch, Hennigan’s Stead
  • Legendary Moose – Northeast edge of Roanoke Ridge
  • Legendary Bighorn Ram West of Valentine, Cattail Pond
  • Legendary Pronghorn – East of Fort Mercer Rio Del Lobo Rock

Red Dead Redemption 2 animal locations and habitats

Now you know what to do for each animal you come across. Problem is, how do you find them? This is where I will break down the habitats of animals so that you can go bag your trophies.

Because I won’t be able to list all the animals in the game, I won’t. You can find some animals across large areas of the map – the badgers are everywhere! Instead, I will list the most difficult animals to find.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animals Videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with legendary animals in RDR2?

The Naturalist update added legendary animals to the game. These animals, like RDR2, offer perfect pelts for every kill and can be sold to Gus Macmillan to be made into a garment . The Naturalist role allows the player to sedate an animal and collect samples for Harriet Davenport.

Is there a way to get RDR2’s most famous animals?

How to locate Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online. After you reach Rank 5, Davenport will give you a Red Dead Online Legendary Animals Map. This map can be accessed from your radial menu. Legendary animals will begin to spawn in open-world from this point onwards.

How long will it take for the legendary animals to return to your area?

It seems that legendary animals have a 72-hour cooldown before you can find another one. For example, if you find a Snow Buck, you’ll need to wait 72 hours before you can find the Mud Runner.

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