Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Part 1 | Into the Village, Luiza’s House, and the Castle

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Introduction


In a series that is known for its thrilling twists, epic boss fights, and nifty puzzles, it is only natural to go through the Resident Evil Village walkthrough at some point in your journey.

Resident Evil Village is the continuation of the tale that follows Ethan Winters, a regular person who doesn’t have a lot of military training or superior intellect He will be fumbling through the dark and terrifying events like you.

Over the 10 or so hours that your first game of Village take, we’ve broken down this walkthrough into 17 sections, taking you through each section of the story with every difficult challenge and boss battle each having its own section in between.

During the walkthrough, we will not reveal the outside of pages with titles that are required for navigation, we’ll not reveal the instant-to-moment surprises that can be found behind almost every corner.

But, we’ll guide you towards the correct direction to successfully complete each main and optional goal the game provides.

A crucial point to remember is that This Resident Evil Village walkthrough assumes you’re playing on default/normal difficulty.

You may also follow along if playing casual or easy difficulty, however, those who choose to play on hardcore difficulty will see their story progression options at different places in the normal game.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

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Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Part 1 – The Winteres’ Home

Once you have control over Ethan within the Winters family, you are able to explore the home with Rose for as long as you’d like – exploring the dining room, the TV and the kitchen pantry before going upstairs with her.

At the top of the stairs you have the option of turning to the left or right to look over some notes that are scattered and clues in the bathroom as well as the storage room.

Here, you learn the fact that Mia and Ethan went to Europe following Resident Evil 7 and had an infant, Rosemary. Also known as Rose for shorter.

And with Rose asleep then you can look over Ethan’s laptop at the study, before heading back for Mia downstairs.

Into the Village

In the aftermath of the clip, walk toward the path that is illuminated by the headlights , and walk through the forest in darkness.

Once you are at the fence made of barbed wire take a crouch and continue to walk forward in the darkness.

After a few steps away, some rocks are going to fall to your right after which you should turn left and walk toward them.

Follow the tracks of birds in the snow to slide onto an incline.

Follow the snowy trail and you’ll come across an old-fashioned wooden bridge that crosses the stream. 

On the opposite side, you’ll see an accumulation of logs, and eventually, you’ll find the cabin, which you will be able to enter via the door that is on your left.

In the cabin, there are drawers that you can close and open however there is nothing else to see. 

Bear left to enter the main room, and then open the wardrobe on the opposite wall. Again, there is there is nothing to look at.

Turn around, and go to the back door and continue to walk down the dimly lit staircase.

Luiza’s House

You can leave the church by the door that is opposite to that you came through. Save your work on the typewriter on the left, if you want.

Before leaving you should look up above the altar for a blinking illumination on a photo. Take it and the crystal fragment will fall onto the floor. You could sell them later in cash.

From the front from the Church, walk down the stairs and into the field to the scarecrow. The area is known as”the Fallow Plot. Could this be the field mentioned by the woman on the radio talked about?

In no way, this could be an excellent moment to utilize any ammunition and scraps you’ve got to create some bullets. It’s not like I’m aware of the future However, when it comes to Resident Evil, it never is a good idea to shoot half-cocked.

It is possible to get around to the Fallow Plot in a couple different ways you can stand your ground and carefully move through the area or simply sprint in a “chicken nugget” until the gate on the top.

However, before you decide it is safe to take a run to the container you see on the left and grab the gunpowder within and then return to where you started.

Meet the Family

As soon as you feel in control, race across the hallway in front of you. At the fork, you should take an immediate left, and then take a look at the barrier and kick it down.

Go down into the cave Then run to the light.

Enter the room, and check the barriers, breaking them again. Then crawl through the hole and sprint forwards to the lighting at the end of the tunnel.

Make a left and go down. Do not look at the boxes as they’re not functioning correctly and could cause you to die.

To clear the spiked rotor yourself into the left-hand corner of the back, and you’ll cut off your manacles.

Once you have regained control take the money and ammunition from the broken boxes and head for the door that is on the opposite wall of the room.

Make a left in the corridor. Then, crouch left to go through the hole into the wall.

On the opposite end of the space, you’ll find a door to open and return to the lever that you pulled before you experienced the unpleasantness.

At the end in the hallway, you’ll are able to emerge into a cold area of scarecrows. In the middle of the vine there’s a herb you can pick up, and you’ll then have to climb to the top of the hill.

Talk to the Duke and start the shop. He doesn’t just sell useful things, but also can also upgrade your firearms. The process of upgrading guns is a straightforward process of paying a certain amount of Lei.

If you’ve got “valuable” items in your inventory, you could sell them to get a cash boost. You can sell any “valuable” or “very valuable” treasure you find, you only need to hang onto items which say “valuable/combinable”.

In the menu for shops, you can make changes to your inventory, discover how to make various ammo types, and also collect your pre-order bonuses if you receive any.

Once you’ve finished with the Duke, go to the Castle.

Inside Castle Dimitrescu

Inside, take the urn that is on your left side to access ammo, and then the dresser to your right for some gunpowder. Go through the door to the right.

you’ll see an empty bag with 500 Lei and an unresponsive button or anything, and the crystal fragment to shoot out of the rafters over the bag.

Return to the entry hall and then walk through the door that is on the left end of the room. down the stairs , and smash the urn to the right side for more Lei.

The corridor that you’re in, you can open the drawer that is in the front to locate an e-liquid, and then return to the bedchamber to find a drawer stuffed with gunpowder.

You may also open the bedchamber’s door for a quick return to your lockpick cabinet, if you’d like (it contains shotgun ammo it).

When you are back in your Hall of the Four, smash the cabinet on right of the entrance to collect crystal fragments. Do this with a knife to keep ammunition.

In the next room the angel statues will emerge from the ground and you’ll need to locate certain items that you can place on the top of them in order to continue.

Enter the side room in The Hall of the Four to converse with The Duke.

The room he is in is an intricate labyrinth you must to locate a ball to collect the crystalized remains.

There’s also a saving point there, which you may utilize at your convenience.

Once you’re done, walk back to your Hall of the Four and climb the steps to the back.

You’ll be in the main hall that was used for the Maiden demonstration.

Go to the drawer on your left for ammunition, then open the door that is next to it which leads back to the same corridor that you traversed when you first came into the home.

You can then return to the main entrance to smash down the pot beneath the stairs using your knife in exchange for money.

The door that is located at the bottom of the hall has been locked. climb the grand staircase.

On the top, you’ll find the wine room. Go into the room and get the chem fluid, and keep in mind that there’s a stand for bottles at the end of the hall.

Return to the balcony, then turn to the right. On the wall, you’ll find a pot that is breakable and has money init, and a third at the end of the wall with gunpowder.

About halfway down this part of the terrace, there’s an entrance, however it’s closed. Take the opposite corner of the balconies.

examine the image of a man that’s on the left. The crystal is there you can shoot and then collect.

To progress, you must to pass through the Prioress’ Door in the next section in the walking tour!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Resident Evil Village a complete game?

According to the stats found in HowLongToBeat, Resident Evil Village was the most played game to be released at the time of 2021. The horror game for the first person is the most popular with 2,500 players having completed the game from beginning to the end. It is closely to Metroid Dread with 2,200 players finishing the game.

How long will the game take Resident Evil Village?

The playing time for most players is likely to take around around 10-hours. You can however expect to be a bit longer or more, depending on the amount of time or time you are spending doing other activities.

How many different sections exist In Resident Evil Village?

Over the 10-15 hours your first experience with Village will require, we’ve broken down this walkthrough into 17 sections which will guide you through each story segment with each challenging problem and boss challenge with its own separate page between.

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