Genshin Impact: Sakura Bloom Locations & Easy Farm

Sakura Bloom Locations


Are you searching for Sakura Bloom locations in Genshin Impact? With Genshin Impact 2.0 out, Genshin Impact 2.0 update is out There’s plenty to keep you entertained including a brand new Archon quest.

as well as the addition of brand new Genshin Impact characters to a completely new area to explore. It’s a major change, and we’re going to dive into one of the biggest tasks you’ll have to tackle.

If you’ve been successful in wishing for an entirely new character, Ayaka and you’ll be searching in search of Sakura Bloom, but it is a given that you’ll have to get access to Inazuma prior to that. 

Once you’ve done that you’re now ready to begin using the resource. Below are Genshin Impact Sakura Bloom locations and what it’s used for.

Sakura Bloom Locations

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Genshin Impact Sakura Bloom locations

There’s Sakura Bloom in Narukami The biggest of the three islands. If you’re not sure what to be looking for, look at the clusters of pink glowing petals that are floating around. 

This is an abundant resource across the island but appears to be more concentrated in the northeast area. If you’re still having difficulty finding it, refer to below for the maps or online interactive map.

If you do find one You’ll require an Electron-based character, such as Keqing, Razor, Fischl, or Lisa — to collect the flower. Smash the floating petals with your electric moves, and then collect your reward.

This is the Ascension material needed to create the brand new 2.0 five-star Cryo character, Ayaka. It’s also used for the creation of an item for food, Sakura Tempura, or alternatively planting the seeds within the Serenitea Pot for them to give it a splash of color.

Genshin Impact Sakura Bloom farm and reset

Similar to other plant materials Genshin Impact Sakura Bloom will revive after two days in the real world.

Your best bets for Sakura Bloom farming are:

  • Around in the vicinity of the Grand Narukami Shrine
  • Under in the Grand Narukami Shrine (only accessible after having completed Sacred Sakura Cleansing)
  • located on the northernmost tip of Narukami Island

There are a few Sakura Bloom around the shrine grounds as well as Sakura Blooms around the shrine grounds and Sacred Sakura, but most of them that are around it are scattered throughout the hillside path that leads to the shrine.

How do I find Sakura Bloom in Genshin Impact?

Like other plant materials, obtaining Genshin Impact’s Sakura blooms requires some effort. They’re like the Flaming Flower in that you’ll have to make use of an Elemental skill to open them.

Sakura Blooms appear like floating pink spots in the air. Make use of electro attacks to render these apparent, and then you can gather them up before moving on to the next.

What exactly is Sakura Bloom for in Genshin Impact?

Sakura Bloom’s main use is for leveling Ayaka or Ayato up, but it can also be used in cooking recipes and in the making of The Electroculus Resonance Stone. 

If you’re not planning on making an effort to acquire Ayato and do not have Ayaka or Ayato, you’re free to skip Sakura Blooms.

Yoimiya as well as Sayu, the two brand new Genshin Impact characters make use of other materials for their ascensions, which means you’ll be able to focus on finishing story quests such as The Flower Blooms in the prison.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Sakura Blooms?

In the beginning of Genshin Impact 2.0 update, Sakura Blooms are only located in Narukami Island. It’s the main island located in Inazuma the area in which Inazuma City and Kamisato Manor are situated. The interactive map of miHoYo shows that approximately 50 of them at Narukami Island.

How do you achieve Sakura to flower?

Everyone is able to access Lisa and she can get Sakura Bloom with her Normal attack. Alternately, you can utilize Traveler after having connected with Electro at the Inazuma Statue of the Seven. At present, Ayaka is the only character that uses Sakura Bloom to ascend.

What number of Sakura Blooms are there?

Interactive map of Sakura Blooms in Genshin Impact
There are at present more than fifty Sakura Blooms available for players to discover within Genshin Impact, which means it’s going to be a long time until players collect enough Sakura Blooms in order to climb Kamisato Ayaka.

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