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Sango Pearl Introduction


Genshin Impact Sango Pearl is a brand new item that is only found in a small number of locations in Watatsumi Island.

There’s been little value in it since the Genshin 2.1 update was made available. This is about to change however. Kokomi makes use of Sango Pearl, and you’ll be required to keep some.

Genshin Impact Sango Pearl – What is Sango Pearl?

Sango Pearl is one of the brand new local speciality that Kokomi utilizes to level up her Ascension. 

Kokomi is the only one who has Sango Pearl so far, and unlike Sakura Blossom there’s no other uses for it at the moment, or recipes that require it. 

It could change in future updates if more Inazuma characters make their way to your gathering however, for the time being the item is only available for one use.

Sango Pearl Locations

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Genshin Impact Sango Pearl – Sango Pearl locations

As of now, you’ll only locate Sango Pearl on a couple of locations in Watatsumi Island. It’s a good thing considering Sango Pearl’s close ties to Kokomi although.

there could be additional locations added when miHoYo introduces Tsurumi Island in its next update. We’ll be sure to update this guide should that occur.

Because Sango Pearl is… it’s a pearl It’s only found it in the water. Don’t waste time looking for to find them on the Watatsumi’s many Cliffs. The pearls are easily spotted because they’re sitting in a massive pink oyster.

Genshin Impact Sango Pearl – Sango Pearl farm

Sango Pearl respawns after two real-time days (48 hours) similar to other local special items. There’s an simple farm system to run each when they respawn. And it takes about 3 minutes for the entire process.

Sango Pearl locations are all near Watatsumi’s waymarkers or an brand new domain in Suigetsu’s case. Suigetsu cluster’s case, so they can be reached quickly. 

Every run earns you 45 Sango Pearl. This is enough to get Kokomi through a few Ascensions, but you’ll need to keep waiting for respawns until you reach the higher levels.

If you’ve neglected the Genshin impact ascensions thus far, we’ve provided specific guides on where you can locate Inazuma’s other essential material to Yoimiya, Sayu, Baal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to locate Sango Pearl?

Sango Pearl is an exclusive material found on Watatsumi Island. They’re typically located beneath the marine reefs that surround Sangonomiya Shrine, but there are other places too. The pearls are wrapped in purple coral. The coral will stay intact once Travelers collect the product.

Does anyone offer Sango Pearls?

At the moment, no shops sell Sango Pearl. It’s a little surprising given that nearly every other local shop includes at least one person selling a set of five to to speed things up. Be aware that they are regenerated approximately every two to three days in the real world.

What number of Sango Pearls exist?

As the Sangonimya Kokomi Ascension takes a total of 168 Sango Pearls It is recommended that you visit the following locations at minimum four times. Look over this list of Sango Pearl locations and find the best farming route for you. Five Sango Pearls that can be found in the vicinity of Suigetsu Pool.

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