Elden Ring Sellia Crystal Tunnels Guide: How to Beat the Fallingstar Beast

Sellia Crystal Tunnels Information


Sellia Crystal Tunnels are a boss that you can choose to use within Elden Ring, however, they also contain two cool items that you may like to grab the chance to get.

It is possible to access this dungeon when you start Elden Ring, with Dragonburnt Ruins being the location of an unlocked chest that will take you to this dungeon. But, the foes here are quite brutal when you begin your journey in the Lands Between.

This being said If you don’t plan to take an item in order to run away, you’re best to attempt to tackle this dungeon when you’re considerably higher level than you’re at when you start from Limgrave. It’s a tough dungeon. Falling star Beast proves to be quite challenging.

If you’re willing to take on taking on the task, our guides have led you through the Sellia Crystal Tunnels, all the exciting loot available, and the best way to defeat The Fallingstar Beast.

Elden Ring Sellia Crystal Tunnels

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Sellia Crystal Tunnel Items

  • Cracked Crystal
  • Smithing Stones
  • Somber Smithing Stones
  • Gravity Stone Fans
  • Gravity Stone Chunks
  • Cuckoo Flintstone
  • Rock Blast
  • Rock Sling
  • Dragonwound Grease
  • Faithful’s Canvas Talisman
  • Tombstone Miner’s Bell Bearing (1)

How do you tackle Sellia Crystal Tunnels?

For this tutorial, we’ll be entering the Sellia Crystal Tunnels via its main entrance, not through the chest that is trapped located in Limgrave. 

The entrance is located into the tunnels to the north in Sellia, Town of Sorcery in Caelid This is shown on the map below.

Find The Site of Grace, and proceed straight up the ladder in front of you. The next area is brimming with crystal miners.

as well as various insect-like enemies. The majority of miners won’t strike unless they are provoked, so let them rest for a while.

The insects present here are more than they fight for and can launch devastating ranged attacks that can be extremely damaging to you. 

Therefore, it is best to beware of these creatures at all costs If you are alerted be sure to avoid their attacks at all costs.

This is why it is important to clear insects first, prior to the miners. Take the rock ahead of you and take the bugs out.

You can now go to clear those who mine crystals. There’ll be plenty of Smithing Stone (5) and Cracked Crystal in the tunnel’s walls There is also the Golden Rune for you to take home, too.

If you are a fan of platforms in Elden Ring as I do then the next move could be a bit tricky. As you climb the rocky mounds you’ll need to leap from the ground onto the roof that is the cabin made of wood as, as seen below. 

Inside this particular wooden structure is a chest that contains a variety of Gravity Stone fans as well as Gravity Stone chunks.

At the summit, leap across to the beam on your left side to pick up a number of Cuckoo Glintstone out of the corpse. 

You are able to safely leap down and then head for the next part of the tunnels. However, be aware of your enemies once more.

Move ahead to kill the enemy and take the Somber Smithing Stone (4) from the body above.

Return to where you were (where you saw the beam with was) and look for the Cuckoo Glintstone is) and gaze at the buildings in front of you. 

There are more foes to be fought (one dropped The Somber Smithing Stone 4.) And along the edges of the building ahead is a second ladder.

Then, enter the building to the left and open the chest to get the Rock Blaster. Next, climb the ladder, and then knock the ladder to the left of it. 

This will help you save platforms and also a time when you have to get to The Site of Grace to the boss room in a hurry!

Within the second room, you’ll be able to collect 1 dragon wound grease from a body There are three insects to battle.

After you have cleared the enemies, you’ll be able to get the Faithful’s Canvas Talisman. Also, do not forget those walls in the tunnels since there’ll be additional Smithing Stones as well as cracked Crystals to collect.

Then, a gate is in the distance which will lead you towards your destination, the Fallingstar Beast of Sellia Crystal Tunnels.

How to Beat the Sellia Crystal Tunnels Fallingstar Beast?

The Fallingstar Beast is no easy task In Elden Ring, and it’s recommended that you’re more than 60 prior to giving the fight a shot.

The beast with four legs is very fast, they strike hard and they aren’t likely to take a break in any way. In this battle, you’ll probably want to utilize Spirit Ashes to take some aggression and remember to remember that Beasts’ heads are their most vulnerable point.

The Beast has a number of extremely annoying attacks, however, they don’t have a wide variety of options to learn about. When they attack you, there’s nothing other than to escape and dodge. 

The majority of them will do this charge three times before digging their heads to the floor. Make use of this opportunity to strike at the Beast’s head and then quickly retreat and quickly do not get greedy.

Although it could be tempting to follow the Beast and then attack them with a backstab, their slender tail isn’t only for display. It is often used to launch a broad attack, and if within the fire’s path the attack could be a single shot.

It is tempting to avoid an attack with a tail however this can be effective – however it’s much better to avoid any attack from the Beast. Similar to the majority of battles during the Elden Ring.

patience is the key to slaying the Beast and getting come out alive. It’s not easy to remain calm with this massive rock in your midst, but.

It’s the Fallingstar Beast, once you’ve lost half their HP, will come into the benefit of a 2nd phase. In this second phase, the moves are similar however, they’re a little faster. 

In addition, it is worth noting that the Beast is armed with gravity to its advantage at this moment. If the purple mist begins to form you must flee or you’ll be struck by a massive gravity attack which will cause physical and magical harm to you.

If you’ve never summoned this next phase of the game is your perfect opportunity to summon. Since the Beast is more powerful it’s likely that you’ll need someone else to handle the pressure. 

At this stage of the game, the best option is to use the Jellyfish Spirit Ashes since they’re the most effective for doing a lot of damage while slowly poisoning your enemies. In case you’re ahead by using Elden Ring, we discuss the most effective Spirit Ashes here.

There’s no way of making fun of the Beast, and it will require effort and determination to beat him. Once you’ve become accustomed to his poor moves and the next phase of the fight will be a breeze.

You’ll know the best way to prepare, and how to avoid him and, consequently, take on this Fallingstar Beast to the ground.

When it is killed it will drop Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing (1), numerous gravity Stone chunks, Somber Smithing Stone (6), and Smithing Stone (7). 

If you’re trying to gather the entire collection of Smithing Stone Bell Bearings it’s impossible to escape this monster. Best of luck!

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Sellia Crystal Tunnels FAQ

Where is sellia in Crystal tunnel?

The entrance is located into these tunnels to the north Sellia, Town of Sorcery in Caelid This is shown by the following map. Take your place at the Site of Grace, and climb the ladder straight to the left. The next area is stuffed with crystal miners, as well as various insects-like enemies.

How do you go about getting through crystal sellia tunnels?

How To Get Out Of Sellia Crystal Tunnel

  1. There is no speedy escape And dying will send one back in the treasure box that is in the hut, but not to an Site of Grace.
  2. You must take a rest in the Site of Grace to break the trap. 
  3. A shield that is 100 percent damage block will be able to withstand the full force of the projectiles fired by the prawn miner.

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