Skyrim followers guide – How to get followers and where to find them?

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Skyrim followers supporters are a lifesaver. However, it takes a lot of effort to recruit them. The effort is well worth it. Your followers can help you fight, and provide extra equipment.

fill your soul gems and even marry you. Some have special quests that require followers to take the trip, which is why they are worth the effort.

Skyrim followers – How do you get Skyrim followers?

Skyrim categorizes its followers into two types: NPC humanoid and creature followers. However, each category has its own subsets.

After completing a quest you will find humanoid followers, while others join you as mercenaries.

You can have one humanoid follower or one creature follower. Skyrim Anniversary Edition is not yet available.

Skyrim followers

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Skyrim followers – Faction followers

These are members of Skyrim’s dominant groups, such as The Circle or the Dark Brotherhood. Each one has a quest that you must complete first.

If you wish to recruit them, it is important to spare them from being killed or taken out by the Dark Brotherhood.

NameMax LevelClassesLocalizationRecruitmentMarriage
Brelyna Maryon30MageHall of AttainmentComplete Brelyna’s Practice questYes
Onmund30SorcererHall of AttainmentComplete Onmund’s Request questYes
J’ZargoN/ASorcererHall of AttainmentComplete J’Zargo’s Experiment questNo
Athis25Warrior with one handJorrvaskrThe Complete Glory of the DeadYes
Aela, the Huntress50RangerJorrvaskrThe Complete Glory of the DeadYes
Ria25One-handed WarriorJorrvaskrThe Complete Glory of the DeadYes
Farkas50BlacksmithJorrvaskrThe Complete Glory of the DeadYes
Njada Stonearm25WarriorJorrvaskrThe Complete Glory of the DeadYes
Torvar25Warrior with one handJorrvaskrThe Complete Glory of the DeadYes
Vilkas50Two-handed WarriorJorrvaskrThe Complete Glory of the DeadYes
Cicero50AssassinDawnstar SanctuaryAll Dark Brotherhood quests completedNo
IngjardN/AWarrior with two handsFort DawnguardComplete a New OrderNo
Agmaer25BanditFort DawnguardComplete a New OrderNo
CelannN/AOne-handed WarriorFort DawnguardComplete a New OrderNo
Beleval25BanditFort DawnguardComplete a New OrderNo
DurakN/ARangerFort DawnguardComplete a New OrderNo

Skyrim followers – Housecarls

These followers will be yours after you become a Thane in their region. They are almost all Nord Warriors but they don’t have moral qualms about committing criminal acts.

NameMax LevelClassesLocalizationRecruitmentMarriage
Jordis, the Sword-MaidenN/ANordProudspire ManorBe Thane of HaafingarYes
Argis the BullwarkN/ANordVindrel HallBe Thane of MarkarthYes
CalderN/ANordHjerim, WindhelmBe the Thane of EastmarchYes
IonaN/ANordHoneyside, RiftenBe the Thane of The RiftYes
LydiaN/ANordBreezeholmWhiterun: Become ThaneYes
ValdimarN/ANordHighmoon HallBe Thane of HjaalmarchYes
RayyaN/ARedguardJarl’s LonghouseBe Thane of FalkwreathYes

Skyrim followers – Quest followers

If they are still alive, they can be recruited as followers by completing the quests that correspond to each character.

NameMax LevelClassesLocalizationRecruitmentMarriage
Adelaisa Vendicci25CitizenEast Empire CompanyComplete Rise in EastNo
Annekke Crag-Jumper30RangerDarkwater CrossingRadiant: Completely Kill the Bandit LeaderNo
Aranea Ienith30MageShrine of AzuraCompletion of the Black Star quest, and you will be side by AraneaNo
Eola30NightbladeHall of the Dead in MarkarthAid Eola in The Taste of DeathNo
Faendal30ThiefRiverwoodFaendal needs your help in the Lovely Letter questNo
Golldir30One-handed WarriorHillgrund’s TombHelp Golldir with Ancestral WorshipNo
Illia40MageDarklight TowerHelp Illia in RepentanceNo
Kharjo30WarriorAhkari’s Khajiit KaravanFind his amuletNo
Lob30Warrior with one handLargashburCompletion of The Cursed Tribe Daedric questNo
Ogol30One-handed WarriorLargashburCompletion of The Cursed Tribe Daedric questNo
Ralis Sedaries60One-handed RogueKolbjorn BarrowComplete Unearthed and let him liveNo
Roggi Knot-Beard20MinerKynesgroveLocate his ancestral shieldYes
Sven20BardRiverwoodA Lovely Letter from Aid SvenNo
Ugor30RangerLargashburCompletion of The Cursed Tribe Daedric questNo
Talvas Fathryon25ConjurerTel MithrynComplete from the AshesNo
Ahtar30Two-handed WarriorCastle DourComplete the Kill the Bandit leader questNo
FreaN/AWarrior with one handSkaal VillageSkaal’s Complete FateNo
Mjoll the Lioness40Two-handed WarriorRiftenRetrieve Grimsever for herYes
Serana50VampireFort Dawnguard, Castle VolkiharComplete Kindred JudgmentNo
Erandur50PriestWindpeak InnLet him live in Waking NightmareNo

Skyrim followers – Mercenary supporters

Each mercenary followser costs 500 gold to recruit but stays with you until their death. Some even marry candidates.

NameMax LevelClassesLocalizationRecruitmentMarriage
Belrand40SpellswordThe Winking Skeever (Solitude).HiringYes
Erik the Slayer40BarbarianFrostfruit Inn (Rorikstead).HiringNo
Jenassa40RangerThe Drunken Hunstman, WhiterunHiringYes
Marcurio40MageBee and Barb (Riften).HiringYes
Stenvar40Warrior with two handsCandlehearth Hall (Windhelm).HiringYes
Teldryn Sero40SpellswordThe Retching Netch, (Raven Rock).HiringNo
Vorstag40One-handed WarriorSilver Blood Inn (Markarth)HiringYes

Skyrim followers – Other followers

This is why it’s a little more challenging to recruit the next batch, as each one has a different requirement.

NameMax LevelClassesLocalizationRecruitmentMarriage
Benor30Two-handed WarriorMorthalIn a brawl, defeat BenorYes
Borgakh, the Steel Heart30Warrior with one handMor KhazgurPay her dowryYes
Cosnach30One-handed WarriorSilver Blood InnGet him a drink, or get in on a fightYes
Derkeethus30RangerDarkwater PassRescue himYes
Ghorbash, the Iron Hand30RangerDushnikh YalAsk him to come along on your next trip.Yes
Uthgerd the Unbroken30One-handed WarriorWhiterun: The Bannered MareTake part in a brawlYes

Skyrim followers – Creature followers

These friendly creatures will follow you into battle but can’t carry any equipment.

Troll with armorTrollFort DawnguardComplete a New Order and Pay 500 Gold
BranArmored DogFort DawnguardComplete a New Order
CuSithDeath HoundCastle VolkiharComplete the Bloodstone Chalice
GarmrDeath HoundCastle VolkiharComplete the Bloodstone Chalice
MeekoDogMeeko’s Shack (south Solitude Sawmill).N/A
RieklingRieklingThirsk Mead HouseComplete the Chief of Thirsk Mead Hall
SceolangArmored War DogFort DawnguardComplete a New Order
Steadfast DwarvenSphereDwarven SphereKagrumezDuring The Kagrumez Gauntlet
Steadfast Dwarven SpiderDwarven SpiderKagrumezDuring The Kagrumez Gauntlet
Stray DogDogHunting is often a common activityN/A
VigilanceDogMarkarth StablesPurchase 500 Gold

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Skyrim followers FAQ

Which Skyrim player is the most faithful?

Skyrim: The 10 Best Skyrim Followers, Ranked

  • 8 Marcurio.
  • 7 Aela, The Huntress.
  • 6 Barbas.
  • 5 Mjoll the Lioness.
  • 4 J’zargo.
  • 3 Cicero.
  • 2 Serana.
  • 1 Flame Thrall

Skyrim allows you to have up to 3 followers

Only one follower can be at a given time. If you wish to recruit another, you must dismiss the first one. One exception is when someone needs to be a part of your quest team.

Are you Skyrim’s best follower?

Lydia, despite her many faults, is an admirable follower. Lydia is a high-ranking member of the XII class and has 671 points in health. She also has expertise in heavy armor, block, and one-handed.

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