Slither IO Codes List: Free Skins, Cosmetics, and More (May 2022)

About Slither IO Codes 


Are you searching for Slither IO codes? You’re in the right spot if you are. Lowtech Studios released Slither IO in 2016.

This simple mobile game has been downloaded more than 500,000,000 times since its launch. 

The mobile game lets you play against AI opponents or against other players online, something that is impossible for most mobile games.

The developers added cosmetics to the game a while back. The game allows players to personalize their characters with all sorts of objects. This makes them stand out from other players. 

The use of cosmetic items in mobile gaming has become a standard feature, so it’s great to see developers offer items for free by allowing players to redeem these codes.

Slither IO Codes

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All working Slither IO codes

These are the active codes. As mentioned, they are updated only occasionally. This list will be updated as new releases occur, so make sure to check back often.

  • 0056-697-1963 Hard hat, wings and Crown
  • 05779466-2919 Cat-eye glasses, red cape
  • 0368-944-0388 Deerstalker hat and bat wings
  • 0139-6516 – 0269 – Rabbit ears and visor
  • 0150-6765-342 – Joke glasses, mustache and monocle, heart glasses
  • 0351-6343-0591 – Pink star glasses, unicorn horn, blonde wig
  • 0465-2156-5071 Reindeer antlers and black wig with spiral hypnosis glass
  • 0295-1038-1704 Star glasses, brown hair, blue glasses
  • 0334-1842-77574 Baseball hats and headphones
  • 03099703-3794 Red wig, green tie and spiked headband
  • 0068-5256-379 Bear ears, graduation cap, angel wings

How do I redeem the codes 2022?

These cheat codes can only be redeemed if the game is already installed on your device. Follow these simple steps to redeem your rewards and use any codes that are currently active on this page.

  1. Open the game’s official website, android or IOS application on your device
  2. The Enter codes option is available on the right side.
  3. Copy & Paste now the “Redeem Code” code into the text box
  4. Use the code to redeem the credit rewards News Wiki finally announced the update to the game on December 20, 2019, and reached developers to release the codes and hack for their Users in order to claim Free Skins or cosmetics cheat codes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you score the most out of Slither IO cheats?

The larger the snake, more lucrative the reward, therefore you’ll need to avoid or dip, duck and stay to stay clear of enemies snakes on your way to become HUGE. If there’s one fundamental principle is important to be aware of is this: slide into the water, not out.

How do you win slither every time?

7 Top Tips and Tricks for!

  1. Select the controls you want to use. If you’re on your computer, you’ll have the option to select between keyboard or mouse controls. 
  2. Pay attention to the map! 
  3. Beware of larger snakes. 
  4. Find other snakes to circle if you are able to. 
  5. Dash, whenever you’re in, are in need. 
  6. Don’t get distracted! 
  7. It’s impossible to win forever.

How do you get custom Skins?

New skins are available in the site itself
Simply start and then click on the ‘Change Skin’ button in the left-hand bottom right-hand corner then you’ll get presented with a variety of new skins. There are different color snakes as well as snakes with flag designs and even pop culture references. Pick one and hit OK and then start playing.

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