New World Sliver of Adderstone – How to find and farm Sliver of Adderstone?

Sliver of Adderstone introduction


New World Sliver of Adderstone, a rare and valuable material, is difficult to find. This might not have been intentional. Although Sliver of Aderstone’s rareness seems alarming at the moment, there are still ways to increase your chances of finding it.

New World Sliver of Adderstone-Sliver of Adderstone Uses

Sliver of Adderstone has only one purpose as a crafting mod. You can get the Extra Pockets perk for bags which allows you to carry more items without feeling weighed down. To get craft materials you will need to do extra work. We’ve already shown how to make bags.

New World Sliver of Adderstone: How to Get Sliver of Adderstone

Sliver of Adderstone is made from boulders that are scattered all over Aeternum. But there’s more than just picking up your pickaxe. Sliver of Adderstone, despite being rare in rarity, is one of the rarer ore — so rare that it may even be bugged.

Some players feel that the drop rate for an ore with this rarity is unusually low. A mining hour with the best mining gear and perks can produce as few as three to four Slivers of Adderstone.

You can find Sliver of Adderstone in trading post, as with all rare items in New World. Due to its rarity and utility, there seems to be no stock of this item at the moment. You may need to spend quite a bit to obtain it.

New World Sliver of Adderstone

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New World Sliver Of Adderstone – Sliver Of Adderstone farm

There are several ways to increase your Sliver Of Adderstone acquisition rate, whether you’re bailed or not. To boost your mining luck, you should eat a meal of the potato family. 

You can wear armor or accessories that have mining luck perks, and if you have the pickaxe, equip the mining armor.

A set of pieces for mining armor can be dropped from enemies at level 20 or higher. Some players have claimed that they received the pieces, including the Miner’s Hat from quests. However, we aren’t sure if those missions actually award it.

You might still be unsure how things work in New World. Our leveling guide will help you get up to speed with mining skills and make rare items farming simpler. You’ll need the most powerful builds to protect you from the enemy factions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you get sliver adderstone in New World?

New World Sliver of Adderstone: How to Get Sliver of Adderstone. The boulders that make up Sliver Of Adderstone are scattered all over Aeternum. But there’s more than swinging your pickaxe.

What rare are adderstone slivers, you ask?

That’s an average of one Sliver Adderstone for every 2151 Stones.

How can you obtain chunks of New World Adderstone?

If you aren’t feeling like searching for them yourself, Chunks of Adderstone can be bought from Trading Posts provided that another player has placed an Order to Sell. Click on SEARCH ITEMS to search for the item in the Trading Post. Enter ‘Chunk of Adderstone.

What does it mean to be sliver?

1a – A long, thin piece of that has been cut or torn. B : A small, narrow area of land. c: A particle, not a small amount of evidence. 2 : A untwisted strand of or rope of textile fiber, produced by a carding machine or combing machine, and ready to be drawn, roved, or spun. sliver.

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