With its new models, Sony has quietly updated the PS5 DualSense controller

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We’ve been hearing about Sony DualSense 417-hour life for over a year and have now read a report that suggests the cause of stick drag in the pad. 

According to iFixit, a DualSense would begin to fail after seven months on average for most players. It’s not ideal when the DualSense costs $80 or PS60 to purchase new.

Sony might have solved the problem. At least partially. YouTuber TronicsFix took a new video showing the inside of the new DualSense pads.

These pads come in Nova Pink and Starlight Blue. It seems that Sony has quietly upgraded the technology since the original DualSense pads were released (thanks, GameRadar).

TronicsFix reports that the new controllers have a slightly different spring, which is loaded into the R and L buttons. The spring thickness was 0.25mm in older models.

These new springs are 0.3mm thicker. They will be stronger and last longer, which should help to give the pad more life.

Sony DualSense controller

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The new controllers feature an analog stick module that is slightly different. According to the video, Sony replaced a black piece in the sticks with a identical-looking piece of green plastic. TropicsFix suggests that this may – may reduce stick drift.

There are currently class-action lawsuits in progress against both Sony and Nintendo concerning the ‘important and serious and hidden defects’ which underlie controller drift issues. It makes sense that Sony would want the technology to be improved for its new line of hardware.

Although it’s disappointing that the battery life has not been improved, Alex, our Alex, pointed out that the pad’s life expectancy is not what you would expect from a modern piece of kit. We hope that Sony will take a closer look at battery life in future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DualSense controller?

DualSense wireless controller for PS5 provides immersive tactile feedback 2, dynamic adaptive triggers 2, and a built in microphone all of which are integrated into an iconic design.

DualSense controllers can be used on a 5?

The PS5 controller does not work on . However, there is a way to use the DualSense on PS4 . This involves the Remote Play function. You can connect the DualSense with a smart device or PC to stream PS4 games.

Can I use the Sony DualSense controller on my PC?

It’s now even easier to use the DualSense as your main PC gaming controller. You don’t have to own a PS5 in order to update the firmware. According to The Verge, Sony has just released a Windows firmware update tool. You just need a USB-C cable, patience, and some knowledge.

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