Should you care about Square Enix’s next big RPG experiment, Forspoken?

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Square Enix’s Forspoken first appeared in June 2020. When we first saw the game, which was before it was known as Project Athena, players were immediately divided. 

It looked fantastic, almost like a playable version of the Agni’s Philosophy tech demo that Luminous Productions released years ago. Others thought it was cynical cash in on a notoriously troubled engine.

Square Enix also announced that the game would be getting a significant delay in March. This year, the publisher announced that the title would launch in October 2022. However, this was a long way from its May release date.

Square Enix's next big RPG

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The publisher stated that the publisher had a vision for the exciting new IP.

Let’s take a look at Forspoken so far. It’s being written partly by Gary Whitta, who may be familiar as the author of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

He was the one who originally conceived the game. Amy Hennig, a game writing expert and consultant, also contributed her expertise to the game in 2019. There is a lot of talent in the narrative area.

The music was composed by BAFTA-award-winning composers Garry Schyman, Garry McCreary (God of War 2018, The Walking Dead), and Bear McCreary (God of War 2018. You can be sure it will sound most interesting.

It’s almost like Final Fantasy 15 in gameplay. The game is magic-focused, mobile, and hot-swapping spells are all you need to fry your enemies in real-time. 

Square Enix’s poor engineers may have finally managed the Luminous Engine to work as they intended it to, ten years ago. Perhaps this will lead to an intriguing game that is more than the sum (albeit impressive) of its parts.

It’s still hard to get excited about the game. The story tells of Frey, a young New Yorker who is looking for a home. The game feels more like it is in search of its soul.

Can this be more than a tech demo? It is possible it exists outside Final Fantasy 15’s (incredibly troubled) shadow. While I like the dynamic and acrobatic movements.

which can be enhanced with Frey’s magical powers, I worry that Athia may be too pretty to look at and lack any real identity or depth beyond flashy particle effects or a strange talking bracelet.

Forspoken will launch on October 11, 2022. It will no doubt be up against other major titles during this busy time of the year. Is it a viable option? We will have to wait and watch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Square Enix’s most popular game?

Compared to previous entries in the series, Final Fantasy VII is unsurprisingly the most popular game with 13 million units. Final Fantasy X has also surpassed the 10,000,000 milestone. Final Fantasy XIV, however, is believed to have sold a similar number of units.

Forspoken will be available to the public in an open world?

Forspoken has beautiful environments. If screenshots and gameplay clips can be trusted, Luminous Productions has stated that it wants to make Forspoken’s open world as beautiful.

Who wants to buy Square Enix?

Rumours claim that Sony is looking to purchase Square Enix, which could have an impact on certain characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate boasts a remarkable roster of video game characters, including 86 from companies such as Sega, Capcom and Nintendo.

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