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A Strange Story in Konda: Following the departure of Ritou at the end of Genshin the Impact One of the first side quests that the Traveler encounters can be An Odd Story within Konda In this story.

the Shrine Maiden assigns them the task of discovering a mysterious barrier and, eventually, investigating the depths of an inexplicably deep well.

The islands around Inazuma are full of mysteries and have all sorts of consequences. The quest requires two characters.

the Traveller along with Paimon to test their detective abilities to the test and also their enthralling ability.

After speaking to Kazari and then using an electro character’s power, she walked to the shrine of the fox next to her shrine. Then, take the Ward that appears, and then speak with Kazari a second time.

Strange Story in Konda

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Genshin Impact: A Strange Story from Konda Contact the locals for details

Go south from Kazari to Konda Village proper, where you’ll be able to inquire with locals for advice.

In the yard of his home, there’s an elderly man named Imatani Saburou. Talk to him about anything that seems odd.

Take a walk to the west side of the village. You will need to speak with the village chief Konda Densuke.

He’ll try to evade your inquiry, so take the initiative to investigate the well that is drained that runs behind his house.

She also mentions that there are other pouches that have been floating around the village down the gully that is in front of her. 

Take it to the southeast of the village. At the end of the marked yellow circle, you’ll see some materials to study.

Genshin Impact: A Strange Story from Konda Explore the depths of the Well

In the lower part of the shaft of the well Look to the right side of the wall. The rock is bubbling by electro power.

Utilize elemental attacks, such as any character’s R2 attack to make it break. (Electro attacks aren’t effective.)

In the room that is more open towards the far end of the path, turn left and you’ll be able to see a violet growing root on the northern wall.

Keep this later on, as you’ll need it when you get to the wall at the end of the room.

Before you can interact with it you must descend to the lowest point. There’s a purple barrier ahead of you, and then there are containers to your left.

Return to the highest point of the previous room, and search for sparkling purple roots that lie on the north side.

Use this method to summon a tiny ball of lightning that allows you to glide across the wall in the middle of the area.

Genshin Impact A Strange Story in Konda| Purify, Pray, Adjust Order Puzzle

On the other side, in this area, which is near the bottom of this well you’ll find the puzzle you need to cleanse.

Utilize the wards you received at the beginning of the quest. Then examine the area around you.

There are five towers each one with an image that represents one to five numbers. To complete the puzzle.

you must identify each tower in accordance with the pattern depicted on the flower that is in the middle part of the room.

For the final quest, talk to Kazari once more, and she will inform you there are other barriers that require cleansing within Inazuma. 

Accept to help and you’ll be given another quest which is why you must hurry up to the deepest part of the well and begin!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I finish a strange story in Konda?

A Strange Story in Konda

  1. Make use of to harness the potential of Electro in your Sky Kitsune.
  2. Go to Konda Village.
  3. Ask locals for information.
  4. Find clues.
  5. Make a deal with the village’s chief.
  6. See his diary of Chief on the roof.
  7. Make sure you go to the area marked within the notebook.
  8. Then descend into the well at Konda Village.

How can I get rid of my Konda Village quest?

Contact Saimon Eri in front of the Tomato Plants and talk to the village chief. Talk to Takeru at his top straw and walk to the broken cart on the other side of the village. Speak to Futaba and head to the location on the quest map. Examine the objects. Talk to the village’s head.

What is the clue to the bizarre story from Konda?

It’s located behind it is located behind a Thunder Barrier near the torii shrine of Konda Village. Konda Village which is well-known during the game A Strange Story in Konda (see the webpage for more specifics).

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