Terraria Zenith – how to get the best sword weapon in Terraria?

Terraria Zenith Introduction


Terraria Zenith: Terraria 1.4 has introduced a wealth of brand-new game-related content to the world and to take it to the next level, you’ll require an extremely powerful weapon you could ever make: Zenith.

Combining the power of a variety of amazing swords in The game Zenith can be considered one of Terraria’s most powerful weapons. It can also gank bosses easily. What you have to do to get it!

Certain parts needed for the Zenith can only be obtained by The Moon Lord, which means that you’ll have at least the level of the Moon Lord to create the weapon.

Zenith will easily surpass 100k DPS without any effort, which will allow you to play Master Mode significantly easier – ideal for bosses of farming to add to your collection of all the things you’ve left out.

Terraria Zenith

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How to make Zenith the most powerful sword in Terraria. weapon

As we’ve mentioned, Zenith is made out of a handful of important words you’ve encountered in your Terraria adventures thus far.

They include:

  • Copper Shortsword
  • Sword of Enchanted Enchantment
  • The Horseman’s Blade
  • Influx Waver
  • Meowmere
  • Seller
  • Starfury
  • Starwrath
  • Terra Blade

Based on the video above the best way to do this is to take these parts to a top-quality Mythril Or Orichalcum Anvil.

The table below will guide you through the steps to obtain each ingredient’s sword. We’ve also added additional information under:

Zenith Ingredients: Location:
Copper Shortsword Constructed from Copper Bars
Sword Enchanted The Enchanted Sword Shrine is among the oldest that are created all over the world
The Horseman’s Blade Was dropped in the hands of the Pumpkin boss of the Pumpkin Moon event.
Influx Waver Was dropped by Martian Saucer during the Martian Madness event. Martian Madness event
Meowmere The Moon Lord dropped it by Moon Lord
Seller Released in the Underground Jungle by Plantera within the Underground Jungle
Starfury It was found within Skyware chests located on Floating Islands
Star Wrath It was dropped by the Moon Lord
Terra Blade It is made out of True Night’s Edge and True Excalibur. (True Night’s Edge is made from Night’s Edge and Broken Hero Sword True Excalibur is composed of Excalibur as well as Broken Hero Sword)

Of all these methods there are a few that of them are better than the rest.

How do I locate Enchanted Sword for Zenith?

To locate the Enchanted Sword Shrines search for underground holes in the outermost thirds of the map as depicted in this clip.

Where can I find Skyfury Skyware Chests to Zenith?

To locate Skyware Chests on Floating Islands One of the most effective methods to search the sky in search of one is to use a Gravitation Potion (commonly used in the underground storage chests) and then reverse gravity to float in the air. This method is demonstrated in this YouTube video

How do you create Night’s Edge for Zenith?

Finally, the standard Night’s Edge is made out of four swords. The first one is Muramasa which is discovered when you beat Skeletron within Golden Locked chests in the underground dungeon.

The second one is usually the Blood Butcherer or Light’s Bane Based on your world. In the event that your home is Crimson then head to the underground caverns in the world and eliminate the three Crismon Heart Orbs to spawn the Brain of Cthulhu. 

In the case of Corruption, the aim is to explore the caves and smash three purple Shadow Orbs in order to make Cthulhu, the Eater of Worlds. 

The bosses will drop the ore you require to create the proper metal bars that will make the swords on an altar of crimson or demon in the game of Corruption and The Crimson respectively.

Third, you have to make your Blade of Grass from 12 Underground Jungle spores and 12 Underground Jungle Hornet Stingers.

The final requirement is the Fiery Greatsword which is made out of 20 Hellstone bars. These are made of Obsidian along with Hellstone Ore which is mined from lava zones and Hell deep underground.

To find a new boss that you can actually take advantage of this new weapon, here’s how to summon the Empress of Light.

If you’re looking for new weapons that are a little easier to obtain, here are all of the whips introduced to Terraria with the 1.4 updates.

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Terraria Zenith FAQ

Is the Zenith the best weapon in Terraria’s arsenal?

The Zenith sword is the most powerful in the game. It has the most complicated crafting tree, requiring 18 swords to craft. This includes Terra Blade materials.

What’s the point of Zenith Terraria, you ask?

With the correct armor, accessories and modifiers, as well as buffs, the Zenith can reach over 70,000 DPS when targeting a single target. It can even exceed 1,000,000 DPS against segmented worm enemies such as The Destroyer

Is Zenith the strongest weapon in Terraria’s arsenal?

Terraria 1.5 has added a lot of exciting new content to your world. To take advantage of it, you will need the strongest sword you can create: Zenith. Zenith, which combines the power of several cool swords throughout the game is one of Terraria’s most powerful weapons. It also ganks bosses with ease.

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