Elden Ring: How to beat the Fire Giant?

the Fire Giant Elden Ring


Your journey to Elden Ring the Fire Giant is near its climax. You’re about to begin the final leg of your journey to repair the Elden Ring, depending on how long it took.

Before you can accomplish that, however, you must overcome the Fire Giant. Although he is essentially the guardian of the Forge.

his fight is difficult. This Elden Ring Fire Giant boss guide will tell you how to defeat it and how to get back at it.

When is the best time to fight the Fire Giant of Elden Ring?

You cannot defeat the Fire Giant until you have unlocked the Mountaintops of the Giants region of Elden Ring. This can be done after you defeat Morgoth or the Omen King.

The Fire Giant, unlike him, is not a Shardbearer. You cannot ignore he is also a boss. You should spend some time exploring.

the Mountaintops of the Giants area and upgrading your weapon and level to have a better chance of defeating the Fire Giant.

the Fire Giant Elden Ring

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How to make Elden Ring’s Fire Giant boss fight more enjoyable in Elden Ring?

The fight against the Fire Giant boss isn’t difficult, especially considering his position in the game. 

The boss’ huge health pool makes it difficult. You can increase your chances of beating the boss by using a Rune Arc before you go into the arena.

The Fire Giant is not sensitive to particular types of elemental damage. Your choice of Spiritash summon will be determined by your build. 

He will be more successful against ranged spirits. Given the huge arena in which the fight takes place, Melee-based spirits are likely to spend the majority of the fight running to get to him. They’re pretty useless.

How to defeat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring?

The Fire Giant’s size will be the main obstacle in this fight. You will have to use some guesswork to avoid his attacks.

Keep your left foot close to your chest, and move to his chest when you are far away. This will allow you to anticipate his attacks and keep him in the frame.

It is worth noting that during this fight you may be able to get on the back of your horse. This can, as we will explain, be very important. 

You don’t need to bring a shield. Instead, you can maximize your damage output by two-handing the weapon.

It is helpful to consider the Fire Giant as a humanoid boss who runs in slow motion. Given his size, it takes him longer to perform basic moves so make use of that and don’t roll too early.

While the Fire Giant can be broken through with his super armour, it is impossible to make a critical attack. So, take the chance to inflict damage.

Phase one: Fire Giant boss fight

Believe it or not, the first phase is the most difficult. As soon as you pass the mist gate, get on your horse and then dismount when you reach him. This phase should not be completed on horseback.

You must be aware of one attack. He will stick his saucer in the ground and drag it across, to shovel a torrent of debris and ice at you. This will make you fall off your horse.

It is very easy to spot this attack, especially if you are approaching him on the horseback. The frames can be used to save you.

Simply jump or double jump over it. Avoid sprinting on horses, as your first instinct is likely to be to dodge (same buttons).

Once you are close enough, will grab his left foot (the one that has red hair and a bandage on it) and then begin attacking. 

Once enough damage is done to the leg, the boss will get down and will remove all threads. This is your chance to score a few more hits before he gets up again. You can lock onto the opposite leg if he does.

The Fire Giant tends to roll to his left, sometimes towards your front, during this phase. This will almost certainly kill you if it’s not the right side. 

Even if you do roll into him, a simple roll can save you. This is part of the reason this fight can be so exhausting. Every time he does that, you’ll create distance and then spend a few seconds trying again to get near him.

Another attack uses the saucer. It starts with a frontal smash, followed by a swipe from left to right (his left-to-right). They are slow and easy to avoid.

The Fire Giant will make a few more attacks when the red threads of his left leg are broken and the splint is removed. First, he will reach into his abdomen to pull out a roaming flame ball.

This fireball will follow you for a while before it explodes. Preventing an explosion is a good idea. Get close to it and then move on. It is possible to ignore it until it explodes by itself, but this will prolong the fight.

Another move to be aware of is the fire throw. This can be dodged to avoid. You’ll be able to see his palm toward you as he casts faster.

The boss will sometimes slam his saucer into the ground to create a well-spring of fire around him. This will likely catch you if you are behind him or at his sides. 

Roll away if you see the boss about to smash the ground and wait until the attack is over before getting close. You can also summon the same fire by rolling away and slamming your hand on the ground.

It’s possible to hide under his left shoe and continue attacking him, but this is risky. This is best done after you have fought the fight several times and are familiar with the safest spot.

will also alternate between his left and right feet when he gets too close. These movements are well-telegraphed. He will raise his foot to bring it down a second later. To avoid any damage, time your dodge.

Observing the movements of the braids around the waist will give you an idea about which attack he is about to perform in this phase. As he starts the wind-up (crouches), they will drop to the ground.

Phase two of the Fire Giant boss fight

The Fire Giant is now lying on his back, and this will be the position he remains for the remainder of this phase. 

Phase two begins with him placing his palms on the ground, creating fires around himself. Do not leave and get on your horse. You should stay on the second phase.

He will also lean back and shoot fiery rocks from his chest in random patterns. This phase’s main objective is to stay behind him. 

While this will protect you from many attacks, it could make anticipating his moves more difficult.

The Fire Giant’s mobility is reduced in this phase. However, his wide arc attacks are easier to avoid on horseback. will still roll to his left (and sometimes to his right) occasionally. 

He’s trying to reposition to unleash his attacks from the front. However, you can still circle around to your horse whenever he does that.

Because of his huge HP, you will be able to hit him multiple times if you keep your distance from him. When you are in front of him from a distance, you should be alert for his one-two fire spell throw.

This can be dodged twice and avoided easily (or jumped twice on horseback). This move has a short animation so be aware. 

It appears that the spell is not heading towards you. Don’t be distracted by that, just dodge the fireballs.

This phase also sees the large roaming fireball return, but there are now two. You can use the same tactic: dodge the explosion or sprint away to focus on your boss.

The Fire Giant will begin doing a left elbow fall a little later in this phase. He’ll then lay there for several seconds. His hitbox is huge, so avoid getting caught under him. You’ll most likely be killed. You’ll find yourself in his buttocks if you try to dodge him. Keep attacking.

Does the Elden Ring Fire Giant make a mandatory boss fight?

If you wish to progress through the main storyline of Elden Ring, you will need to fight the Fire Giant. Although some bosses in Elden Ring can be skipped, the Fire Giant cannot be ignored. This page has tips to help you beat the Fire Giant.

How to beat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring?

Although the Fire Giant does not have a Great Rune to allow you to power up it, you will still need to start the final section. After defeating the Fire Giant, you will have to make one more choice.

After defeating the boss, a new Site of Grace will be displayed at the Forge’s rim. You will need to climb up the hill – don’t fall! Once you have reached the Site of Grace, rest your feet. 

Melina will appear to show you what to do and give you the option. If you haven’t been keeping up with the Forge, you will need a kindling in order to get it working again.

This will give you the fire you need to light Eritrea. This is an important moment that could determine what ending you get. Don’t rush it.

If Melina doesn’t appear immediately after resting, go back to the Site of Grace and then make your way to Forge. 

Although it is not clear why Melina sometimes does not spawn, some players reported that they had to restart the game in order to trigger her cutscene.

You can find many more tips for boss fights in our Elden Ring guide. You’re now closer to the end, so here’s how you can start New Game Plus and what you can expect. This roundup of 14 hidden mechanisms the game doesn’t tell you about is for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Elden Ring, the fire giant Elden Ring?

Fire Giant is an Elden Ring Boss. The last survivor of the War against the Giants is the Fire Giant. It is a large humanoid with an image on its chest and can be found in Mountaintops. This boss is not an optional one. Players must defeat it to progress to the Forge Of The Giants.

How high is the fire giant Elden Ring at?

Fire Giant would recommend 85 with enhanced weapons. You will need to upgrade enough to do decent damage as he is the late boss of the Elden Ring boss order.

What does the fire giant drop Elden Ring for?

Fire Giant item drops
Fire Giant drops 180,000 Runes, and the Remembrance of the Fire Giant consumable. These can be traded at the Roundtable for a new weapon (Giant’s Red Braid), or incantation (O! Flame!) ).

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