How to beat Godrick the Grafted in Elden Ring and power up his Great Rune

the Grafted in Elden Ring


Elden Ring is a boss that’s tougher than any Soulsborne. Godrick, the Grafted, is another obstacle that you will encounter that will make you humble. He’s not as intimidating as his name suggests, but he’s one of the original bosses in the game.

Godrick the Grafted, the second boss in Stormveil Castle is a memorable character. We’re certain that it will be remembered for being the hardest Legacy Dungeon. 

If you have defeated Margit, the Fell Omen and explored the castle’s intricately-designed structure, then you can now meet Godrick.

Godrick is a Shardbearer demi-god. After defeating him, you will receive his Great Rune. If you are still young enough, this will be your first Great Rune and your first fight against a demi-god.

Godrick is Stormveil Castle’s Lord. It’s a boss that you can’t avoid so be prepared for a hard fight. We’ll show you how to beat Godrick and give some tips that will make it easier.

Godrick the Grafted in Elden Ring

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When is Godrick the Grafted in Elden Ring to be fought?

Godrick is a strong boss in the early game, despite being tough. We explained this in our Margit. The Fell Omen guide the weapon’s upgrade level is ultimately what matters.

We recommend that you start the fight with a +4/+5 weapon and a level 29 character.

How to make Godrick, the Grafted boss, fight more easily in Elden Ring

Godrick is susceptible to Bleed damage. However, Godrick will lose some HP if he is exposed to Bleed. You may have seen Nepheli Loux while exploring Stormveil Castle. This warrior NPC stands over a corpse. 

She’ll tell you if you don’t finish her dialogue that she would like to fight alongside you. Before you cross the mist gate, you will find Godrick’s golden summon sign when you reach her boss arena.

Nepali can be summoned unlimited times. Doing so will help her progress in her quest. She’s not a great summoner. You summon her for her ability to keep bosses engaged and not her damaged output.

To increase your chances of getting ignored by the boss and focusing on the AI, we recommend that you bring in a melee-focused Soul Summon.

How to defeat Godrick the Grafted in Elden Ring?

Godrick’s shape is a bit misshaped, which makes his outline difficult to read. This can cause you to miss time dodges and blocks because you won’t know which part of Godrick is about to strike you. This is something that you need to be aware of as you play.

Remember that there are many stacked tombstones and other obstacles around the arena’s edges. These can trap you and cause problems with the camera. 

Godrick can and will destroy them. However, if you roll into them in the wrong direction it can make it difficult to get out while you watch for his attacks.

The clearings to either side of the Dragon’s corpse can be used for cover. These cannot be destroyed. You might find it useful to use the different elevations in the arena, especially near the stairs, when trying to break through of cover and attempt your attack.

Godrick boss fight phase 1

It is usually easy to grasp the first phase. Godrick hits harder but is slower than Margit. It is important to be aware of the timing of Godrick’s swings. Godrick, like other bosses in Elden Ring, will delay the animation to lure you into dodging.

Do not do it instinctively. Instead, wait for the animation to play and you can dodge right before the hit lands. The cartwheel manoeuvre in Phase 1 of Godrick is also fast and can be difficult to escape from if it’s not planned. 

This combo ends with a multi-hit combo that is difficult to escape. It can also kill you if it gets too much.

His ground slam is another destructive attack in phase 1. It has a long wind-up and produces two shockwaves in rapid succession.

The second one extends further away from him. Either run away or you can time your dodges so that the shock waves don’t reach your ground. 

You’ll get rewarded with a long window of opportunity to land multiple hits if you dodge and keep close.

The phase also features a short-ranged attack where he summons up a mini-storm to unleash wind gusts at you if you stray too far. 

These are easy to avoid, especially considering the animation preceding them. Godrick may launch into another melee move when summoning up the storm. This could not always combine into a ranged attack.

Although you can fight with a shield, we recommend simply dodging his attacks. Just watch your stamina.

Jumping heavy attacks is the best way to destroy Godrick’s super armour. You may not be able to execute all of his attack combinations because they can take so long. T

o stop his super armour from charging, you can quickly switch to a bow and throw a few darts when you are far away.

Godrick boss fight phase two

Phase 2 requires patience because there are fewer opportunities and more devastating ranged attacks. Godrick replaces Godrick’s left arm with a flamethrower. Godrick’s flamethrower attacks are extremely powerful and disperse in a large cone in front.

This phase sees the mini-storm return, but it’s also imbued in the fire. It has a wider reach at close range and a more fiery-ranged attack.

Godrick will fire off fireballs at you if you are too far away. These are much easier to avoid than the usual attack.

You can either move close enough to him so he spews fire, or wait until your window opens after he has done so and steal a hit.

Godrick will occasionally hit the ground with his hammer. This creates a huge shock wave that will grab you, even if you are behind him. To force you to make some distance, Godrick may also throw fire at your feet.

To reduce fire damage, you might consider bringing a Fireproof Dry Liver to the phase.

How to restore power from Godrick’s Great Rune within the Elden Ring?

You are now in the position of Godrick’s great rune. Now you must power it. Only the Divine Tower can restore power to Great Runes. Each tower’s doors are locked and can only be opened with the right Rune in your hand.

The item description clearly states that we must travel to the Divine Tower Of Limgrave. You can quickly travel south to the Limgrave Tower Bridge Site Of Grace. There is a teleporter that will take you into the tower. Just be careful of the giant sentinels.

The Rune will be found at the top of the hill. It is surrounded by two fingers. To power it up, interact with it. You can now equip this Great Rune at any Site of Grace. To fully enjoy its benefits, will need to consume a Rune Arc. This will instantly power it up, and allow it to remain until death.

You can find more help in our Elden Ring Guide. It is constantly being updated. We added recommendations on where to go for your first 20 hours, this primer on how to get every ending and some critical hidden mechanisms that you may not be aware of.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Elden Ring grafted on people?

Elden Ring – Godrick’s Grafted Limbs May Make him More Powerful Godrick claims to be the lord over all that is gold, but he lacks some of the grandeur of his ancestors. Grafting his own limbs from the harvest is likely to be a way for Godrick to make up for his shortcomings in comparison to legends like Godfrey.

Where can I find the Elden Ring of Grafted Scion Elden?

Grafted Scion can be described as a Field Boss that is found in the Tutorial Area, (Chapel of Anticipation). It also appears at Stormveil Castle and Fringefolk Hero’s Grave.

Is it possible to beat the Grafted Scion in Elden Ring?

You can defeat the Grafted Scion boss Elden Ring but it’s hard work and the game assumes that you won’t. The first half hour is about doing exactly what you are told, including fighting the Scion.

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