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As with its predecessor Like its predecessor, Last of Us 2 includes a variety of environmental puzzles. One of the puzzles you’ll come to encounter on your quest is the safes that are combination. 

If you’re having difficulty finding the safes, or the clues that go with them to figure out the various combinations, then you’ve found the right site. It’s still necessary to remain attentive as you travel for the safes, but with the tips we offer it’s much easier to locate them.

If you’re looking for an answer but don’t want to bother solving the mystery We have them included too. Below is a complete listing of every safe code combination found in the game. So, you can ensure that you receive everything that they offer. 

Without them, your game will become very difficult when you are in a battle situation. This is even more so when you are fighting one of the more difficult opponents later on. It is always important to be well-prepared.

For your information it’s necessary to discuss a few spoilers for the story in this guide in order to clarify the location of certain safes. We do not go into the details of the story however, we do reveal the kinds of places you’ll go to in the game.

by explaining how to locate certain safes, along with the clues to them. Therefore, if you’d like to experience The Last of Us Part II with no spoilers, we recommend playing through the game before return to this guide to play an entirely new game and an additional playthrough or run.

The Last Of Us 2

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“The Final Of Us 2: Every Safe Code Combination

Here’s a brief overview of all the safes as well as their pairings.

ChapterSecure PlaceCombination
Jackson – PatrolSupermarket Back Room07-20-13
Seattle Day 1 – DowntownWestlake Bank Vault60-23-06
Seattle Day 1 – DowntownWest Gate 204-51
Seattle Day 1 – DowntownCourthouse Office86-07-22
Seattle Day 1 – Capitol HillThrift Store (near tripwires)55-01-33
Seattle Day 1 – TunnelsSubway Break Room door1-5-2-4-3
Seattle Day 2 – HillcrestGarage is blocked by dumpster30-82-65
Seattle Day 2 – The SeraphitesApartment bedroom (before dumpster puzzle)10-08-83
Seattle Day 2 – The SeraphitesWeston’s Pharmacy (after Merci building)38-55-23
Seattle Day 3 – The Flooded CityGarage floods (after mall)70-12-64
Seattle Day 1 – On footWLF Cache (after boat repair shop)17-38-07
Seattle Day 1 – Hostile TerritoryJasmine Bakery68-96-89
Seattle Day 1 – The CoastFerry Aft Section90-77-01
Seattle Day 2 – The ShortcutRoom with D&D-related Stuff30-23-04
Seattle Day 2 – The DescentThe Hotel Gym Storage Room (before the spores)12-18-79

There’s more details in our The Last Of Us 2 guides, guides, and walkthroughs overview and our comprehensive review of the entire of the last of Us 2 Collectibles. 

On GameSpot’s review of The Last of Us Part II review that is free of spoilers, Kallie Plagge writes, “At times, the suffering you suffer is so insignificant that it leaves you in a state of numbness. 

It’s messy and dark and left me deeply sad for many reasons. However, the more I consider it the more I am able to appreciate the characters and story at the heart of it. 

I didn’t want any of it to go down in the manner it did and that’s the thing that’s amazing and heartbreaking about it.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Last of Us 2 controversy?

The Last of Us Part II remains an issue-generating film, more than one year after the original release. Popular Girlfriend Reviews on YouTube are at the heart of the latest scandal following an unnamed Reddit user reported that they were receiving threats to kill from the fanbase of the channel.

Are Last of Us Part 2 a great game?

The Last Of Us Part 2 could be one of the most well-made game ever for production value which includes the graphics, voiceovers, as well as the massive force of polish and spit. It’s gorgeous and sounds amazing however, even the most fervent fans would be willing to admit, the gameplay isn’t as impressive.

Have you seen Last of Us 2 sell well?

“And massive sales success as well. According to data from The NPD Group, The Last of Us Part II was the #4 best-selling game of the 12 month period ending May 2021 in the U.S.” Mat Piscatella called it an incredible sales hit in the first year of its release. He is employed by NPD One of the most prestigious research companies worldwide.

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