The 14 Pokemon I’d most wish to fuck

The Pokemon I’d Introduction


Pokemon aren’t really conceptually sexually attractive – this is an assumption that you could make. However, you could be wrong. Pokemon is a fuck. You’d be aware of this if you have scoured the dark areas of the internet. 

There are many Pokemon that have been portrayed by fans with a variety of bizarre images and scenes and it’s evident that the appeal is evident. 

Being a seasoned knowledge in the study of my desire for video games and characters throughout my career I decided to challenge myself to reveal to you,

a costly VG247 reader, why I find certain Pokemon so captivating. Before we begin, I’ll need to establish (sure) the floor rules. 

In the most recent mainline releases of the Pokemon collection, Pokemon Sun and Moon 812 Pokemon throughout the eight generations. 

It’s a lot of Pokemon to reduce down to 14 and many of them are extremely sexy. Here are the things I’ve considered to discover my current record.

There’s no Lucario If you’re not aware of the web’s most loved victims of sexual abuse and perhaps most famously.

the most common feature in beautiful Pokemon artwork and fanfiction is Lucario. I didn’t get to be with Lucario in my last record and honorable mentions. He’s seen enough.

There are no young Pokemon It’s okay to not be freaky or spooky about it. I believe we’re discussing dancing with Pokemon in this article, but there are some of these early evolution Pokemon appear a little older.

don’t you think? In the end I’ll be excluding the remaining undeveloped Pokemon from this list with the exception that they don’t have any evolutionary traits and are mature enough to allow.

The 14 Pokemon I’d

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Okay, now that’s all gone Let’s go to the bone town.


If there’s one thing we’ve learned as a nation from the vast, epic and sometimes heart-wrenching work of the late British creator J.R.R. Tolkien It’s that dragons are hot. In the literal sense the dragon’s breath fire, and all that. 

But what about the metaphorical? If it wasn’t clear enough that people on the internet want the old-fashioned iron railing from the Great Wyrm every so often and every single fanfiction that came out after The Hobbit came out really made the case.


It’s possible that it was prohibited in porn under the controversial legislation passed from the Conservative Government of the United Kingdom, but squirting is still extremely popular with a broad range of people. 

This is the reason why Blastoise is into it. If a country’s accessibility to porn that squirts is nearly impossible to access and is there nothing to do? Find an area.

perhaps near the pond, and walk through the fields in search of a Blastoise out in nature that is able to satisfy their desires. 

Based on my personal experience, I am able to confirm that this is the case. You’re a jerk, Tories. Blastoise has become my favorite squirting buddy right now.


The issue that was prohibited in porn: choking. It’s a big issue with youngsters as of recently. 

However, once again it’s not going to be the same kind of content in our porn So what do we do? 

Like Blastoise, people of the United Kingdom should take some initiative and find an adorable Machoke to date and,

when things begin to become smoky under the covers of their beds, tell them, “Machoke, use Submission!” (It’s extremely effective).


Have a take a look at those abs. They are abs? Or is it just color-contrasted fur? I’m not sure, but frankly, I don’t need to know. Whatever they’re called, they add the appearance of Incineroar, and the broadness that their shoulders. 

They’re also known for their fiery belts, which is a reference to their pro-wrestling roots is certainly a good place to hide an array of sly tricks and tricks, too. Incineroar is certainly an obnoxious guy.

who prefers the role of Heel regardless of what position they find themselves in. There’s something that is intoxicating about it and to that end, I’d like to see Incineroar make me laugh.


I’m a huge fan of males. Sometimes I am needing a gentle affectionate, cuddly lover. Snorlax is the perfect choice for me. 

Snorlax isn’t a picky eater and if he barely ever gets up for the one food he really wants to eat and eat, he needs to consume not under 400 kg of food within him. 

It’s true that I’m not a fan of the idea of vore. However, I’m willing to give the majority of issues a try not more than. 

If you possess one Pokemon that is docile and sweet enough to allow smaller Pokemon to bounce around on their stomachs.

you’ll need to believe that they’d be sluggish and adhere to a visitors ‘ mild system for the entire eating-me-all-around duration.

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime isn’t very sexy. In fact, he’s shocking. He’s a Lovecraftian nightmare. Did you have any idea that Mr. Mime can make his fingers vibrate to solidify air molecules? This isn’t miming. It’s altering the very real world. 

Yes, these vibrations could be useful for hand-held toys however, at what price? It seems like a worthwhile paying for. I’m not sure what it is but it’s the way he talks to. 

Mime that makes me come to him. Perhaps they’ve built a bubble around me thanks to their space-time bending abilities. 

They’ve got a certain Eldritch hate-fuck quality in them. Also, Mr. Mime certainly, and in a way, canonically, has slain Ash’s mom and was his father. This is some serious Dick energy.


“Slaking” is the lazy Sunday boy who was the inspiration for this all. They’d like the artist to sketch them just like they draw you Kalos region Pokemon.

who knows what else after they’ve witnessed your skill in capturing their image on the canvas? Maybe you take a glass of wine.

make an array of parties and if the chemistry is right, Slaking might speak French between your legs. It’s not likely, since the only thing they’re able to speak can be “Slaking”.


Everyone is a fan of a large gothic girl But how about a huge head-disk girl? Gothitelle has perfected the gothic style of high-flying women and, by utilizing their ability to predict future events based on the movements of the stars, will be able to anticipate your every move.

while making romance under the moonlight sky. They are also able to predict the length of your life this raises doubts about how committed Gothitelle is really. It is probably best to keep your love affair to the chance of an affair.


Delphox radiates dominatrix energy. Much like Gothitelle, They’re on the upper end of the spectrum of sapphic and they dress with a certain elegance and elegance, clad in fur that looks like the robes. 

The ears of these ladies are huge and, as fur protrudes from each ear it is likely to serve as an opportunity to hear the faintest hint of a word that is safe from their sexy. 

Their flamboyant magic wand is lots of potential for sexual branding and their pointed teeth are sure to leave some beautiful marks. 

Delphox could join the ranks of bipedal foxes with animated faces that cause a lot of people to feel conflicted sexually The characters from the Disney film Robin Hood finally have a new companion.


Bears are adorable. In certain situations, bears can be extremely sexy. They are not typically used in the context that the term “bear” refers to an animal, rather than a sexy man however, in this case, I’d like to consider a different approach. 

Pangoro is “powerful enough to snap a telephone pole,” according to Bulbapedia and “does not tolerate those who pick on the weak.” That’s a bit of a violent force coupled with a sense of morality I’m totally here to support this. 

Pangoro is also wearing an apron and bamboo shoots in their mouth similar to the way one would enjoy smoking a cigar. The cigar and the cape are very sexy.


I don’t really have a comprehensive knowledge of each and every Pokemon. There are plenty of them, especially the older generations which I had no idea about until I began doing research to compile this list. One of them is Guzzlord. 

Guzzlord! What is a name! What a great Pokemon to appeal to those in the dirty, filthy community of kinks. It’s not just that GUZZLORD is described as having the feel of rubber they also have two tongues, allowing for double-action fun. 

One of Guzzlord’s tricks is to swallow, and remember the spitting rule is only for quitting; a dictum that Guzzlord considers very seriously because they consume buildings and mountains in their entirety.


I don’t have much I’d like to discuss Lickitung. The tongue of Lickitung is double longer than their body, with a length of more than two meters. 

The tongue of Lickitung is also covered in sticky saliva which creates the tongue feel tingly when it is touched, which negates the need to purchase the grease that can do this. 

If you don’t clean it off, it could cause an itch but what good sexual experience isn’t risk-free? Bulbapedia states that Lickitung dislikes sour-tasting things however, there’s nothing to say regarding their opinions regarding salty.


It would be necessary to drop her child at daycare, but once that small issue is solved… I’ve got to admit that Kangaskhan is the MILF Isn’t she?

She is extremely protective of her children (the daycare workers are horrified and concerned) I’m sure her instinct to nurture will carry through to the bedroom. 

In spite of the criticism I get from certain parts of the internet, I’ll rise up and declare that I’d like to establish an honest and affectionate Mommy and Kangaskhan Domme friendship. Also, what does that pouch does?

Detective Pikachu

Not just is the Detective version of this mouse have the most beautiful hat it, but he’s also narrated by Canada’s funny chad Ryan Reynolds. 

Who wouldn’t love to be fucked by Ryan Reynolds? I definitely do, and If his slightly vocal-fried funny, goofy, and really sexy, words come from a yellow rodent that put its fingers into an outlet that’s fine.

I’m also keen, if not more so because of the e-stim abilities. Also? Detective Pikachu along with Meowth and Mewtwo, since they’re not counted as Pokemon, is the only one who could talk dirt to me.

If it’s Mr. Mime’s dancing hands or Pangoro’s flowing cape and Guzzlord’s… Guzzlord, I’m sure you’ll be able to agree that there are lots of sexiness possibilities in the Game Freak universe of Pokemon. 

The following is my favorite 10 list however there are plenty of others who have different preferences like you dear reader! Write a comment below about which one of your favorite Pokemon.

remember to always wear protective gear Contrary to common advice, you shouldn’t try to capture the entire pack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ID in Pokemon?

The Pokemon Trainer’s ID is the five-digit code that is handed out to the Pokemon Trainer before they begin the journey. If utilized, along with the trainer’s name and gender, to establish whether or it is they are Pokemon has been classified as an outlier Pokemon in the game.

How do you locate how to find a Pokemon ID?

To find your username:

  1. On your Pokemon Trainer Club sign-in page Choose Have you forgotten your password?
  2. Enter the email address that is that is associated with the Pokemon Trainer Club account. This is a mandatory field.
  3. Only fill in information for one additional field. 
  4. Click to retrieve username.

What is TID and SID Pokemon?

They’re your unique identifiers for the game you play. In essence, it will tell the game if your Pokemon was captured by you or sold to. Trainer ID, Secret ID, Pokemon ID. When making Pokemon, they will enter their TID & SID. If you don’t tell them to, they’ll simply add their own.

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