Where can I locate the school’s Glintstone key and the best way to finish Thops questline in the Elden Ring

the school’s Glintstone key


Are you looking to find The school’s Glintstone Key in Elden Ring? To enter the Academy of Raya Lucaria You must locate that Glintstone Key. 

This will allow you to go across the magic barrier located at the South Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace and enter the academy. 

A map in the vicinity shows towards The Academy Glintstone Key location, but it’s not easy to follow. Luckily, we’re here assist.

This guide will go over how to obtain an academy Glintstone Key inside the Elden Ring and further explain how to locate an additional Glintstone Key to ensure that you are able to finish the Thops quest line.

Where is the Academy’s Glintstone Key in Elden Ring?

There is the first academy Glintstone Key located in Elden Ring near the Temple Quarter west of the Raya Lucaria Academy. The academy Glintstone Key’s location using the map below.

Once you have reached The Temple Quarter, continue straight through and use the map to locate the northernmost outskirts of the ruin sites. 

In this area, you’ll discover the Site of Grace that you can use to reset all enemies, and to rest.

If you’re ready, you can go to at the Site of Grace and head North towards the floating scarabs. In the distance, you’ll find a massive sleeping dragon. 

It is known as the Glintstone Dragon Smarag that is a very difficult boss fight. While you are able to fight this dragon in the game, we would recommend getting past it to collect your Glintstone Key at this stage in the game.

Academy Glintstone Key is located in front of the dragon and on the corpse of a dead sorcerer. If you’ve found the key, swiftly return into South Raya Lucaria Gate and utilize it to get past the gate to enter the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

the school's Glintstone key

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Elden Ring Sorcerer Thops: how to finish The Thops Questline within Elden Ring

If you are the first to enter Liurnia after beating Godrick The Grafted in the previous battle, you’ll come across there the Church of Irith (marked on the map above). 

You’ll encounter a sorcerer called Thops who wants you to locate the Glintstone Key. We’re happy to help you locate another Glintstone Key so that you are able to finish the Thops quest.

To obtain a second key to Thops To find another key for Thops, go to The Academy of Raya Lucaria and continue your quest until you arrive at the Debate Parlor where you’ll take on in the Red Wolf in Radagon. 

After you defeat this boss, you can rest in the Site of Grace and then go outside to the huge courtyard that is located to the north. The video guide that our guide editor Ollie has created below shows how to proceed however we’ll explain the process briefly below.

When you reach the outside you can turn left to climb over the rubble and the stairs making sure to avoid any enemies that you see. Once you have reached the top of the stairs go left and leap over the edge. Take on the other Marionette enemies before climbing the ladder.

As you climb to the top, turn towards the right side of the tower to the top. Follow this route around and then jump on rooftops to the below. From there, you can continue to stomp across the roofs until you reach that Church of the Cuckoo.

In the end, you’ll find there the Church at the Cuckoo on the roof. You can walk through the window to climb up the rafters that are inside. Be careful as you walk through them and then look up at those chandeliers that are below. 

One of them has the corpse can be taken to obtain an additional academy Glintstone Key, which you can return in Irith’s Church of Irith to finish the Thops questline in Elden Ring.

After you have given Thops his academy Glintstone Key, walk toward Thops’s The Schoolhouse’s Classroom with Grace and gaze out for Thops sitting in the chair. 

Thops is dead however you can pick up his corpse to obtain an Bell-Bearing Thops”Burn spell” as well as the Glintstone Staff.

That covers how to get the academy Glintstone Key and how to complete the Thops questline in Elden Ring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hand over Thops the Glintstone keys to Thops?

Thops is an student of Raya Lucaria Academy and you can purchase his sorcery. By selecting “Talk” from the menu in his shop will permit him to describe his identity and explain that the fact that a Glintstone Key is required to open the seal of Raya Lucaria Academy. He’ll request that you bring one in when you discover additional keys while traveling.

How can I obtain an Glintstone key?

When you get close the area, as you approach, a Glintstone Dragon will come to life. It doesn’t require you to kill it in order to obtain the things you want. You can lure it away and then ride Torrent to the area where it was sleeping . There, you’ll spot an Academy sorcerer with a stone helmet. Find them and you’ll be able to get the key and gain access into the Academy.

What’s the Academy Glintstone important to be used for?

Academy Glintstone Key is used to unlock the academy’s two gates. Key Items found in Elden Ring include a wide assortment of items that can be located in specific areas or provided by NPC that is used to unlock specific areas or quests, as well as to advance the story of the game.

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