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The Witcher Three ending Introduction


The Witcher Three ending: Wild Hunt includes 36 possible ending states, and the question is how do you find the most perfect conclusion?

Beginning on October 15, players will be able enjoy The Witcher 3 on the Nintendo Switch, which means you’ll be able enjoy the game with Geralt and friends while on the go.

The Witcher 3 is riddled with important choices, all of which create an astounding 36 possible ending states. 

It’s good to know that the majority of these are small variations on each other. There are actually only 3 major outcomes.

If you’ve managed to avoid The Witcher 3 over the past four years This guide contains obvious spoilers. 

I’d like to use this occasion to remind you to remember that Yen is Geralt’s romantic canon however the decision is yours.

It is also possible to check out guides like the Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine guidesif you’d like to get straight in to DLC.

The Witcher Three ending

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The Fate of the Swallow

Whatever you do during playing, your final mission is titled Something Comes to an End, and Things Begins. The major distinction among the 3 epilogues is the fate of Ciri.

Ciri’s destiny is determined by these seven elements:

  1. How did you console her throughout the blood on the Battlefield
  2. If you went to see the Emperor at the bloody battle on the Battlefield
  3. How did you decide if you would accept a the coin of the Emperor in exchange for the privilege of bringing Ciri before him blood on the Battlefield
  4. If you went with Ciri to a gathering in The Lodge of Sorceresses during the final preparations
  5. How did you react to Ciri’s anger In “The Child” Elder Blood
  6. If you chose to take Ciri on a trip to the Skjall’s grave due to an option from the book The of the Elder Blood or The of the Elder Blood
  7. You have completed the quest chain An Eye for an Eye, A Deadly Plot, Redania’s Most Wanted (Act Two) and Reason of State (Act Three)

The three possible outcomes are listed below, along with the steps necessary to attain these outcomes.

Ciri dies

Ciri dies when she is overcome with doubt about herself when she is about to begin her fight with her opponent, the White Frost. 

In the final mission Geralt scouts for the Crone who was able to escape the curse of Ciri and takes the Witcher medallion. 

The credits begin to roll over Geralt sitting in a sad, lonely spot and reminiscing about her.

To trigger this conclusion To trigger this end, you have to take minimum three from five “negative” decisions in the course of conversation. These are the possible scenarios:

  1. Speak “Relax, you don’t have to be good at everything,” while comforting Ciri throughout blood at the Battlefield.
  2. Unusual: Choose to visit the Emperor during Blood on the Battlefield and then say “Definitely need it more than you” to receive the payment of taking Ciri towards him.
  3. Begin by accompanying Ciri to the gathering together with the Lodge of Sorceresses during the final preparations.
  4. Speak “Calm down” when Ciri loses her temper in “The Child of the Elder Blood.
  5. Tell the world “No time” when Ciri requests to visit the grave of Skjall at the close the story “The Youngster of the Elder Blood.

The Fate of Geralt of Rivia

Based on your actions There are three possible endgame locations that Geralt could end up within. It’s important to note that what you choose in your main quest will determine the character that appears at the end of Blood and Wine.

If you have successfully wooed Triss Merigold, Geralt moves to Kovir and accepts an advisory role to the King. Geralt is a comfortable and luxury, and is able to fulfill occasionally a Witcher contract.

If you were successful in your romance with Yennefer and Yennefer, the two of them will be free from the the world finally. They are happy forever and don’t leave their bed until 12 noon. Baths are required.

If you did not fall in love with either Triss or Yen or, if you were foolish enough, tried to get them both to love you Geralt will end his days all by himself – with the exception of Dandelion who is a wandering witcher.

The fate of the rulers and kingdoms

Geralt’s actions in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt influence the world’s political events and his personal life. The permutations are played out as short scenes that play at the conclusion in the adventure.

in addition to reflecting on the world’s political landscape in one of three epilogue scenarios. Here’s a listof possible epilogue missions:

The head of the North

Radovid is the ruler of Novigrad along with VelenIf you do not follow your Inquisitive questline, Radovid wins the north from Nilfgaard. He immediately starts killing the non-humans and magic users. The man is as insane as ferret. Poor show.

Dijkstra regulations Novigrad as well Velen
If you decide to join Dijkstra at the conclusion the The Reason for State and have completed the Assassin questline The former spymaster has ruled the North by fear and loss of liberty, but the industry thrives.

Nilfgaard rules, however Temeria has been reinstated
If you decide to join Vernon Roche and Ves at the conclusion of Reason of State after completing the Assassin questline, Temeria is restored a degree of sovereignty. The war ends with tranquility and peace.

The Fate of Emhyr var Emries, Emperor of Nilfgaard

  • If Nilfgaard governs the North Emhyr focuses his attention towards dissent at home, and wipes out the rebels with extreme prejudice.
  • In the event that Radovid or Dijikstra are in charge of the North Emhyr’s people revolt and kill Emhyr.

The Ruler of Skellige

  • If you were a Cerys backer during the King’s Gambit, Skellige prospers peacefully but it can also soften slightly.
  • If you were a supporter of Hjalmar in the King’s Gambit, Skelligan forces take on Nilfgaard each spring, causing a huge loss of life.
  • If you didn’t follow the King’s Game, Svanrige Bran wages a bloody civil war and creates an absolute monarchy on Skellige.

Interim conclusions

In addition to the end cutscenes, there’s several “mini endings” you can get as you advance throughout the game.

It is the fate of Bloody Baron

    • Kill the creature from the film The Whispering Hillock: Anna lives however, she is then struck by a psychotic. Velen is in relative peace.
    • The creature is freed within the Whispering Hillock: Downwarren is destroyed, Anna dies, the Baron commits suicide and Velen is devastated.

Sara the Godling’s fate Sara the Godling

    • Set a date with Sara to be the Godling will be able to relax with Corrine.
    • Forcing Sara to leave her “haunted house”: Sara escapes Novigrad and then joins Johnny in Bald Mountain.

What happens to Keira Metz

    • You can send Keira an email to Kaer Morhen: Lambert and Keira embark for new adventures.
    • Allow Keira be taken to Radovid or do nothing: Keira is burned at the stake. “A Final Kindness” is not unlocked until the Blindingly Obvious phase..

What happens to Whoreson Junior

    • The Killer Whoreson Junior Dudu takes over the role of the criminal Lord and launches a charitable rampage.
    • Spare Whoreson Junior Slaughtered by his former associates Whoreson Junior was a deplorable and apathetic wretch.

What happens to Mages

    • The final chapter is Now or Complete Now or Complete Now or Never: The mages escape Novigrad successfully, but the violence against non-humans is escalating rapidly.
    • Don’t pay attention the warnings now or never Mages are killed in a symbiosis. Novigrad is a death trap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the real Witcher 3 ending?

This final scene has you explaining to your Emhyr Var Emreis you believe that Ciri gave herself up in the last battle in order to bring peace to the entire world. Geralt travels on towards White Orchard where he receives an extremely special silver sword. He then meets with an unidentified Ciri and they remain happily after.

What’s the best option for ending The Witcher 3?

One of the most satisfying final scenes of Witcher 3 is to bring Ciri to come back and transform into the witcher.

Is The Witcher 3 end?

The most satisfying ending to The Witcher 3 is accomplished by refusing to see the Emperor, instead heading along with Ciri on a journey to Bald Mountain, located in Velen. Ciri must also survive her encounter with White Frost on the third battle, which means that Geralt’s encouragement is essential for the best possible ending.

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