Genshin Impact They Who Hear the Sea | How to unlock the Treasure Chest on Twinning Isle?

The Treasure Chest on Twinning Isle


The sun is shining and the fog has cleared, it’s time to search for the treasures in Genshin Impact. 

You will come across the They who Hear the Sea quest as you travel the archipelago. Also, a locked treasure chest that promises a bounty of family heirlooms is found.

You’ll find the secret key to unlocking the treasure by following the quest marker to Twinning Isle’s center. It is linked to mysterious artifacts that are scattered throughout the surrounding islands.

To crack the code, you’ll need your eyes and ears to see the truth. Here’s how Genshin Impact’s They Who Hear the Sea quest unlocks the treasure chest.

Treasure Chest on Twinning Isle

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How to unlock the Treasure Chest on Twinning Isle?

You will see the first collection called “Songs of a Distant Home” if you go to Conch Retrospection and open the Echoing Tales event menu.

After you have collected all the items in the area, is the code to open the treasure chest at Twinning Isle.

Because each tale contains a number in its first word, you can find the code to your treasure chest by adding them together.

You can get the solution by putting it together

  • The little village is hidden behind five mountains
  • Two pathways through the forest
  • One river flows down the middle
  • Four winds make the sound of joy

This code is 5214.

Paimon will inform you when the lock has been broken by approaching the chest.

You will receive your reward in trinkets, valuable upgrade items, and the prime gem.

You can get free Primogems by visiting our Genshin impact codes page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What code will unlock the treasure box?

Genshin Impact Locked Chest Code. 5214 is the Genshin Impact code. This code unlocks the treasure chest, allowing you to complete They Who Hear the Sea.

How can you reach the top of Twinning Isle?

A Mitachurl guards another chest near the Waverider Waypoint, at the west end the island. A small island to the north contains a few hilichurls as well as a Cryo Abyss mage who are guarding a chest. A Windmill Mechanism can also be used to create a Wind Current, which can be used for reaching the top of the island.

How can you open the sealed box in Genshin Impacts?

Genshin Impact: How to Open Blocked Treasure Chests
You can glide to the top of the chest by using an air attack. To open a chest that is covered in plants, use a pyro-elemental attack to torch it.

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