Ghost of Tsushima Shrine of Ash | How to get God of War armor

Tsushima Shrine of Ash


Ghost of Tsushima Shrine Of Ash is one of the three new Wind Shrines that offers a special Easter egg.

Jin receives a set of armor-inspired Kratos, God of War, by completing the Shrine of Ash. Although it’s not the most difficult of the three, it still taxes the little grey cells through its poetic riddle.

Shrine of Ash location

The Shrine of Ash is located north of the Yahata Forest label, near Tatsu’s Ladder. Although it’s difficult to see at first.

you will know that you are on the right path when you see white Birch trees. They surround the shrine but it’s a bit more difficult to get there.

The Shrine of Ash can only be accessed from the west side. There is a staircase in the stone that leads to it.

The puzzle of this shrine is:

A tree that bears fruit in fall can be used to grow a seed into a sapling, which is a stranger and a son. Honor your father’s sacrifices. Show your father the strength of your blade

You probably know what happens next if you have completed Ghost of Tsushima Act 2. You can go back to the base game and continue on through Act 2.

Tsushima Shrine of Ash

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How to get Sakai Clan armor?

The Sakai Clan armor Jin wore once is required. This part of the main story will help you get it. After completing the Ghost from the Past story mission, you will automatically receive it.

How to get God of War armor?

Don the Sakai Clan armor and then, stand in front of the shrine. That’s all. After a brief scene, Jin receives the Helm of War, Spartan mask, and Ghost of Sparta vestment to protect the Sakai Clan armor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you solve the shrine to ash?

How to Solve The Shrine of Ash

  • The Sakai Clan Armor can be purchased. This was once Jin’s armor. 
  • Standing in front of the shrine statue, draw your sword with Stone Stance equipped.

How can you obtain the Shrine of Ash in Ghost of Tsushima?

Shrine of Ash Solution

  • Support the Statue
  • Get the Sakai Clan Armor (Automatically acquired during Act 2: Main Quest Ghosts from the Past).
  • Swipe Right to draw your Katana. If done correctly, this will result in a cutscene.

How can you solve the Ghost of Tsushima wind Shrine?

To complete the Shrine, pay attention to the commands after the word Wanderer. This is the character that Shadow of the Colossus allows you to play. You will need to complete the following: Wear Ghost armor. This will satisfy the “a ghost cast no shadow” part in the riddle.

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