Valheim boar taming | How to tame, breed, and farm boars?

Valheim boar taming Introduction


Wild Boars will be a hostile creature that you’ll come across in Valheim boar taming. Their aggressive behavior can make it tempting to kill them immediately.

especially as they can drop valuable crafting materials and food. Boars can however be domesticated by the player.

This is not something you should do out of love. If you keep them in your base, it’s much easier to farm them for leather and raw meat.

Valheim boar taming

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How to control boars in Valheim?

Only the Meadows area is where you will find boars. This is where you will most likely find a boar. The lore entry by Valheim for boars offers some tips on how to control them.

“Look also at the wild boars who roam these lands. They are afraid of fire and can be taught to respect it. Let them eat from your stock while you are quiet. They love the roots of the earth. 

It’s not difficult to understand, as hints go. You will need food from your supply to tame a Valheim boar and win their trust. These include carrots and turnips (“roots-of-the ground”), but mushrooms, raspberries and blueberries also work.

It is difficult to determine how close you should be to the boar to place your food. Too close to the boar and it will be afraid and refuse to eat. If you are too close, it may attack you. Too close and the boar won’t notice any food.

Boars can also be scared within six meters of fires, such as bonfires or torches. When taming a boar, make sure you keep any items that are fire-producing far away.

Wait for yellow hearts to appear above the boar’s head once it starts eating the food that you have provided. Slowly approach the boar to see how well it has adapted to you. To increase your trust, you can remain at a respectful distance as it finishes its meal.

Once the status reaches 100 percent, the boar can be tamed. Multiple feedings will be required. This will speed up the process by ensuring that the boar is within reach of you at all times.

To receive the message “Boar love you”, and a shower full of pink hearts, you can interact with a tamed Boar. 

How to build a boar pen?

Even when they are tamed, boars can’t be controlled by the player. This makes it difficult to get them where you want. This can be overcome by a few methods.

One option is to create a closed area with fencing and a gate and wait for the boar to come in. Then, throw food in until they are tamed. 

This is a great way to prevent them from being attacked during the taming process. After the boars have been tamed you will probably want to keep them in this pen.

You don’t have to build your boar pen where the animals were found. However, the right equipment can help you move them. 

Although technically a weapon, the abyssal Harpoon does not do any damage and can be used to tether a boar. The boar can be led to the pen, and then released from the pen.

How to breed Valheim boars?

Multiple tamed boars that are happy will sometimes mate with one another if they are in a group. Soon after, one of the piggy will be born.

It is easy to ensure that your boars can reproduce happily by keeping them fed and away from fire.

There is no need to worry about pairing male and female boars: Valheim animals don’t have a set gender, so any boars that decide to mate will be successful.

Piggies are more than just adorable. They will become boars over time and can be killed or harvested for meat and other crafting materials just like the ones they were bred to.

Selective breeding for better farming resources

Captive-bred piggies will inherit the traits of their parents. There are three types of boars, each with a star ranking system.

  • No stars The boar is 10HP and does 10 damage
  • 1 star The boar is 20 HP and does 15 damage
  • 2 stars The boar is 30HP and does 20 damage

Piggys bred from boars with similar star ratings will always get the same rating. Piggys bred from boars with different star ratings have a 50/50 chance to inherit the traits of either parent.

For breeding purposes, the higher-starred boars will drop more leather scraps if they are killed. They will also drop raw meat (zero star boars only have a 50% chance of producing food), while 2 star boars can produce more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time it takes for a boar in Valheim to be tamed?

To fully tame a boar it can take 20 to 25 min, although some players say it takes a little longer. It is important that your new boar feels comfortable before it will eat your food and start the taming process.

Can tame boars follow you Valheim?

If you take the time to care for your wild animals, they can become good friends and even sources of meat. When you pet a tame Boar in Valheim you will see the message ‘boar love you’.

Why can’t I tame boars in Valheim?

You can sneak out of the gate and close it. Give the boar carrots, mushrooms, and berries. If the animal is aggressive, it may try to attack. So give it some grub. This will calm the boar and allow it to start eating.

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