How to beat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void in Elden Ring

the Void in Elden Ring


The Void in Elden Ring bloodborne-y, cosmic horror aspect that is Elden Ring remains alive when you look a bit more deeply and examine the dark and mystical roots of the game’s universe. 

If you venture down the rabbit hole trying to comprehend the various gods and beliefs that are in opposition to the current Erdtree religion.

a lot of fascinating revelations will be revealed themselves. The story is hidden in the mysterious complex.

the confusing multiple-step adventure of Ranni that ends with the boss battle in the form of Astel, Naturalborn of the Void one of the most bizarre enemies found in Elden Ring. 

Astel, Naturalborn of the Void is right at the right place in Bloodborne This is one of the reasons that makes this story so unique and exciting.

Void in Elden Ring

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When is the right time to be fighting Astel, Naturalborn of the Void in the Elden Ring?

Astel, Naturalborn of the Void is an optional boss that can be a choice. It is not required to defeat it to advance the main storyline, however.

you’ll need to defeat it if you’re planning to go for an Age of the Stars ending. Astel isn’t a god or Shardbearer.

As opposed to the other bosses in Elden Ring, Astel, Naturalborn of the Void’s arena is hidden in a zone that can only be accessed after completing another hidden area. 

This is the reason you can delay the fight for as long as you wish, as long as you don’t complete the game before completing it.

Astel’s fight is easier If you’re at a level of character 110 or higher, and ideally around 115-120. The upgrade of your weapon is more important in this regard, however, and we suggest not less than +19/+22 level for your weapon for this upgrade.

How can I create Astel, Naturalborn of the Void fight more enjoyable to fight Elden Ring

Astel, Naturalborn of the Void is hard-hitting and features an unorthodox hitbox. Your biggest challenge, however, will be to be able to get close to it. 

This is particularly difficult for melee players as the area is so vast and his reach is far enough that you’ll be killed while trying to reach it more often than you’d prefer.

It is possible that there are several things that are working for you. The sound of the bell as well as summoning Spirit Ashes to aid you in fighting is just one. 

We’re more interested in distracting Astel’s attention from you to allow you to securely approach, and not the summon’s damage output.

We suggest picking an extremely melee-focused, tanky summon for this particular one even if it will take some time to reach the boss.

If they’re effective and steal the attention while the boss is focused on them, which is the thing we want.

Astel is vulnerable to poison as well as Scarlet Rot. Its Spirit Jellyfish is excellent at using poison, however, since it’s a ranged summon it’s not enough to

deflect Astel’s gaze. In general, if you’re having difficulty getting close enough, go for one of the melee summonses. If you’re having trouble with the health bar of Astel take it slowly and chew it using poison.

How do you defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void in the Elden Ring?

The unusual shape of Astel is difficult to know which area of it is the best attack. Although it may seem, the most striking body parts are the most vulnerable to physical harm. 

Also, its arms and legs are the best way to finish the battle quickly when you manage to focus on them regularly. The wings and other ethereal components are the most armored. 

If you’re having trouble getting close to Astel you should consider shooting for the wings or other parts. It’s less damaging however, you’ll be safe from an extended distance.

While we would recommend calling Spirit Ashes for this fight but don’t do it immediately when you enter the zone. 

Astel always begins the fight with an immense laser beam that is sure to strike you (if not completely take your life) when you’re within mid-air of the summoning sequence. Dodge the beam first, before you ring the bell.

Astel is really just one phase, however as we’ve said the problem is in making it easier to get there. The most important thing to be aware of while moving to the Astel will be the tail attack

which can be very difficult to predict because their movement is very short and how the tail waggles make it difficult to know if it is preparing for an attack or just laying idle.

But, making sure you dodge right before the tail hits is the ideal strategy in this case. In the ideal scenario, you should be moving towards the boss to make the distance quicker.

A lot of Astel’s attacks can cause death in a single hit and drop your HP to a level that you may not have a chance to heal, especially for a character with a lower than 100 HP. This is another issue with the game and can cause it to appear unfair.

When you are close, lock onto the head and begin attacking. If you are in the Astel for long enough, Astel going to hold its hands up to summon a violet bomb, which can cause destruction all around it.

even right underneath it. Make sure you are ready to get out of the way as the blast is about to explode. After that, Astel will teleport further back into the arena forcing you to make another journey to it.

Astel is equipped with an attack of grab which is among the most lethal. If you can see its hands extended toward you, it’s time to avoid it. 

Around 50 percent HP, Astel will produce violet meteors. Keep avoiding until the meteor shower is finished before you can get back to the offensive.

In the remainder of the battle, Astel creates purple orbs prior to launching an attack. The form, as well as the direction each strike takes.

are distinct so be aware of the orbs in order to know the direction they’ll land. The riskiest one is a three-hit AOE combination where every strike can create circles in the ground.

expand the distance with each. Just time your dodges and escape to avoid being struck. The attack is simple to understand.

as Astel is able to levitate and produce purple orbs on every limb just prior to landing and unleashing the one-two-three blasts.

If you’re spending too much time in Astel at this point in the battle, expect an anti-gravity attack that can cause you to fly before sending you to the ground. 

If you are stuck in the attack you’ll be unable to avoid the harm, but you can get off from Astel by spotting tiny light pillars surrounding it that will appear shortly before the anti-gravity assault commences.

What should you do following the defeat of Astel, Naturalborn of the Void in the Elden Ring?

After Astel is shut down after which the Site of Grace will appear and an exit right in front of the place where the boss was will be made accessible. 

This is a locked zone that you are able to enter when you’ve acquired the Dark Moon Ring, which is acquired at the final stage in Ranni’s journey.

If you don’t own the ring, mark the location and return it when you’ve retrieved it from the chest that is locked within the Raya Lucaria Grand Library. 

The Dark Moon Ring will not only let you remove it from the sealed area, but it will also uncover a secret elevator that takes you to a particular portion of Limgrave that you’re not able to access. 

In this area, you’ll be able to finish Ranni’s quest and gain the possibility of triggering to trigger the Age of the Stars ending.

If that’s not the conclusion you’re looking for, it’s helpful to know that Ranni’s story has been taken to its conclusion, so you can choose. 

Additionally, you can receive an item called the Dark Moon Greatsword, which is cool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the most efficient method of beating Astel Elden Ring?

If you’re an intelligence level that is high it can make clearing this boss fight more quickly. If you prefer to make use of weapons that can be melee then we suggest using The Sword of Night and Flame. It is an ancient weapon that can be used as both a ranged and melee weapon, with its unique attack.

How can you beat Astel the natural-born?

The Tarnished must avoid the first attack and get away from the celestial fog which can explode. The ideal scenario is for the player to move under Astel as they avoid the fog that could damage Astel during the delay before the explosion. Waves of Darkness – This attack can be transmitted by glowing orbs that are placed on their arms of one of his.

What is the best level to be fighting Astel Natural The void that was born?

It is possible to fight Astel at around the 50-50 level. But, fighting Astel is possible for those with an average character level of 110 or higher. The ideal range is 115 to 120. The upgrades to your weapon On the other hand are much more important and we suggest at least a +19/+22 level of your weapon for this type of encounter.

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