Yanfei Genshin Impact: Best Build, Weapons, F2P Options

Yanfei Genshin Impact Introduction


Yanfei Genshin Impact: has been introduced with Genshin Impact 1.5. Yanfei is a legal consultant in Liyue. She has an Adeptus father while her mother is human. 

When she was a teenager and they embarked on an adventure and then separated from her with her mother, Madam Ping.

Yanfei has a lot in common with Ningguang’s playstyle However, Yanfei’s attacks seem smoother. Yet Yanfei’s damage is just slightly lower than Ningguang’s. 

This is understandable since Yanfei is a Pyro character that requires Elemental Reactions in order to increase the damage she can deal.

Yanfei Genshin Impact

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Best F2P build for Yanfei Genshin Impact with Crimson Witch of Flames artifact set

When creating Yanfei, players must realize that she’s a primary DPS and doesn’t work into other tasks. This is simply because Yanfei’s primary source of damage is her normal and charged attacks.

The most reliable main stats to apply to her artifacts are ATK percent on Timepiece Pyro Dmg percent on Cup and Crit Rate, or Dmg in the Headpiece.

The first Constellation will aid her greatly, as she is primarily focused on charge attacks that deal with the damage. 

The fourth Constellation will boost her chances of survival by providing the ability to shield herself every time Yanfei makes use of her burst. 

Additionally, the sixth Constellation will boost the DPS potential by providing her with the additional Scarlet Seal to maximize her Attack with Charge.

Yanfei Best Build: Best weapon

Yanfei is going to require weapons that meet her requirements as an operative in the Pyro group. Here are some weapons players could choose to use.

Mappa Mare

It is a good thing for F2P gamers, Yanfei will perform effectively using Mappa Mare. This weapon that can be forgeable helps Yanfei improve the level of Damage as well as Reaction Damage.

The Widsith

The Sub stats of The Widsith is Crit Dmg which is always a good start to be able to. In addition, Yanfei can also benefit from the three different versions of the Widsith passive.

Eye of Perception

Eye of Perception is not advised as strongly as Mappa Mare and The Widsith for Yanfei. It is a great atk% sub stat however, its damage comes from physical Damage which means there is a minor DPS increase.

While all three are weapons that can be used to attack Yanfei’s weapon, here are some not to be advised:

Sacrificial Fragments

Yanfei’s talent is very helpful in increasing its damage production. But, it comes with an extremely low cooldown of 9 seconds. Also, the sacrifice of Fragments will not significantly boost Yanfei’s abilities even when accounting for Elemental Reactions.

Favonius Codex

Yanfei faces a minor issue with her energy regeneration. Her skill generates a good amount of energy. However, her burst requires the use of 80 Energy.

But, this doesn’t mean that Favonius Codex is a good choice for Yanfei. Its low Base Attack causes a huge DPS loss for Yanfei however, she’ll be able to burst more frequently.

In addition to these weapons, players may also choose to use less F2P-friendly options for Yanfei:

  1. Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
  2. Memory of Dust
  3. Skyward Atlas
  4. Solar Pearl


If players decide to play Yanfei with no Elemental Reactions. Lavawalker is an option that increases its damage up to 35% when playing against enemies that are affected by Pyro.

Wanderer’s Troupe

Yanfei is a Catalyst which is her primary source of damage charges. She’s also a Pyro player who relies heavily on Melt’s reaction to increasing the damage she can deal.

Wanderer’s Troupe enhances Yanfei’s Elemental Mastery, allowing her to boost the damage she receives from Melt. In addition, it increases the damage of her Charged attacks by 35%..

Retracing Bolide

When shields protect her Yanfei is protected, and her damage and Shield Strength are increased. This is a feasible option for Yanfei, especially during the fourth Constellation. 

The ability to retract Bolide on Yanfei is an enormous potential when players are able to keep a 100% shield uptime for her.

Yanfei Genshin Impact Videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yanfei good Genshin Impact?

Yes, emphatically. Yanfei is one of the best attack stats of four-star heroes, and has absolutely none of the support capabilities. Yanfei’s passive abilities and the unique skills that are tied with Scarlet Seals are what make her a great choice to use multiple attacks and boosting her regular attacks.

Is Yanfei a DPS Genshin Impact?

Yanfei is a DPS which can cause Pyro easily, making her able to take on Elemental Reactions that are constant. This team is able to maximize and mitigate the damage caused by those reactions.

Is Yanfei difficult to obtain?

It’s just random chance. Based on what I’ve heard, she’s pretty decent. She’s not a Klee killer like many claimed her to earlier, but she’s excellent. The chance of getting Yanfei is similar to the chance of getting Noelle and Diona.

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