Yaoyao gameplay footage revealed in Genshin Impact leak

Genshin Impact leak Yaoyao gameplay footage


Yaoyao gameplay footage: More leaks have come from Genshin Impair. This time, it’s the long-awaited character that we’ve been eagerly awaiting since the first closed beta. We are talking about Yanao, an HTML dendro character that we finally got an in-game view of.

A bunch of characters, including Thoma and Hu Tao, were leaked in the first closed beta. With the exception of Yaoyao, all these characters were eventually made available to the game.

Why is this so important? Yaoyao, a dendro character, has the ability to control nature. While there are many enemies that can align with this element in the game.

we haven’t seen any playable characters capable of doing so. In-game footage of Yaoyao, which shows us how the element is being used, is huge.

Lumie_lumie posted the leaked footage to Twitter. He also shared a short video that went over the characters and then showed a glimpse at Yaoyao. 

Three shots of the same model were also uploaded, which gives us a better look. This tweet is embedded below.

Yaoyao gameplay footage

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This is all very well, but what does it tell us about Genshin Impact’s future? The Chasm is an excellent spot for growing ore and may have been reached by those who explored Liyue. 

Although currently hidden behind an invisible wall, the Chasm has been mentioned many times by prominent leakers as a possible future destination.

Sumeru has a dendroarchon, so we know that Sumeru will be the next major region. Although it isn’t yet clear if Chasm is part of this continent, it is evident that Yaoyao is just around the corner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yaoyao a Dendro?

Yaoyao – Element
Yaoyao may be a Dendro. If true, she will be Dendro’s second character to appear in the game.

Will Yaoyao be playable?

players will be able to finally play the Dendro character for the first time since September 2020’s launch.

What is Yaoyao’s age?

Genshin Impact: All Character ages + Height

Xingqiu October 9 18-20
Xinyan October 16 16-18
Yanfei July 28 19-23
Yaoyao ?? ? ?? ?

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