The best Genshin Impact Zhongli build, weapons, artifacts, and Zhongli F2P options

Genshin Impact Zhongli build


Zhongli’s rerun is nearly there, and the best Genshin Impact Zhongli build turns the head of Wangsheng’s Funeral Parlor into an original and crucial party player for any set-up.

Zhongli is sub-DPS, support king and even healer due to last year’s needed adjustments to his way of working. Despite the vast array of possibilities, his builds center in the direction of one particular talent.

When will be the Zhongli replay scheduled to air?

Zhongli has appeared at least a couple of times since he debuted in the year 2020’s final days and the most recent Zhongli remake will be available on Jan. 25 in conjunction with Version 2.4 update. 

Zhongli’s banner is a second wish, featuring Ganyu is running an additional banner with Zhongli. The two will be joined by Beidou, Xingqiu, and Yanfei in the form of four-star characters.

Genshin Impact Zhongli build

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Is Zhongli a DPS character?

A bit it, but he’s mostly an assist character that is designed to protect and generate Reactions. He’s not as powerful as an all-star character, and relies mostly on his skill and burst to provide utility. 

The former is a form of construction that gives Geo damage in a flash and creates a shield and the second one drops an asteroid on the field . It also temporarily frightens enemies.

What are the Zhongli materials?

Zhongli resources for leveling up include Basalt Pillar from the Geo Hypostasis Slime items as well as Cor Lapis. 

For talent, you’ll require Gold-series books, additional slime-related materials, and Tusk of Monoceros Cerei which is only available via the Liyue Final Boss.

What is the top Genshin-inspired impact Zhongli build?

The most effective Zhongli design for DPS concentrates on his last passive skill, Dominance Of Earth. The attack scales according to HP, and an increase in HP will also help boost the effectiveness that Zhongli’s Jade Shield, so everyone is winning.

What is the most effective Zhongli weapon?

If you want to play a Zhongli DPS the best choice would be the Staff of Homa. Its second stat increases critical damage, however the passive skill increases HP to 20 to 40%, and also boosts the attack by 0.8 percent of the player’s HP. 

The effect is slightly more pronounced when the HP of the player is lower than 50%. Zhongli’s shields are a secure option to get the boost without suffering a loss in the field.

What are the most valuable Zhongli artifacts?

Even with these boosts to attack You’ll get the most from Zhongli through his Elemental Skill as well as his Burst. We suggest using the Archaic Petra and Noblesse Oblige sets for these.

Two-piece Archaic Petra: Increases Geo damage by 15%. 2-piece Noblesse Oblige: Enhances Elemental Burst damage by 20 percent

Increased Geo damage is vital as Zhongli’s Skill is an object that deals further Geo damage over a period of. If there are other structures in the field, for instance Ningguang’s Jade Screen that is able to resonate with them and deal more damage over a larger area.

You can construct Zhongli around shields and increase his power further by using Retracing Bolide however, it’s better to use Zhongli as a support DPS, and delegating the heavy hitting to a primary DPS like Xiao and Ganyu.

What is the top Zhongli F2P build?

Zhongli’s F2P build has a lot in common to his paid build but with a little more concentration on his Elemental skills.

Best Zhongli F2P weapon

We suggest Prototype Starglitter for Zhongli’s F2P weapon. It’s a little weaker than other polearms, however the normal and charged attacks will still receive an occasional boost. 

It provides an Energy Recharge of 10% boost (up to 45 percent at the highest level) and a passive skill that boosts your charges and normal attacks to 8-12% after you apply an Elemental Skill. It’s an advantage that stacks two times.

Best Zhongli Artifacts for F2P

It is expected that the Artifact sets will remain identical for the build, which means 2 pieces Archaic Petra and 2-piece Noblesse Oblige. 

If you’re looking to tap on the healing power of Jade Shield slightly more, think about switching Noblesse Oblige with the Adventurer set for an increase in HP.

What is the most effective Zhongli party competition?

Zhongli’s Skill implies that you must have at least one additional Geo persona in your game. Geo Traveler is great to quickly build Geo structures however they’re not particularly efficient. We suggest the Ningguang or Albedo, if you own them.

It is also necessary to have a principal DPS to do this, and for we recommend one with strong AoE attacks to get the most benefit from Zhongli’s Geo pulse. Ganyu, Kazuha, or even Xingqiu are all excellent options for this.

Fourth slot completely free however we suggest picking someone that is in line with an element of your primary DPS to get the additional Resonance boost.

After you’ve completed the Genshin Impact party organized, you can go to the depths the ocean. 

Take a look at the newly-created Enkanomiya region and sift through every treasure it has to offer including the brand new booksand discovering the important Sigils. 

If you’re not thrilled with the banners currently in use, consider saving your Primos to be used on Genshin Impact’s coming advertising banners instead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal design for Zhongli?

To enhance Zhongli’s shields concentrate on items that have high health levels, low HP as well as energy regeneration. This Archaic Petra is ideal because it supplies Zhongli with a lot of health and boosts his Geo damage in the process. This build of support does take away some damage caused by Zhongli’s innate burst.

Is Zhongli more effective for DPS or as a support?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Zhongli is best to fill a support role. With his geo shields Zhongli is able to protect the group as well as the Planet Befall skill can petrify enemies, preventing their movements for a short time.

What makes Zhongli beneficial for? Genshin Impact?

Zhongli can be described as the most effective Shielder Zhongli is the best shielder in Genshin Impact. He has a Jade Shield he creates with his elemental skills increases his strength and HP however, it also strengthens when hit with at least 25% power after unlocking the Resonant Waves passive.

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