As The Convergence is complete, The Cube Queen is preparing her final game for the Island, and there will never be another similar. 

Get your guns ready and take on the ultimate destroyer of real life. Take part in “The End,” a single-time, in-game event and fight to preserve your memory.

“The End” is the final chapter in Fortnite Chapter 2. This event is scheduled for Dec. 4 at 4 pm ET when players face The Cube Queen in one final stand to determine The fate of the island.

Get together with your buddies and other players from all over the world to fight this Sideways corruption. 

“The End” supports large groups that can include between 16 and 16 gamers seated together, so take everyone with you. 

Make sure you log in before the deadline — “The End playlists will be available within Fortnite for 30 mins before the time of start for players to sign up.

“The End” is a single-time, in-game event. Players and content creators who want to revisit the last scenes from Fortnite Chapter 2 should take steps to record and preserve their experience since replays are not accessible. 

The players will not be able to change their settings after “The End” begins, so make sure to adjust any video settings to match your preferred experience prior to joining. 

Since the Season will close an hour earlier than usual and all players who sign in to the system prior to the end season will be given an invitation to join. 225,000 XP prize.

For immortalizing “The End,” players who battle The Cube Queen by attending “The End” will unlock the special Loading Screen as well as a Wrap!


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As with all Seasons, it is important to complete all remaining Quests and get any rewards that remain prior to the Season’s beginning to end (In this instance, it’s December 4th at 4pm ET.) Some examples:

  • Completing the Cube Queen’s Page 1 & 2 Quests
  • Gathering color bottles, and collecting Rainbow Ink in order to gain access to Toona Fish Styles
  • Trading in any of the remaining Battle Stars in exchange for rewards

Be aware that any unclaimed Battle Stars will be automatically redeemable for the most recent available rewards. 

Rainbow Ink, as well as Color Bottle, designs to Toona Fish will not be, however, and must be purchased prior to the end of the season. 

But don’t worry the quests in Packs such as that of the Graveyard Drift Quest Pack will be carried over to the following season.

You shouldn’t be taking your Bars along Also. Therefore, starting on November 30, 9:00 AM Eastern Time, to ensure you get them all at the best value for money.

Bargain Bin Week can cut down on the costs of the entire range of Character services as well as Exotic trades of items.

To close Chapter 2 in style we’ll hold an event Power Leveling Weekend beginning with November 26 at 7 PM ET – November 29 at 7 AM ET To complete.

your Season 8 journey! Join today to earn an accumulation of Supercharged XP, and complete the Battle Pass. Anyone who logs in from today will receive a 225,000 XP prize!

What are Fortnite’s ‘The End’ live events timetables in each region?

The End will be live the 4th of December. And unlike Fortnite’s concert events The End is an event that is only available for one time. There’s no way to go back if you don’t attend and Epic will not be offering replays.

If you’re planning to capture live events, Epic recommends having your software installed prior to the time of the event because there’s no way to access footage after the event.

You must be at least 30 minutes before the time to guarantee an area – the servers will fill up!

Chapter 2 ‘The End’ Finale Live Event Start Times
Start Time: Region:
4 pm ET Eastern US
1 pm PT Pacific US
3 pm CT Central US
9 pm GMT UK
10 pm CET Central Europe
5 am AWT (Dec 5th) Western Australia
8 am AET (Dec 5th) Eastern Australia
2:30 am IST (Dec 5th) India
Midnight MSK (Dec 5th) Russia
5 am CST (Dec 5th) China

What will happen during the Fortnite Live event?

Epic didn’t specify the length of The End live event will be. The earlier chapter-ending missions were about an hour-long however, this one is likely to last longer as it wraps all season.

The Fortnite team is apparently clamping down on leaks but isn’t divulging much information about what players can be expecting. 

There’s been a fight with the Cube Queen. We also know that your objective is to deal with sideways corruption. Sideways corruption. It’s not that important, however.

Check that you’ve completed all you can during the current season prior the event begins, however. 

The quests in quest packs will continue to be available in Season 3 however, not much else will. 

Unused Battle Stars are automatically redeemed in the event of unlocking Toona Fish styles won’t be. 

The Cube Queen along with other quests that are chapter-specific are also set to expire as will your bars that aren’t used up.

In terms of what’s coming up following The End, there have been a couple of Fortnite Chapter 3 leaks to consider.

There’s still a lot of doubt about what’s to come for Chapter 3 of Fortnite Chapter 3 you can feel a sense of relief beginning the chapter with Naruto finally. 

There’s a Riot Fortnite and Riot collaboration to benefit from too, but it’s not just the change of the island in Chapter 3. Another feature of Fortnite isn’t the same ever again.



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Frequently Asked Questions

When will End the Fortnite game?

This is the exact time to go through “The End” live event in Fortnite. The island is set to be turned upside down but not in the Stranger Things way. Fortnite Season 8 is about to kick off with a major finale live event in the 4th of December The game’s players should be ready for the ferocious action going to take place.

When is Fortnite’s Fortnite day?

When will the Fortnite event begin? The Fortnite event begins around 4 pm ET on the 4th of December. The forthcoming ‘The End’ Live Event will take place one time, and participants are required to be online in order for the event. The event in-game will occur exactly at the time stated above, in the event of no unusual server problems.

How did Chapter 2 Fortnite end?

Fortnite’s major chapter-ending event concluded as was it a huge one. After full-on combat against zombies, UFOs as well as the Cube Queen players were saved by an emergency rescue mission led by Dwayne Johnson. (Well the character he played in the game.) Then, the island turned over.

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