Pokemon Go type chart: strength, weakness and effectiveness for all types

Pokemon Go type chart Introduction


The Pokemon Go Type Chart is possibly the most important aspect of the game that you should master at the very least when you’re planning to take on the diverse Pokemon battles. 

There are a variety of Pokemon kinds to keep in mind but the way they interact with each other is somewhat different from the other characters in the Pokemon series.

Since it’s challenging to remember all the Pokemon kinds in Pokemon Go, we decided to make this page that details each strength, weakness, and efficiency. With these details, you’ll be able to crush it in any fight.

Check out the video below, or click the link for an explanation of the way Pokemon Type affects battling in Go and to see the complete Pokemon Go strengths & weaknesses chart. Best of luck fighting, Trainer…

Pokemon Go type chart

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How Types Impact Battle in Pokemon Go?

As the most dedicated Pokemon enthusiasts are aware, every Pokemon is one of two types, and these types dictate the way Pokemon combats. 

For Pokemon Trainers the type is crucial since certain types are more powerful than other types, which means you will be able to take further damage, or on the other hand, lessen the amount of damage that you take.

There are 18 types and each is either weak, strong, or neutral against other kinds. The most basic of levels with the beginning Pokemon is Rock, Paper, Scissors – Charmander (Fire) defeats Bulbasaur (Grass) who defeats Squirtle (Water) that completes the circle by beating Fire.

It seems to make sense and is pleasant and simple – but it gets more complicated when you begin to introduce more complicated Pokemon Types like Fairy or Dragon or take into consideration Pokemon that have different types. 

It is important to remember that each move has a type – for example, the fire-type Pokemon such as Charizard is able to be in a jumble of Dragon as well as Flying types which mean that its damage in types charts is attributed to these types instead of its basic type.

The following page contains our Pokemon Go Type Chart that provides all the types’ strengths and weaknesses within the game, so you can get the most of the whole thing,

working out the strengths, weaknesses and optimal battle conditions for each Pokemon according to their basic kind and movement types.

Pokemon Go Type Chart Strengths, Effectiveness Strengths, Weaknesses and Resistances explained

In the game Pokemon Go, Every type of Pokemon has four distinct interactions with other types of Pokemon that every trainer must know about. It is

  • Strong against: shown in our chart of types as Strong Vs, attacks of the type listed against the listed type will cause more injury to your opponent. This is ‘Super Effective’.
  • Weak against: portrayed in this case as Weak Vs attacks of the type listed against these types are likely to cause less damage to enemies. This isn’t very effective. …’
  • Resistance As it is listed as a resist, tackling attacks that are of this type will cause little harm to you.
  • vulnerable Your type’s weaknesses. Attacks of these types can do more damage. Watch out!

For instance, Offensively, a move or Pokemon of the Ground-type is strong to Poison, Rock, Steel and Electric types which can deal double damage to the creatures. 

It is only able to deal 50% damage to Flying, Bug and Grass Pokemon. In defense, the same type of Ground Pokemon will suffer less damage from Poison.

Rock as well as Electric Pokemon also take double damage from water, grass, and Ice which it is susceptible to.

Now that we have that figured out now, let’s dive deep into the Pokemon Go type chart incomplete.

Type Strong Vs Weak Vs Resist Vulnerable To
Normal Rock, Steel, Ghost Ghost Fighting
Fighting Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, Dark Flying, Poison, Bug, Psychic, Ghost (Immune) Rock, Bug, Dark Flying, Psychic, Fairy
Flying Fighting, Bug, Grass, Fairy Rock, Steel, Electric Ground, Fighting, Bug, Grass Rock, Electric, Ice
Poison Grass, Fairy Poison, Ground, Rock, Ghost Fighting, Poison, Bug, Grass, Fairy Ground, Psychic
Ground Poison, Rock, Steel, Fire, Electric Bug, Grass Poison, Rock Water, Grass, Ice
Rock Flying, Bug, Fire, Ice Fighting, Ground, Steel Poison, Rock Water, Grass, Ice
Bug Grass, Psychic, Dark Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Fairy Fighting, Ground, Grass Flying, Rock, Fire
Ghost Ghost, Psychic Dark Normal, Fighting, Poison, Bug Ghost, Dark
Steel Rock, Ice, Fairy Steel, Fire, Water, Electric Normal, Flying, Poison, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Fairy Fighting, Fire, Poison
Fire Bug, Steel, Grass, Ice Rock, Fire, Water, Dragon Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, Fairy Ground, Rock, Water
Water Ground, Rock, Fire Water, Grass, Dragon Steel, Fire, Water, Ice Grass, Electric
Grass Ground, Rock, Water Flying, Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass Water, Grass, Electric Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, Ice
Electric Flying, Water Ground, Grass, Electric Flying, Steel, Electric Ground
Psychic Fighting, Poison Steel, Psychic, Dark Fighting, Psychic Bug, Ghost, Dark
Ice Flying, Ground, Grass, Dragon Steel, Fire, Water, Ice Ice Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fire
Dragon Dragon Steel Fire, Water, Grass, Electric Ice, Dragon, Fairy
Dark Ghost, Psychic Fighting, Dark, Fairy Ghost, Psychic, Dark Fighting, Bug, Fairy
Fairy Fighting, Dragon, Dark Poison, Steel, Fire Fighting, Bug, Dark Poison, Ghost, Dragon

If you find that a Pokemon is causing you problems at the gym or during raids, think about the type of Pokemon they are and organize your team in a way that you are equipped with the right Pokemon type.

moves for the Pokemon to ensure the battle works your way. Be aware that Pokemon’s moves as well as Pokemon themselves have their own types also!

It’s complicated. So yes, you could possess a Fire or Dragon-type Pokemon with the ability to fly. it could all be a factor in the effectiveness of that move when you play it.

For Pokemon which can evolve in different ways, the type may also affect the type you want according to our article regarding Eevee’s Evolution on Pokemon Go explains. 

In essence, it is that it is a Pokemon Go Type Chart should be used along with the most popular Pokemon on the market in Pokemon Go to build an elite team to battle in raids and gyms.

Pokemon Go type chart

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you sure? Is the Pokemon Go type chart the same?

Pokemon Go’s types are the same as those found in Pokemon Go’s main Pokemon games however, the impact of these matchups between types is slightly different. In short, things like powerful or resisted attacks come with somewhat different multipliers than the standard Pokemon games, though an update in December 2018 made them a little closer …

What are the top 3 Pokemon kinds?

Pokemon: 10 Best Type Combinations, Ranked

  • 8 Electric/Steel.
  • 7 Water/Flying.
  • 6 Steel/Flying.
  • 5 Steel/Fairy.
  • 4 Ghost/Dark.
  • 3 Poison/Dark.
  • 2 Steel/Bug.
  • 1 Water/Ground.

What are the dual typing rules? Pokemon?

Pokemon aren’t completely able to develop attacks that aren’t in their specific type, however those attacks aren’t given power boosts. Dual-type Pokemon can make use of this by using abilities that align with one or the other of their kinds. You should consider training the Dual-type Pokemon attacks that are compatible with both kinds to maximize damage potential.

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