Battlefield 2042 gone from EA’s portfolio again as company “takes long view” on troubled franchise

Battlefield 2042 EA’s portfolio company


EA released the earnings report for its fourth quarter and a full-year report overnight. Investors brought up the subject of the ever-troubled Battlefield2042, but the game has since disappeared from the publisher’s portfolio.

EA presented a brief look at its financials as it does each quarter in colorful slides [PDF]. The slides for Q4 list the “active” games that EA considers to have been played during the quarter on both PC and consoles, and this covers all games that have continued to earn money for EA during that time.

It contains everything, from the soccer giants FIFA (sorry EASFC) and Madden to ongoing live service hits like Apex Legends and EA Play and the most recent Battlefield 5 release… Battlefield 5.

The full report [PDF] doesn’t give much attention to the Battlefield series. However, it is pretty telling that EA wants not to bring up Battlefield 2042 unless he specifically asks about it.

It’s not surprising that investors brought up Battlefield 2042. Q&A questioned EA executives after the earnings reveal to clarify why they have been silent on franchise news.

Battlefield 2042 gone

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Andrew Wilson, the CEO, stated that “we take a long look here.”

“This franchise is one of our top-rated in the industry and was built by one the most talented teams in the industry. We expect to continue growing and becoming an essential part of our portfolio over the years.

EA’s portfolio again in company

Wilson stated that EA would continue investing in Battlefield, but it must first “get into a position where we feel we’re in a right place with core experience and core game [of 2042]”.

DICE will “rethink the development process from scratch” and follow the Vince Zampella/Respawn development method of “getting to the fun as soon as possible.”

After the disastrous launch of Battlefield 2042, Zampella took over the Battlefield franchise. Oskar Gabrielson, the studio general manager, was forced to leave following the management shuffle.

This is the second quarterly report where EA decided to promote Battlefield 5 & bury 2042. It’s not without merit, and battlefield 5 is more active than 2042 from an outside perspective.

DICE continues to stall major Battlefield 2042 updates, but the game has not received any new content since November. Players are therefore returning to Battlefield 5 for their fix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have a chance to get Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042 doesn’t play through Xbox Game Pass, at least, not the manner you’d expect. The good news is that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can use EA Play at no additional cost. This allows gamers to enjoy a 10-hour trial version of Battlefield 2042.

Does Battlefield 2042 still available?

In the present there is no launch date set for Battlefield 2042’s free-to play access. With the release date for Battlefield 2042 Season One still being debated and there’s plenty more to be announced from EA DICE about the Battlefield game.

How do I play Battlefield 2042 right now?

In order to experience Battlefield 2042 right now, players must have an Xbox Game Pass or EA Play member, or order for the Ultimate Edition ($90/PS80) and Ultimate Edition ($110/PS100). As Battlefield 2042 officially launches on November 19, players are able to enjoy a full week of Early Access.

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