Chrysler Headquarter Address & Corporate Office Phone Number

Chrysler Headquarters Phone Number & Corporate Office Address


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Crysler Headquarters & Crysler Corporate Office

Chrysler was founded by Walter Chrysler company was founded in the name of Walter Chrysler (1875-1940) on June 6, 1925 after which his company, the Maxwell Motor Company (est. 1904) was transformed into The Chrysler Corporation. Walter Chrysler had arrived at the struggling Maxwell-Chalmers firm in the 1920s in the beginning.

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He was hired to revamp the company’s struggling operations (after the same rescue mission at the Willys-Overland automobile company). The production for the Chalmers car was shut down. Then, in January of 1924 Walter Chrysler launched the very well-received Chrysler automobile.

Chrysler Chrysler was a car with six cylinders intended to provide buyers with a high-tech engineered vehicle, but at a lower cost than what they would expect. Some of the components of this car can be connected to a prototype that was under construction.



Chrysler Headquarters & Technology center Address1000 Chrysler Dr, Auburn Hills, MI 48326
Chrysler headquarters Phone Number +1 (248) 512-2000
Chrysler Corporate WebsiteChrysler Company
Chrysler Corporate EmailChrysler company email
Chrysler Head Office Online SupportChryslerOnline Support
Chrysler Complaint DepartmentChrysler Complaints
  • Chrysler Customer Service Number
  • Chrysler Customer Support Number
Facebook PageChrysler Facebook
Twitter PageChrysler Twitter
LinkedIn PageChrysler LinkedIn

Chrysler Executive Officer

    • Sergio Marchionne
    • Steven Beahm
    • Doug Betts
    • Reuid Buigland
    • Bruno Cattori
    • Mark Chernoby
    • Olivier Francois
    • Alistair Gardner
    • Ralph Gilles
    • Pietro Gorlier
    • Peter Grady
    • Michael Keegan
    • Timothy Kuniskis
    • Scott Kunselman
    • Robert Lee
    • Marhorie Loeb
    • Jeffrey Lux
    • Laurie Macaddino
    • Michael Manley
    • Richard Palmer
    • Barbara Pilarski
    • Mauro Pino
    • Gualberto Ranieri
    • Scott Sandschafer
    • Jason Stoicevich
    • Joseph Trapasso
    • Joseph Veltri

chrysler headquarters and technology center

About Chrysler

Chrysler automobiles were founded on the 25th of May 1925 Walter Chrysler from the disintegrated remnants of the Maxwell Motor Company. The company released its first automobile engine with six cylinders to its customers , aiming to provide them with cutting-edge technology.

It also added numerous vehicles and technological innovations to its fleet which made it one of the best appreciated businesses within the American sector. Chrysler created partnerships and alliances with numerous mechanical firms around the globe.

in 1998 Daimler as well as Chrysler formed an alliance that was claimed as an equality partnership however, Daimler purchased Chrysler’s shares prior to the departure of the CEO. It was widely condemned and was accepted as Chrysler required support to grow into an international company.

In 2007 Chrysler was at the edge of financial ruin and even a shut down. The situation deteriorated until 2009, and then began to improve over the next years. The year 2014 saw Fiat acquired Chrysler’s stock and set up a joint firm under the name Fiat Chrysler autos.

The Fiat Chrysler automobiles run as an affiliate of Stellantis. It has had a great run over the last few years.

Chrysler Board of Directors

  • Sergio Marchionne
  • Leo Houle
  • John Lanaway
  • Robert Liberatore
  • Ruth Simmons
  • Douglas Steenland
  • Ronald Thompson
  • Stephen Wolf

Chrysler Products

  • Chrysler: Luxury sedans, convertibles, and minivans
  • Dodge: Passenger, performance cars, minivans, crossovers and SUVs
  • Ram: Trucks and commercial vehicles
  • Jeep: Off-road vehicles, SUVs and crossovers

Chrysler Near Me Location

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