Genshin Impact best Xingqiu build, weapons, and Xingqiu F2P options

best Xingqiu build


Attack power doesn’t mean you have to be powerful. The best Genshin Impact Xingqiu build shows that.

Xiangqi may seem small on his own but if he has the right weapons and the right party members, you’ll quickly see the numbers rise.

When will the next Genshin Impact Xingqiu Rerun be?

Xiangqi is a regular guest on banners and at the Wish event. However, he will be featured in Genshin Impact’s 2.4 update which starts on January 25. 

Yanfei and Beidou join him in the Ganyu banner as well as the Zhongli Banner. This is another Double Wish event.

What are the Xingqiu Materials?

Cleansing Heart and mask-series items are Xingqiu’s options for leveling up. Silk Flower can be found in many places in Liyue. However, they are most common in Liyue Harbor or around Wangshu Inn. Only the Oceanid boss north of Wuwang Hill can cleanse your heart.

Talent level-up materials include additional mask items, Gold-series books, and Tail of Boreas at higher ranks. This can be obtained by defeating the Boreal Wolf at Mondstadt.

Genshin Impact best Xingqiu build

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Is Xingqiu a DPS character?

Xingqiu’s low base attack and slow skill cooldown times make him unsuitable for a DPS role. Xiangqi is a great support character because of his skills’ long-lasting effects. 

His Skill and Burst both generate Rain Swords that reduce damage and deal Hydro damage. A later passive talent can also heal the active character.

Which Genshin Impact Xingqiu is best?

Genshin Impact’s five-star weapons are not very helpful to Xingqiu, so his best build is a little different. Xiangqi won’t usually be on the field for more than it takes to fire off Skill and Burst.

Which is the best Xingqiu gun?

The Sacrificial Sword makes the best choice. This passive skill gives you a high chance to end the user’s Elemental Skills if it hits a foe. You may be able to obtain Sacrificial Sword more often than with paid builds.

You can also use a spare Mistsplitter reforged if you have it. He is slightly disappointed by the high attack and critical damage boost, but the passive skill increases Elemental Damage by 12%, and an additional 8-28% with Mistsplitter Emblems.

Which are the most valuable Xingqiu Artifacts

Xingqiu’s Rain Swords inflict damage based upon his Hydro damage. The user’s damage reduction also scales based on that stat. Heart of Depth seems like a good choice.

only the two-piece version is available. The bonus of four pieces increases normal and charged damage. This is not very useful for Xiangqi.

Hydro is boosted by Xingqiu’s passive talent, increasing it by 20%. This setup will allow you to make the most of the Rain Swords.

We recommend Noblesse Olige which increases Elemental Burst damage to 20% and Gambler which increases Elemental Skill damage to 20%. Xingqiu has a better Burst than his Skill. However, Noblesse Oblige is not always easy to find.

What is the best Xingqiu F2P build?

Xingqiu’s focus is on supporting his Elemental abilities, so his F2P build almost resembles it.

Which is the best Xingqiu F2P weapon to use?

F2P players almost always have at least one Sacrificial Sword. However, if you don’t or want to save Primogems for a banner, forge iron Sting instead. 

The passive skill increases the user’s Elemental Mastery and boosts all damage by 6-12% when you use an Elemental attack. 

You can make more passive skills than craftable weapons. This will increase your chances of reaching their maximum level.

Which are the most valuable Xingqiu F2P artifacts?

This build emphasizes Xingqiu’s Elemental abilities. The Artifacts remain the same: 2-piece Heart of Depth, and 2-piece Noblesse Olige or Gambler.

Which Xingqiu party comp is the best?

To generate powerful Elemental Reactions, you will need a Cryo or Pyro character or all three. Hydro Elemental Resonance can be used for healing purposes only.

Chongyun and Fischl are top-tier choices due to their AoE Elemental Attacks. Ganyu and Ayaka, Diluc, as well as Baal, are good options for DPS. Since Xingqiu activates Rain Swords, it’s a passive relationship.

After you have your Genshin Impact party organized, it is time to venture into the deepest parts of the ocean. You can explore the Enkanomiya region, and find all its secrets. You can save your Primos to buy one of Genshin Impact’s upcoming banners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xingqiu good at Genshin Impact?

Because of his ability to deal hydro damage to enemies, Xingqiu is widely regarded as one of the most powerful and important characters in Genshin Impact. Once he attains Constellation level 2, Xingqiu can be a support character for the party. He will also become extremely powerful.

Is Xingqiu’s instructor well-qualified?

Instructor Characters
Xingqiu would be able to make Elemental Reactions through Elemental Mastery if he had a 2-piece set. This gives you the flexibility to choose another 2-piece artifact collection.

Gladiator is good for Xingqiu?

2 Set Noblesse Oblige, and 2 Set Gladiator’s Finale are the best sub-DPS options for Xingqiu. The 2-set Gladiator’s Finale grants him “ATK+18%”, which is a great deal considering that it’s a general buff that can always be used for him.

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